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Cancer Trophology –

Excuse the translation of English, was made by the robot of Google Translate. In the future will translate normally. The Web’s native language is Spanish. Trophology is the science that teaches us to cultivate or restore health through proper nutrition your body needs. Indeed, as health, natural food is safe way to avoid getting sick because all organ functions depending on the quality of the blood, and since this is a product of general nutrition and digestion especially, the right foods to produce pure blood tissues and organs, whereas poor diet and alters blood defiles the body functions.

The body is of food quality that is formed and maintained. Thus, a blood fed by raw fruit is smooth, vitalized, alkaline free of acidic materials, for even more acidic fruits are alkaline reaction in the blood. The acids from the intestine putrid fermentation which acidify the blood, irritated, inflamed and congested tissues and organs of our body nobles, causing manueo listed with different names that are classified with symptoms or manifestations of the only disease exist: Digesting food is to form blood, then the normal digestion is a source of pure blood and abnormal digestion gives rise to impure blood.


It is common belief that good digestion is to empty the bowel every day, however, this does not prove that food processing is normal, because despite the good removal may exist in the womb putrid fermentation, which poison the bledaltering their functions.

The indigestion thus have two manifestations: Naturally, in severe cases can coexist both anomalies. Normal digestion is shown by good design, with profuse, odorless, cylindrical and tan also empties the bowel, at least, morning and evening.

A single evacuation in the day is insufficient, because it shows that the manufl residue and bile have been held more than twenty hours d the body, which is doped with blood. Typically completely empty stomach every eight hours. The patient does not know what you have because, insensitive and gradually loses control of their health, also believes there is no disease without pain and if you do not feel pain in your body they are free from all evil, is what happens with digestive disorders, inexhaustible source of innumerable evils.

There are people who boast of being able to eat everything and nothing will make them worse, for they feel nothing for many disorders that do. However, these people have met more than a friend to bed without ever saved lezaet ever complaining of pain in his youth has fallen struck down by sudden death. Conversely, there are other people living and caring complaining of her ailments, reaching enviable old age.


Medicina Natural Al Alcance de Todos

Because pain is organic defense, he represents life activity, so that when you can not feel pain disorganized life, it means that the body’s sensitivity is dulled by poisoning, characteristic achxran chronic illness. These people can eat anything without discomfort, fruits cause digestive disorders such as clean water to the alcoholic patient.

Constipation, a disease of cities and especially females in the upper classes, is the source of the greatest evils that afflict civilization. Medicine may be said to live in poor digestion of the public and kneaded fortunes Surgery opening bellies constipated women.

Medicina Natural Al Alcance de Todos : Manuel Lezaeta Acharan :

Cancer Trophology Details Last Leaeta Thursday, 23 January Manuel Lezaeta Acharan Trophology is the science that teaches us to cultivate or restore health through proper nutrition your body needs.

Knowing food is a prerequisite to preserve and to restore health. Every disease has its roots in the womb, because no patient with good digestion. In contrast, bowel preparation may be normal, but the poor waste disposal and late.

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