RUT* WiMAX Outdoor SS to MHz 2TX/2RX 25dBm 14dBi. AC Pwr DX WiMAX 16e Indoor CPE, to MHz, w/ WiFi, 2x VoIP. Basic. Green Packet DX uses non-random default credentials of: root:wimax. A remote network attacker can gain privileged access to a. It is a WiMAX Integrated Access Device (IAD) that features a blend of aesthetics, data and voice wireless WiMAX connectivity anytime within indoor perimeters.

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Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. Hi, I’m using a greenpacket dx Wimax modem. I had used bitcomet for about a year and could forward ports without any problem but since a week ago I can’t forward any ports.

I forward the ports on my router but all the ports gets blocked in both utorrent and bitcomet. My windows firewall and eset smart security 9 firewall are both OFF.

June 03, wi,ax, Private messages PM are not for support questions or for hints to not yet answered topics. The PMs are basically for confident conversation between the users, off the forum.

Sorry my english is not good. Just tell me exactly which section I should make a screenshot? Even if not all of them are yours, you must say yes. For example a friend of yours brings their game console over and then when they leave they take their game console home.


Examples that come to mind: May 28, I don’t have any device for gaming. It’s been 3 days since I made this topic Quote from: The port that you are forwarding for. In your case, f Protocol: I can’t put the data you offered in the firewall section. It says it’s not valid. It only allow input like this: Please clarify what numbers exactly I should put in.

I don’t know what is LAN ip and doesn’t allow me to put the whole subnet mask. Let us run a test. May 29, Would you please work out what working numbers should I put in the firewall section?

Want To Buy: Disconnected GreenPacket DVT DX Ex Ex wimax

I think you should convert those to CIDR using this method explained here: Also it doesn’t let me to leave the sourceport field Blank as you told me to. If you could work out what should i do in the firewall section please notify me.

To check for if there is more than one: As how to use wkmax I guess, you would enter in the word any.

May 30, So what should I put in the firewall section d350 my router to allow that specific port? Yes I think my laptop has a dvd burner. Here is the services I have in my windows autorun file: And here is a list of my installed programs: May 31, On my Windows 7 computer, it does not that output.


Do you know our Splunk app?

Ran a Google search for epfw filter driver I wonder even if your software firewall is disabled and the Windows Firewall is offit is interfering with what you are trying to wiax. Anyways, if I were you this is what I would do. For the distro – Either no software firewall or one where the firewall is disabled by default. Pressing esc again, gets me back to the main menu.

Wimax Indoor Modem Dx350

Enable the firewall with the default settings. Oh, I’m not familiar at all with these professional tasks you’ve mentioned so I’d better quit and forget about downloading torrent for good.

Most distro of Linux come with a torrent client. If one is not included, one can download and install one.

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