Dish Network DishPRO Plus DP44 and power inserter. Hey; Just received an used DPP44 but the problem is that the installation manual is missing. I went to the Dish Network page and didn’t find it. Products 1 – 30 of Power inserters are only required for SW44, SW64 and DPP44 switches Dish Network 40 0 Remote Control / Owners Manual Download.

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What’s On In Sports? There has been a lot of discussion on the 92XX regarding installation; so much so that I’ve decided to put together this thread. Now, let me start off by saying that I haven’t installed a 92XX myself; most of this dp44 has come through my own research and reading online. If you find anything I’ve put in here to be in error, please let me know so I can make the appropriate corrections.

As well, keep in mind these installation instructions are geared towards those of you familliar with the basics of installing satellite dishes. First commonly asked question is if it can be dpp44 up using only one of the tuners. The janual to that is no. If you try to do so, you will run into problems.

Dish Network D1000.4 EA Installation Instructions Manual Page 12

The bottom line is you have to use both inputs on the 92XX for it to function correctly. Example 1- Installing a 92XX using only d;p44 cable.

To do this, you will need the dpp44 items. Your connection will look like this: Now, some people have asked if they can install XX’s in the same house? The answer is yes. Please note that the 2nd receiver in this example can be any other type of receiver; new or old Legacy.


DPP will support either. Of course with a single tuner receiver you will not need the seperator on that one. RG6 is the preferred cable type to use for all satellite installations, please see following links for more details Digital Home FAQ: Share Share this post on Digg Del.

Last edited by hugh; at Basically the Quad LNB has 4 outputs on it. Option 3- Using an SW44 Once again, this method is pretty easy.


As well, this method will be supported by Bell as it is using hardware that Bell sell. In fact, this uses the hardware included in the package. Previous methods used Dish Network Echostar hardware. The package will come with 2 Dual LNB’s.

You take the 4 outputs from those LNB’s and with 4 cable runs, connect them into the switch. You then take the 2 of the outputs of the switch, run them to the receiver.

Once again you can use the remaining 2 connections to connect to up to 2 more Bell receivers. Added info as to what comes in the package. Originally we thought that Bell would be giving us 2 SW switches; however it looks like Bell has stepped up and given us a SW44 instead.

Good on Bell Each of the LNB’s will point to one satellite, so you use the switches as if you are combining the signal. So a line goes from each LNB into each of the switches, then each of the cables coming out of both switches goes into the receiver. Example 5- Installing using two dishes This example is very useful for those of us out west, because the amount of skew required to use one dish often results in a sacrifice in signal quality.

Many people already have one dish for their current receivers, and now we are given a second dish with our package. The basic principle is simple; the switch and receivers don’t care that the two seperate LNB’s are on different dishes or on the same one. So you aim one dish at 91, then aim the second dish at Removed the incorrect info that Bell is supplying this hardware. Ken awesome Diagram and info.

Ken, Excellent diagrams and thanks for taking the time to find them. The only question I have is the dual setup.

The manua has three outputs and using the DPP separators you would only need two wires from that lnb. Does that mean you have one more output you can use for another receiver?

DPP (Dish Pro Plus) Bell TV Installs – Canadian TV, Computing and Home Theatre Forums

Does the DPP come with 4 outputs instead of 3? I am pretty sure I can have a and using this technique.


I was wondering if I should explain that one. People in the States with Dishnetwork; many of them get their locals from a 3rd satellite, like at or So if you have Dish, you need 3 LNB’s instead of 2. The 2 main Dish satellites are 9 degrees apart at and However Joe, your should d;p44 capable of using my “‘s” technique using the DPP Twin and a seperator for the as well as one for the I just confirmed this here: Keep in mind the is called a in the Dish world.

Ken, thanks for the link to the pdf. Does it matter how long the single wire run is before you separate it?

If you have a ft distance. Are there any differences other than cable and work for placing the separator near the dish, in the middle or dpp4 few feet from the receiver?

Canada Satellite | Dish Network Dish Pro Plus (DPP) Quad LNBF + DPP44 Switch + 2 Separator Combo

I think the seperator is designed to work just a couple of feet from the receiver. But I can’t see why it wouldn’t work elsewhere. epp44

And with DPP it allows for runs of feet, so anywhere within the foot run should work. Is there any word yet as to whether BEV is going to include the separator in the box? I am grounding the wires through a grounding block which has two coax inputs and 2 outputs. Do you see DPP working with this? I guess it would be clearly labled which inputs should be used?

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