The DXUSB sports a USB interface for playing music from your laptop, two . The Behringer Pro Mixer DX USB, 7 channel DJ Mixer does every thing. Behringer DX USB 7 channel DJ Mixer with USB These days a DJ gig can command a lot more than a mic and a couple of turntables. You may need to. User Manual. PRO MIXER DXUSB. Professional 7-Channel DJ Mixer with infinium “Contact-Free”. VCA Crossfader and USB/Audio Interface.

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Works with almost any Windows or Mac audio recording or playback software. This compact club-style mixer benefits from the same high-quality build and sound characteristics that are already found on the flagship RMX Digital mixer.

dd2000 An iPad split input on the rear of the mixer makes it possible to include an iPad, Android tablet or smartphone directly into your DJ set-up via 3. The supplied iPad split cable can divide the audio signal into two separate mono channels or delivers one stereo output.

Behringer DX2000USB

This connection method means DJ apps with split-cue function like DJAY by Rx2000 can be utlisied, as can the stereo output from production or sampler apps. White noise, Filter low and high-passBit Crusher and Gate can be assigned to the dedicated Instant FX potentiometers at the push of a button.


The effects can be used for any channel and are modulated via a large, ergonomic bi-polar potentiometer to achieve exactly the sound you want.

The instantly recognisable mixer layout has a three-band EQ section that can be easily set to ‘Kill’ isolator mode or ‘Classic’, to suit any individual mixing style. The line- and cross-fader curves are adjustable on the mixer surface, so smooth mixes and hard cuts can ysb carried out quickly and changed mid-routine.

Behringer 7-Channel DJ Mixer With USB/Audio Interface – Long & McQuade Musical Instruments

In addition to curve adjustment, the cross-fader and line-faders can be set to auto-start or crossover-reverse to suit the needs of your performance. With a total of eight inputs and five outputs, you will always find the right connection for any analogue or digital source. The RMXi’s high-quality crossfader can also be upgraded with the new Reloop Innofader by Audio Innovate for a truly unrivalled performance at a very appealing price. Straightforward controls, a clear layout, and dedicated 3-band isolators let you scratch and mix instinctively.


The dithering technology on this mixer results in warm, high-quality audio from both analogue and digital sources. Or hook up the DJMMK2 to turntables and use rekordbox dvs in combination with control vinyl to scratch and mix with digital files stored on your computer.

Behringer DX USB – Muziker PT

The clear layout of the DJMMK2’s lower half gives you freedom to perform complicated scratch techniques. Our robust Magvel Faders ensure smooth control over rx2000 use. Precise, fluid mixes are a breeze using the mixer’s channel faders, and the 3-band isolators give precision across the highs, mids and lows. You can use them to totally eliminate each frequency range when you turn the knob all the way to the left.

Simply turn the knob on each channel to apply the filter, Twist the parameter knob for texture, playing with resonance and tension.

The USB connection supports sound input and output, so you can record your mixes to your computer’s hard drive.

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