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Installation d’assainissement autonome pour maison individuelle: Guide pratique, En application du DTU (norme XP P ) on * FREE*. : Installation d’assainissement autonome pour maison individuelle.: guide pratique, en application du dtu (norme xp p ). HLA-A* QFLYLYALI HLA-A* QNSADPKVY HLA-A* QNSADPKVY HLA-A* QTFSVLACY HLA-A*

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Solutions suitable for each individual waste water treatment network Since Flexirub has offered a kit containing all the geosynthetics geomembranes. There are 2 types of sand filter: Dut sand filters and non-drained sand filters.

For perfect tank waterproofing the standard, DTU Conversely, the Geokit LDPE sand filter is tolerated by the DTU but does not in any way guarantee that your waste water treatment system is watertight. A system for soils with low permeability. Founded inflexirub and has become a leader and a speciailist in the production of flexible structures with an elastomeric membrane epdm base, for environmental, industrial and civil engineering application. The company Cultisol is becoming Flexirub.

A system for soils with low permeability The drained sand filter is made up mainly of layers of sand and gravel. In the context of this network, waste water treatment is performed by the sand and the micro-organisms fixed around the granulates.

The treated water is then discharged into the natural environment in a water course or ditch. The drained sand filter with PVC geomembrane can be put in place if the soil has low permeability, so as to avoid the waste water contaminating underground water.

The water therefore infiltrates the soil after treatment. It therefore makes it possible to secure the waterproofing with a 1.

The components 1 PVC geomembrane, 1. For perfect waterproofing of the tank DTU The components 1 LDPE film, 0. Depending on the type of soil, it is sometimes necessary to install a non-drained sand filter. A system for soil that is insufficiently or too permeable.

In the same way as for a drained sand filter, waste water treatment is carried out by the sand and the microorganisms fixed around the granulates.

The non-drained sand filter is made up mainly of layers of sand and gravel. Unlike the drained sand filter, the non-drained sand filter has nothing to hold back the treated water. So the water directly infiltrates the soil following treatment. This type of filter is put in place if the soil is insufficiently or too permeable.

There is therefore no element to hold back water in this kit. The infiltration mound is a vertical sand filter recreated above ground. It is generally used when it is impossible to put a standard sand filter in place.

It is reconstituted soil raised in relation to the natural terrain which makes the installation of a raising station essential if the dwelling is not raised. It is recommended in the case of soil that is difficult to dig, in a flood area or where there is a high water table. The filtration mound is made up of gravel and sand which provides the water treatment. The treated water then infiltrates the soil.


This product is only made-to-measure. Waste water treatment by drainage trench, also commonly known as a dispersal system, is the most standard system for individual sewage treatment. Waste water, pre-treated in a septic tank that takes all water, crosses a gravel bed before directly infiltrating the dispersal soil.

It has two main functions; liquid filtration by retaining the finest particles and separation of the material layers. It guarantees liquid circulation with no blockages. Flexirub offers you a range of professional accessories to facilitate installation, and finishings for the made-to-measure EPDM membranes.

It performs all of the following 3 functions: This drainage liner is a geocomposite consisting of a tridimensional polypropylene strands sandwiched between two thermomolded filtering geotextile layers. It is ideally used as part of the geomembrane waterproofing system.

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It can replace or add to a gravel filter bed. This vapor-barrier film is a synthetic film manufactured by polyethylene granule extrusion. It avoids condensation in the dtk materials, in particular in insulation panels.

It is laid down on the flat roof substrate material concrete, wood or metal.

It must be placed on the warm side of the insulation panel. Double-sided adhesive is used to put in place the 10 cm cover and finishings. EPDM membrane corner guards made-to-measure by hot vulcanization. Used to reinforce the membrane against abrasion and rubbing. The rainwater drain is made of stamped, folded aluminum.

Drains are set into dtj roof material stone, concrete, wood, or metal to ensure rainwater runoff from flat roofs. The crimp seal system means it can be easily and securely installed on the spot.

This adjustable leaf guard is made of aluminum wire. They must be positioned over each rainwater downpipe or overflow to avoid clogging by leaves, branches and other rooftop debris. Available in several easy-to-fit diameters. This gravel guard is made of galvanized steel. It is specially designed to protect rainwater downpipes against loose dirt and gravel. The two components are assembled using a special heat welding technique. Supplied in standard 90, and mm dimensions.

Used mainly for roof waterproofing, but can also be used in other waterproofing applications. The flashing is shaped by folding a sheet of aluminum. Drip edge flashing is shaped by folding a sheet of aluminIum. The drip edge flashing is used to ensure a perfect finish to sealing upstands. It is secured using screws or hammer fixings every 30 cm in the predrilled. They ensure the watertightness of the solution by blocking the water flowing along the wall.

For use as a waterproofing and adhesive agent with EPDM membranes. Will secure any kind of bonding.

Multi-purpose adhesive designed to bond with many types of materials: Before applying, make sure the EPDM surface is clean and free of oil and grease to guarantee perfect bonding. Double-sided butyl adhesive allowing the junction between EPDM membrane and various fixing supports Used in addition to glues and sealants Ideal for securing a flexible EPDM collar or for fixing a sealing gauge Dimensions: Width 25 mm or 50 mm or custom-made. A synthetic polymer contact adhesive used to fix the EPDM membrane to any surface, such as masonry, wood, metal or other compatible materials.


Available in 5-liter cans. A liquid butyl-based adhesive for EPDM membrane to membrane assembly, and to guarantee that the protection remains leak proof. Available in 1-liter cans. Kit of installation tools allowing a perfect installation of the membrane and accessories Composed of a pair of scissors, a marking pencil, a brush, a roller, a masking tape, a mastic cartridge and a putty gun.

Waterproofing of autonomous waste water treatment – Flexirub

Kit consisting of a square EPDM membrane, a butyl glue, a mastic cartridge And abrasive paper to allow cleaning before repairing a damaged membrane. Flexirub supplies three types of lifting loop to facilitate movement of the EPDM geomembrane rolls.

The root barrier protects sensitive areas by deflecting roots downwards. This combination creates an extremely strong barrier that is impenetrable to roots whilst guaranteeing healthy development of trees and plantings. It is composed of two distinct parts: The 3 mm skirting foam contributes to the acoustic and thermal insulation of floating floors and floor coverings. The Isofilma skirting foam is produced by non-polluting processes and is totally free of chlorine, emollients, halogens, sulfur, silicones and stabilizers from heavy metals.

Translucent cover to protect the cement from moisture. Translucent cover to protect drywall against moisture. The flexible conical flange is the ideal solution for all connections on variable diameters.

It is manufactured from a base and an EPDM sleeve manufactured in a cone with a diameter of 50mm to a diameter of mm. The assembly is fully assembled by hot vulcanization. Flexirub offers different accessories to facilitate the anchoring of its membranes. They are classified into two distinct categories: The roof outlet is made of stamped, folded aluminum.

Off-the-shelf fittings have a standard diameter, but customized diameters are available on demand.

Etude de définition de filière d’assainissement non collectif

Connexions must be made watertight using enough teflon PTFE to eliminate any play and avoid over-tightening. Never use oakum tdu other sealants used for metal plumbing joints. Threaded at both ends to allow easy connexion to other pipes. Allows the formation of a tight connection between the filling elements tap, supply pipe, etc.

Triangle and Half Moon. It can also be used in undrained sand filter systems, for lateral watertightness. The material is highly-resilient while maintaining a degree of flexibility. For optimal efficiency, the geogrid must be used with a 64.

and filtration geotextile to retain the finest particles and avoid clogging.

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