Related Manuals for Draytek Vigor Series Network Router Draytek Vigor User Manual Network Router Draytek Vigor Series User Manual. in France. Please see the user manual for the applicable networks on your product. DrayTek launches Vigor series – High speed router, perfectly complied with VDSL2 Note: Vigor provides standard WMM configuration . Fibre Broadband: Vigor n – Quick Setup Guide This guide has been written to assist users configuring a Draytek n for the first time for You may now configure the wireless settings on your router by following the instructions here.

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How do I set a Hostname for the Draytek router?

I just bought a Vigor Router and I can’t connect to the Internet If you are having trouble connecting to the internet, the first reference should be the Quick Start Guide QSG that came with the router. The QSG explains how to connect the router to the Internet within minutes.

However, if you still have difficulties, Where is the manual for the new function? Unlike many other manufacturers, DrayTek often add new functionality to current products in their firmware upgrades. Unfortunately DrayTek’s internal procedure is that the Release notes are only written when the firmware is officially released so we ha Why is there no mention of the new feature in the DrayTek documen Certainly it would be great if the user manual was kept current with the firmware, and provided descriptions of the functionality and purpose of each individual setting.

It takes a few months for the Manual to catch Is it possible to get a replacement power supply for my Vigor rou While the Vigor routers are covered by a 3 or 2 year warranty, the Power plug packs only have standard 1 year warranty. We can supply a replacement power pack – please email sales draytek. Alternatively you can probably get a similar spec. I can’t access the internet, but I can access my router’s Web Con The good news is that you can access the Web configurator, and so it is possible that we may be able to fix the problem without your having to send the unit in to us.

You can’t find out what the password is currently set to, as this would create a possible security hole. The default usernames and passwords for DrayTek devices are: How do I perform a Factory Reset on the router?

A factory reset wipes all the information from the router and sends it back to the factory default settings.

If you do a factory reset, be sure to have your important Internet information, such as ISP username and password, VoIP drraytek account details e How can I capture screenshots of router pages for Draytek Support Sometimes it is necessary to send Draytek Support captured screenshots of router pages, such as the Online Status page. There are a couple of ways to capture screenshots. I am experiencing line sync issues. What information do I need to If the router is unable drayytek achieve line sync, then there is certain information that Draytek Support need to analyse the problem.


Firstly, ensure that the latest version of firmware is downloaded and installed on the router. Draytek provide multiple versi Vigor general troubleshooting guide.

This section will guide you to solve abnormal situations if you cannot access into the Internet after installing the router and finishing the web configuration.

Please follow below sections to check your basic installation stage by stage. How can I backup or restore my configuration settings?

Draytek Routers User Manuals

If you are backing up your Configuration file for sending to DrayTek support you will also need to provide your Administrator password if you have set one. How do I enable remote management for Draytek Australia Support t To enable remote access on the router: I’ve looked in the FAQ and tried everything that seems relevant How to connect your PCs to your router?

Having said all the above; fortunately it is pretty straightforward to connect a few computers together to create a LAN Local Area Network.

There are three basic components: How do I capture Syslogs for DrayTek support engineer’s analysis? Please refer to this link http: However, under some conditions the router firmware may Your computer may not be configured with the correct IP address.

Check that the computer ha Meanwhile, it can offer full information to Draytek Support staff for problem analysis in tr How to Enable and Drytek http access on port on Vigor wi In our example we change the default SSL port to Ping is a standard and very useful vigog troubleshooting tool, used to indicate that a device is powered and connected.

What does Call Scheduling do? The Vigor has a real time clock which can update itself from your browser manually or more conveniently automatically from an Internet time server NTP. This enables you to schedule the router to dial-out to the Internet at a preset time, or restrict Int The problem arises when attemptin An Introduction to SIP and debug logs.

How do I capture Vigor router’s log for DrayTek support engineer’ STEP 2 Type the name for this connection, e. How can I configure my Vigor router from a remote location?


For security you should have set the Administrator password. Introduction In order to speed up the process of solving ADSL Sync problem, this paper lists detailed procedure for debugging the problem and describes the required information provided by the tester. Such paper can reduce the times of com Please carry out the following checks to help isolate the cause of the problem. If you encounter a problem with your Vigor router, please carry out the following steps to try and get the router working again.


The basic steps are There are two methods that can be used to help debug VOIP issues. Draytek modems have several methods available to update their firmware.

Two Level Management Mechanism. To enhance the secure management and control of Vigor routers. Firstly you need to obtain the right firmware from the Draytek support site; you need to know the modem model and the type of WAN interface. A problem exists in the latest firmware versions 3. Error message displayed as: Please close one or more applications to allo How to Reset the Router to Factory Default settings.

In some situations it may be necessary to reset the router to factory default settings. However, under some conditions the router firmware may become corrupted and place the router into an abnormal state. When the router is in th This usually occurs when the VPN tunnel is established over a fixed wireless broadband connection or over a 3G or 4G Capturing router syslogs for diagnostic purposes.

The methods shown are: The router used in the examples is the DrayTek Vigor This article explains when this option should be used and will help you to trouble shoot if you have used this option to try maintaining a VPN tunnel. This document applies to the VigorL and VigorL series routers. There are many websites offering information, especially telecommunication companies, on their availability of services in an area.

However, they don’t provide the frequency band details. They usually only show if they have 2G, 3G mankal 4G coverage. Protecting your Vigor and Vigor from Malware Attacks. As reported vigro the International media recently, hackers are using malware to attack vulnerable devices. Many of these are used for the internet of things IoT which is the network of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items–embedded with e This document shows how to upgrade Vigor router firmware by using a Mac OS device.

Using this method shown here, there is no need to log into the router’s web management page. The Mac OS n Help Desk Software by Kayako.

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