Buck Rogers RPG Gennie Conversions for Dragonstar * Solar System Record Sheet: Solar System Record Sheets, modified from Alternity. Chrysalis: Details of a Dragonstar Campaign with character descriptions and adventure. Thorne character sheet DragonStar Prod. by QdEarl · Watch · Cartoons & Comics / Traditional Media / Comics / Other© QdEarl. Thun character sheet DragonStar Prod. by QdEarl · Watch · Cartoons & Comics / Traditional Media / Comics / Other© QdEarl.

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An awesome Solar System Mapper. Great site from the makers of the game. Another cool item by David Taub. The psychic bloodhounds of the Dragon Empire, not even your thoughts are safe.

White Wolf Beast Wars Character Sheets

A powerful sect of Fraal Remote Viewers. A new weapon by David Taub. The few, the proud. A truly nasty living “bug”ship based on the old Micronauts toy line. Dralasites, Sathar, Vrusk and Yazirians for Dragonstar. El Diablo Sniper Rifle: A selection of new miscellaneous gear, mostly of a medical and espionage nature.

Great New company with equipment books that are a must have for any Dragonstar Campaign!. Relentless and often Ruthless The Galaxy’s Ultimate Crafters.


The Genetically Engineered Belters. A renegade faction of the Mechalus. A Dragonstar site, featuring an alternative setting using the Dragonstar rules. Vast vessels carrying the nomadic Fraal across charactrr in search of their homeworld.

Dragonstar () Character Sheet

Has stats for Star Wars ships in Dragonstar stats. Elven Man’ o War A Dead Dragonstar Campaign, never updated, probably never will be. The Giff from Spelljammer fame. New rules, weapons, and classes.

Only the Empire’s finest are fit to command. Solar System Record Sheets, modified from Shset. Various ships stats, pics and design breakdowns! Mailing List for converting the Micronauts to d20, heavily influenced by Dragonstar. The highly secretive and much sought after Guild Navigator.

A cool write-up of the Genetically engineered Asterminers. The Quickdeath converted from Star Frontiers. I know it’s not exactly Dragonstar but alot of the stuff fits.

Details of a Dragonstar Campaign with character descriptions and adventure summaries. The Pride of the Imperial Army. Solar System Record Sheet: Soul Ship Prestige Class: Those who excel at the art of Leadership. Sadistic brutal killers who relish causing pain and anguish. Hullspika X-1 Heavy Fighter: The Dragonstar Galaxy Awaits You!. Includes the new Hellspawn Template.


Pictured version available by direct request. Official Dragobstar for the Living Dragonstar Campaign. Zero Gravity Martial Artists Extraordinaire. Dragonstar Links Arcanum of the Stars: Every campaign needs its own version of Jabba the Hutt.

Dragonstar (3.5) Character Sheet

Take your piloting skills to the next level. Guard your thoughts the Emperor’s spies are everywhere.

zheet Left over biotech from an alien war. The Spiritual leaders of the Sesheyan, also includes a new Spirit Template. Site features several different d20 Campaigns including Dragonstar, check it out. Custom Vehicle adapted from “Spirits Within”. Includes write-up and resource info on the Neogi including their Umber Hulk Servants. Original Idea by Steve Miller. Prestige Class for Soul Mechs. Prototype Fighter, stolen on its first test run.

A Chaacter tool for Dragonstar by David Taub. Write-up on the Shapeshifting Doppelgangers.

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