ELYSIAN DROP TROOP ARMY LIST – v (Last Rev). By Jim ‘Honda’ Kontilis with invaluable assistance from Shmitty, Ginger, Moscovian, John. Luckily I have brought some Elysian drop troops as they first come out, and Here is my list as I’ve tried to set up a quick and mobile force with air support and without artillery. . I love the vulture and want one for my armies. Last year I took pts of Elysians to the Rock using an army list from the old and somewhat 3x Elysian Drop Sentinels: 3x multimeltas.

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I love how the new edition works, and all the small tricks that we found out as the game went on. But yeah a couple adjustments aside I think it should run okay. When attacking with this weapon, a model may only ever make a single attack. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

The Xeno witchmaster commanding his spirit warrior warband of corsairs. But than again, you probably want friends, right? At the end of any of your Movement phasesa model with a medi-pack can attempt to heal a single model.

The list has massive fire power, surgical strike potential and drop troops for objective grabbing. I like the list overall, seems like it would be fun to play.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Imperial Guard/Elysian Drop Troops(7E) – 1d4chan

The main issue you may find is coming in piecemeal. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Demolitions, 3xMeltaguns, 7xShotguns Veteran Squad: Hi buddy, love your blog, love your painting.

Scattered Dice on YouTube! Looks like flyers are still good this edition so I can keep going for my initial goal: Whereas vendettas can take out heavy vehicles and flyers, vultures can take on almost anything else when equipped with punisher cannons through sheer fire power.

Using his final powers the Spiritseer then deals a finishing blow to the Elysian Warlord and kills him for a Warlord point! It is common for the elite soldiers of Elysia to appear from the skies en masse above their objective, raining onto the battlefield and sowing devastation and confusion throughout the enemy lines before they have even landed. Max 3 detachments, no 2 detachments the same. Myron looked at brother Captain Severus on the other side of the briefing table.


That said I don’t think this is a poor list, just not the best Guard could do but given you want an Elysian style army it’s a bit of a moot point. I also added another Tauros Venator as I love those buggies too much, and a couple of Cyclops to add some comic heat. I had plans to try to make a really large collection out of the Elysian range and by the time they announced it I only had money to order some final parts for the puzzle.

They are after all, a bunch of action-jacked-thrill-seeking-jarheads jumping out the back of winged containers. Tauros buggies hunt down the last Eldar Jetbike and get in position to score Linebreaker! The new edition is really fast and engaging. On a hit roll of 1, the bearer is slain. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Times and dates in your local elyskan.

While theorizing and doing your math hammer is a good exercise for deepening your knowledge of the game, at some point you really have to stick your cheek out and throw a few punches to get a feel for how your army will perform in your local meta.

Elysian Droptroops

Before his troops had time to return fire, Cpt. Email notifications for threads you want to watch closely.

Twin Punisher cannons, heavy bolter Elysian Vulture: Here are some close-ups of some of the units in the army. This weapon can target units that are not visible to the bearer. On a final note I added a small unit of Stormtroopers.

But what really makes the enemy shit themselves is a punisher vulture which will rip apart almost any kind of infantry pinning any survivorslight vehicles and light flyers and elysain with low toughness or meh armour save MEQs and Drrop wont be wiped out but they will usually lose something and can be pinned.

Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. Sign In Create Account. Also the 10st seems to have now a lot of combat experience under their Grav Chutes, so you might come in quite handy. The list has massive fire power, surgical strike potential and drop troops for objective grabbing Roboute Gulliman 1 0 Company Commander 1 40 0 40 Company Commander 1 40 0 40 Company Commander 1 40 0 40 Drop Trooper Squad 10 5 0 50 Drop Trooper Squad 10 5 0 50 Drop Trooper Squad 10 5 0 50 Drop Trooper Squad 10 5 0 50 Drop Trooper Squad 10 5 0 50 Command Squad 4 7 28 56 4 x plasma Command Squad 4 7 28 56 4 x plasma Command Squad 4 7 28 56 4 x plasma Officer of the Fleet 1 25 0 25 Vulture Gunship 1 48 twin punisher Techmarine 1 45 17 62 Scouts 5 90 camo cloaks Scouts 5 90 camo cloaks Devastator Centurians 3 65 6 x Lascannons Stormraven 1 twin multi melta, twin ass can Full tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new at a glance.


Not only my Elysians but now my Storm Troops are coming out of their box. Myron of the st had gone through every report and vox transmission from the initial assault on Verdis Prime in order to study elgsian tactics of his alien adversary. I think you have a good mix of anti tank vs anti infantry.

The Drop sentinels kills off another Wraith construct. There are several reasons for this, but mainly it is hroops I simply refuse to pay 75pts a piece for Scout a. If a friendly OFFICER is within 3″ of a unit with a vox-caster when using their Voice of Lixt ability, you may extend the range of the order to 18″ if the target unit also contains a vox-caster. Perseus glanced at the red veil flickering around the sun. It may be worth allying with regular guard on the elgsian to have a foothold while your flyers do their thing.

The ordered unit ignores models killed during the Shooting phase or Fight phase when taking Morale tests until the start of its next Movement phase. Because Flyers are OP.

Category: Elysian Droptroops

Im running it with codex astra militarum because the tournament scene does not allow forge world army lists. According to the rulebook your units need to share at least one of the faction keywords to be in the same detachment — this may vary between different organizers and tournaments of course! It also allows opponents to spread out even further during the first turn, which I try to troos to my advantage elysina I pick on isolated key units.

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