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After we have bread for all, we shall require something more — equality of rights; but this point will reculs be realized, for an individual who needs not incline themselves before their fellows to crave pittance is already their equal. Albeit deeds of violence, prompted by a spirit of hatred, bespeak a feeble moral development, these deeds become fatal and necessary whenever the relations between people are not the relations of perfect equity.

With the crowd of commonplace chatterers we are already past praying for; no reproach is too bitter for us, no epithet too insulting. His geographical work, thoroughly researched and unflinchingly scientific, laid elkseo a picture of human-nature interaction that we today would call bioregionalism.

It will not come with empty hands. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource. Reclks yet a close study of the present state of things would show them that the supposed period of tranquility in which we live is really an age of cruelty reclis violence.

It is true that in this way they may retard the solution of the social problem, but it will rise again after each postponement, more formidable than before. The Geographer of Liberty”. Are they not rather our equals, those whose looks neither implore nor command, and whom we may love with open hearts without afterthought or reserve.

To most Englishmen, the word Anarchy is so evil-sounding that ordinary readers of the Contemporary Review will probably turn from these pages with aversion, wondering how anybody could have the audacity to write them. Inshortly before his death, Reclus completed L’Homme et la terrein which he rounded out his previous works by considering humanity’s development relative to its geographical environment.

Élisée Reclus – Wikipedia

What have we done with these ten million human beings killed before their time? True, we know some devoted ones who seem to live only that they may do good. And if we would deal frankly with the barbarous society to which we belong, we must acknowledge that murder, albeit disguised under a thousand insidious and scientific forms, still, as in the times of primitive savagery, terminates the majority of lives.


It showed, with more detail than anyone but a dedicated geographer could possibly absorb, how the ecology of a place determined the kinds of lives and livelihoods its denizens would have and thus how people could properly live in self-regarding and self-determined bioregions without the interference of large and centralized governments that always try to homogenize diverse geographical areas. According to Kirkpatrick Sale: InReclus was appointed chair of comparative geography at the University of Brusselsand moved with his family to Belgium.

Withdrawing from France due to the political events of Decemberas a young man he spent the next six years — traveling and working in Great Britainthe United StatesCentral Americaand Colombia.

Élisée Reclus

It is an empty phrase; there is no such antagonism. In accordance with these beliefs and the practice of union libre “free unions”which was common among working-class French in the mid-to-late s [3]Reclus allowed his two daughters to “marry” their male partners without any civil or religious ceremonies, an action causing embarrassment to many of his well-wishers.

It is on this condition that the individual renounces the right of personal vengeance; but if they be deceived by the mandatories to whom they entrust the vindication of their rights, if they perceive that their agents betray their cause and league themselves with the oppressors, that official justice aggravates their wrongs; in a word, if whole classes and populations are unfairly used, and have no hope of finding in the society to which they belong a redresser of abuses, is it not certain that they will resume their inherent right of vengeance and execute it without pity?

The original form of justice as understood by primitive peoples was that of retaliation, and by thousands of rude tribes this system is still observed. Below the London of fashion is a London accursed, a London whose only food are dirt-stained fragments, whose only garments are filthy rags, and whose only dwellings are fetid dens. It is said that, when the magicians of the Middle Ages wanted to raise the devil, they began their incantations by painting his image on a wall.

Space, Place, and Environmental Ethics. As for the Anarchists, never will we separate ourselves from declus world to build a little church, hidden in some vast wilderness. It is thus that a tradesman, more cunning or intelligent, or, perhaps, more favored by luck than his fellows, is enabled to become master of an army of workers, and as often as not to starve them at his pleasure.


Views Read Edit View history. Husbandry will be guided by the same prescience as mechanical combinations and chemical operations; but the fruits of their toil will not be lost to the laborer. Let each rsclus us recall the past and ask ourselves in all sincerity the question: We are not among those whom the practice of social hypocrisies, the long weariness of a crooked life, and the uncertainty of the future have reduced to necessity of asking ourselves — without daring to answer it — the sad question: English readers, brought up to a knowledge of Biblical lore, will remember the striking parable of the trees who wanted a king [Judges 9: Prefigurative politics Primitive communism Stateless communism Elizeo society Workers’ control Worker reclud Workers’ council Wage slavery.

We are weary of these inequalities which make us the enemies of each other; we would put an end to the furies which are ever bringing people into hostile collision, and all of which arise from the bondage of the weak to the strong under the form of slavery, serfage, and service.

As a member of the Association Nationale des Travailleurshe published a hostile manifesto against the government of Versailles in support of the Paris Commune of in the Cri du Peuple. From the moment when they awaken to a comprehension of that which is equitable and good it is for them to direct their own movements, to seek in the their conscience reasons for their actions, and to perform them simply, without either fearing punishment or looking for reward.

Anarchism portal Socialism portal Environment portal Politics portal. Il mondo senza la mappa: It were unphilosophic to be surprised by its existence.

Insurrectionary anarchism Platformism Synthesis federations. That these magistrates should firmly believe in their own impartiality and think themselves incarnate right in human shape, is quite natural; everyone puts on — sometimes without knowing it — the peculiar morality of elisfo calling; yet, judges, no more than priests, can withstand the influence of their surroundings. In he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Paris Geographical Society for this work, despite having been banished from France because of his political activism.

Events are casting their shadows before. For a long time past, modern exorcists elixeo adopted a similar method for conjuring Anarchists.

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