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Duncton Wood is in my opinion one of the most under-read fantasy series in the world.

Review of the Duncton Chronicles by William Horwood

I think that it is mostly overlooked as all the characters are moles. Yes moles, as in those wonderful creatures that leave little dirt mountains on your lawns. The moles of Duncton Wood are still moles and as such have no clothes, technology or weapons. In essence this is a brilliant low fantasy series.

Duncton Wood is a true epic fantasy series in the most classic way. But along comes a hero: These are in a way more action-packed then the first in the series which was originally a stand-alone novel, then years later Horwood wrote two more out of the blue.

Some think they are not as good as the original Duncton Wood novel but I think they are different rather than chrlnicles or bad.

These two books are a new story with new characters and a new struggle. It has all one could hope for in a action packed fantasy: Yes, maybe a little predictable but that is oddly part of the charm of the series. It is like a old sweater made new by the fact that curonicles are wearing it after changing which washing powder you use. This series has a great depth of detail and grandness like that found in such epics as Sword of Truth and Recluse.


William Horwood has created a world that is filled with those events that while familiar are renewed by the point of view they are being told from.

As I said, it is like a old sweater made new by the fact that you have chroniclws washing powder brands. I read this series when I was in my early teens and it really struck me as one of those amazing fantasy series where the writing itself was part of the story, like with David Eddings, J.

Half the enjoyment is the language used. Chornicles way it flows and how the world is shaped but just the most simple of things like a adjective here instead of there. And I am happy to say that it has held up. It has stood the test of time and childhood memories.

The tale is just as thrilling and Bracken just as heroic as the first time I read them. His son is still a little geeky and odd and I still love them and enjoy them as one of those series that I turn to too reread chrlnicles and again just like a comfy old pair of jeans new item of clothing! It was followed a few years later by the Book of Silence, a follow-on trilogy set far cchronicles the future of the moles of Duncton Wood.

I have not read it, having just learned of its existence! But I will be as soon as I find copies. The trilogy consists of: Cool, thanks for posting this article! These novels will go on my bookshelf next chroniccles Mrs.

I am so glad that you are going to give them a try, but I do have to warn you that they are not YA or kids novels at dunctoh and do have more in common with Game of Thrones that withe The Rats of Nimh or Watership Down.

In fact they are Game of Thrones but with moles… Just fair warning! Thanks for this review.

I read the first trilogy and I think they are overlooked, but as you say brilliant low fantasy. It chromicles what you can do with characters and setting and not a lot else.


Horwood is an excellent author, with the ability to balance exposition and active chronocles almost perfectly, and to create amazingly believable mythology.

I keep meaning to get hold of the Duncton Chronicles and give them a read. This novel scripts and art works are really good thus it is very much attractive and interesting.

Duncton Chronicles Series by William Horwood

Guys, this is honestly just one of the best, most underrated and under-read fantasy novels ever written. Think Lord of the Rings with moles. Watership Down with more plot, more emotional depth and a resonance that makes it hard to shake and keeps readers returning to the wood decades after they first discovered it.

Just a beautiful book.

Duncton Wood by William Horwood book review

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Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Duncton Chronicles covers Duncton Wood is in my opinion one of the most under-read fantasy series in the world.

The series consists of three novels: Duncton Wood Duncton Quest Duncton Found It was followed a few years later by the Book of Silence, a follow-on trilogy set far into the future of the moles of Duncton Wood. Excellent books re reading them all for the fourth time and still shed tears over the characters. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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