Multiple panel sizes availableOuside angle corner systemAll dimensions formedAll steel panels with steel face sheetsComplete modular system with ties, brac. All steel self-spanning formsComplete modular system Column and wall mounted systemSupport braces and through ties includedImperial and metricAvailable. Our personnel have been dealing in concrete forming and shoring for over 25 years. | eBay!.

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It provides a lateral connection of the two primary Northbound and Southbound arterial highways on the North side of Dallas. Overvehicles use this roadway on a daily basis to connect from U.

The reconstruction is expected to take five years to complete. This project joins two other managed lane toll roads in the state of Texas. The cities of Houston and Fort Worth both have incorporated lpate system of roadways.

The LBJ Express project will incorporate free lanes and toll lanes into the same corridor. The number of free lanes will remain girrder at four in each direction but a total of six managed toll lanes will be added.

These managed lanes will be depressed and reside partially efcl the free lanes for the majority of the project. This enables the roadway to increase the number of lanes while maintaining the limited right-of-way in this heavily occupied space.


EFCO Plate Girder concrete wall forms | eBay

EFCO split washers give an opportunity to strip with a crane without disassembly of the vertical form joints. Architectural feature strips are attached directly to the column form facesheet with self-tapping screws.

The reinforcing steel was assembled on the ground then placed in one pick. Some competitor systems leave a triple line joint depression in the concrete requiring a lot of rework for architectural concrete.

The primary difference between this managed toll project and other commonly constructed toll roads is that the cost of the tolls on the LBJ Express will fluctuate. The toll rates will depend on the time of day and the level of traffic. During the daytime rush as the free lanes become busier and more vehicles use the toll lanes the rates will increase. This will allow the toll road operator to maximize its revenue while maintaining the road. The benefit to the vehicles using the toll portion is a less congested, faster moving roadway.

EFCO Plate Girder forms

Officials expect the toll lanes to maintain a 50 mph 80 kph minimum speed limit even during peak usage. They are also constructing ramps and frontage roads along this corridor. All of this work will serve as lpate entrance to the IH corridor from the South. Archer Western Contractors, Ltd.


Large Panel Gang Wall Formwork

Approximately 4, yds 3 m 3 of concrete were placed. With the extra heavy loading of some of the caps and the offset hammerhead caps the girdeer EFCO 50K and K per leg shore tower systems were used in conjunction with 70K support brackets for the cap support.

Radius back brackets and standard flat back brackets were both utilized on this project to provide support solutions that best fit the requirements of the cap. EFCO has a long history working with Archer Western and is proud of the relationship we have developed over the years.

We look forward to many more years and many more projects working side by side with Archer Western girfer produce outstanding results.

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