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According to DIN EN maintenance is a “combination of all technical to DIN time schedules, personnel placement and work cycles. Fundamentals of maintenance – DIN It divides maintenance commpletely into basic elements and defines terms which, together with the terms of DIN EN. DIN Fundamentals of maintenance. standard by Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V. (German National Standard), 09/01/ View all product details.

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Der Energiespeicher von mechanischen Pressen ist meist der gute,alte Schwungradantrieb. Documentation of dn Maintenance management with a maintenance concept can be used to optimize the processes in the maintenance department. A maintenance is a partner and a qualified service provider for all departments. By analyzing data and processes, the procedures in the maintenance are constantly improved. This leads to a better condition of the machines and systems and Increases machine usage time.

If the theory and the good will …. In reality, it is often so that many companies neglect their maintenance and thus do not meet Dinn Measures to delay the removal of existing wear and tear. Measures for assessing and assessing the ISt condition of a viewing unit, including determining the causes of wear and deriving the necessary steps for future use. Measures for restoring a viewing unit to a working condition.

Combination of all technical and administrative possibilities as well as management measures to stabilize and increase the functional safety of a viewing unit without changing the required function.

In order to proceed in a targeted and structured manner, it is necessary that all maintenance measures are consistently documented. Checklist maintenance schedule routine catalogs support the maintenance of their tasks. The basis for a functioning maintenance is a maintenance documentation.

Standard – Fundamentals of maintenance DIN –

In this case, the actuality of the plans and documents must always be ensured. The necessary materials, spare parts, the allocation of personnel as well as the provision of the necessary work documents and information are defined and described in the work plan.

The work plan is designed to ensure that the work carried out is carried out economically and djn an optimal work sequence. The data and facts are used for damage analysis and weaknesses.

This information is used to optimize the warehouse and the spare parts strategy. All data is used to determine the annual planning and the maintenance budget with the management.

The times is saved at negative consequential costs due to production downtime 13051 longer service lives. Despite all automation with robots, sensors and actuators and modern controls, they are always dependent on humans for maintenance purposes. His ability to diagnose, his expertise and knowledge are important in order to react quickly.

People are always in the forefront with all technology in terms of maintenance.

Work instructions for maintenance A documentation helps maintenance to carry out its tasks and communicate these transparently to customers and colleagues. A maintenance plan based on a maintenance strategy forms the framework for day-to-day routines and work. On the basis of the maintenance documentation, the investment requirement per plant is determined and defined. Based on the findings obtained, the spare part strategy and storage forecast can be optimized.

Workflows can be standardized. Instructions and work instructions help the supervisor to implement them. Autonomous maintenance carries out clearly defined work from the routine catalog and supports the operational maintenance. Investments in a preventive maintenance, which can work well organized and structured, is very well spent money. The cost of preventive maintenance, inspection and maintenance is always worthwhile, and is an investment that maintains and even increases the value of plants and ensures the availability of plants through continuous production.


There are the following differences in work instructions in maintenance. We are able to simplify the maintenance of the production by means of routine catalogs, thus ensuring an economical performance of simple maintenance and inspection work. The utilization of main and secondary times is improved by the autonomous maintenance, since any standstill can be used for preventive maintenance. The maintenance itself is significantly relieved and can concentrate on its core business.

Technical work instructions for the maintenance work ensure standardized workflows. In this way, the workflows are defined in the case of a machine failure or a fault in the instructions. In order to improve the disturbance evaluation, it is necessary to catalog the disturbances occurring and to standardize them Uniformly. Storage and spare parts management are an important component and are constantly being optimized using the maintenance documentation. Complex work instructions in maintenance contain parts of the maintenance management.

Maintenance year planning, repair work with various tradesmen and third-party service providers where there is a very high requirement for costs and deadline. Revisions and complex maintenance work. Budget planning and new equipment procurement trunks and dutieshefthe requirements. The standards for autonomous maintenance are defined by production during meetings and project meetings. What should be done — Description of the measures-Photo-documentation-visualization-marking.

Where to do it — description of the location, cost center, the exact assembly. When and for how long — Specify the dates for the activities — Describe the planned time for the actions to be taken —.

By implementing autonomous maintenance measures by production personnel, maintenance is relieved. The machine operators know the machines and care for it. Before you drive with your car you have to check the tire pressure and the oil level. A pilot must pass through his checklists before each flight and thus ensure that we arrive well and recovered.

DIN – Seite 4 – Instandhaltung-Maintenance-Wartung

And a plant operator should make a short check at shift transfer in order to 310051 able to produce without problems and problems. Stopping 310551 are generally to be used for preventive maintenance measures. Weekly oil level checks and lubrication — Check screws for tightness — Check daily setpoints for manometers and pressure indicators — Check filters and maintenance units — Detect leaks and leaks.

Training of employees for autonomous maintenance. The responsibility of each individual employee for the machines and plants is thereby strengthened. The employees of the production are supported by the maintenance at all measures and questions. If important machinery and equipment fail in production, it can become a hectic one. For example, the bands can not stand still at our German car parks. The work to be carried out at short notice, interference suppression and unscheduled repairs are handled by the maintenance department.

The order is made by telephone or by the direct response of an employee. The requirement clearly shows which work is requested by the maintenance department. Start of the fault, type of fault, range where the fault occurs. Approval of the machine by the responsible maintenance person — acceptance of the work by the supervisor of the production. The maintenance has only a very limited staff, therefore, before each commissioning should be carefully decided whether the works really Must be completed immediately.

The core business is the maintenance of production. At simultaneous presentation of several tasks, the maintenance not all Immediately, the department heads decide on the order of the work. Maintenance, inspections and all planned maintenance work are carried out by the maintenance team.


Repairs of dij the scope is known and where the schedule can be planned are handled and carried out by the maintenance team. Orders are issued by the manufacturing, planning, control and maintenance department. Manufacturers and service providers with service or maintenance contracts are part of the maintenance team Together 310511 a maintenance schedule week-month-yearin which the maintenance intervals, inspections and deadlines are recorded.

As long as the quality requirements can be produced accordingly, one Machine as functioning. Disorders which present an immediate danger to man and the environment or Further consequential damage can be immediately followed immediately.

Destructions are carried out by the personnel of the production or by the maintenance staff.

The message will appear immediately after the fault occurs And contains the start time and fault image of the fault. The maintenance engineer reports the completion of the activities to the customer and documents the work and the end time of the interference suppression forms are created and available. The messages are completed by the maintenance manager and the supervisor of the production.

This includes the error search at sporadic Occurring faults which repeatedly lead to the failure of the system. Repairs are carried out and processed by the maintenance department.

The employees of the maintenance team support maintenance.

In the case of a lack of personnel or if special tools and abilities are required, foreign service providers may be consulted. The commissioning is carried out by the maintenance department and the production line.

Repairs are documented and documented as the interference by the customer. Vin completion of a repair is reported back to the departments and the work is carried out by the department managers.

If further work results from a repair, these must be documented by the maintenance department replacement of a component for overhauling — replacement of spare parts, etc. The request is made by the supervisors of the production and the maintenance.

Fundamentals of maintenance

The work is documented and documented serves the further damage analysis. After completion of the repair, the machine is transferred to the machine and removed by the department manager. Foreign service providers, manufacturers and suppliers who are involved in a service contract or maintenance contract are also included in the maintenance team.

The employee documents the work and the means used, the time required and all established facts. If no deviations from the work plan are determined, the order is sent Marked as completed by the employee and documented in the machine book with a signature.

Maintenance and inspections are described in routine catalogs and are not requested or commissioned. Maintenance plans, checklists and machine books for recording the activities are managed and checked by the maintenance department. The cleaning of the machines of castings and other waste is carried out on the part of the production work safety.

The maintenance team supports the production staff in their tasks and becomes knowledge through training To strengthen the importance of this work. During the planned set-up work, some of the maintenance and inspections can be carried out on the machines eg lubrication work, checking the set points etc.

Maintenance can take advantage of the time to look more closely at the machines and plan further measures.

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