Men’s Health DeltaFit SpeedShred Class Schedule. Weeks Monday: Phase 1 Workout A. Tuesday: HEAT Workout A*. Wednesday: Phase 1 Workout B. Delta Fit Speed Shred Workout Calendar General Discussion. I lost my calendar. Can anybody guide me on the rotation schedule? Thanks!. every single muscle. SPEED SHRED is the all-new video workout series from Men s Health DeltaFit and metabolic-training expert BJ Gaddour.

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How is this system working? I want t get back at getting fit.

DeltaFit Speed Shred Ultimate Body-Weight Workout DVD Review | mistransformation

Schedile your thought’s about the system? I would not recommend it for a true beginner or anyone that is in really good shape. I can only recomend it for someone that once was is good shape and knows their way around a gym for the most part and has decent knowledge of form and is consistent with said form. The workouts in my opinion are not hard enough for a very experienced gym goer and “technically” to hard for a beginner.

That is to say the movements are hard to do by them selves and even akward to do some of them with out experience but it doesn’t push you that hard.

I have only finished phase 1 and 2. I have not written my review of phase 2 because I am reluctant to give the system any positive feedback. Delltafit am going to move on the phase 3 and it may change my mind And the demonstrations are very weak and not that well done with comparison to other video workouts. Like I said though for an experienced fitness seeker that just needs something to get them back in it this could be just what you are looking for.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Brian, I just started the Delta Fit plan. A former Marine, cyclist and avid weight trainer, life got in the way and I gained 30 lbs. I chose the workout because my friend John lost 30 lbs in three months.


Deltafit speed shred workout schedule pdf

He only did the three day a week workout and missed some of them. John is 35 and schedulee in decent shape, though he never worked out. I’m 50 and I like the workout. Perfect if you’ve been out of the gym for a while.

It’s a break from the running and lifting routine. Diet is equally important. Eat healthy, but eat well. Yeah I agree for someone with experience and wanting to mix it up this can be perfect!!

I was wondering, could you lay out the weekly regimen? Phase 1A workout Tuesday: Hey sorry for no reply. Shoot me an email at bmwtrainer gmail. The way you are doing it sounds pretty close to it though. The program is pretty much as simple as that phase workouts and rest or heat workouts on the other days but like i said send me an email and I will forward you the format tomorrow.

What equipment is involved in the workout? I would like to find a work out that I could do at home since family and work has limited my time at the gym. Is this a work out that I could do without having to invest in extra weights minus getting some kettlebells?

Lots of dumbells I wouldn’t recommend this for a home workout if you are on a tight equipment budget!! The speed shred program is not worth the hassle really.

Maybe try p90X or les mills I think you will find better result with either program. Lost my papers along with DVD, dletafit plan and journals. Please it’ll be kind if you if you can send em to shded. I am planning to start the program on Monday and giving a weekly review. I will give a short overview of the program no wokrout details. This system consists of 8 DVDs with various workouts that are designed to make you “shredded”.


The program in it’s entirety is 12 deltaffit and is broke down in to 3 phases that are each individually 4 weeks long. The first 3 discs contain the three phases of workouts. T, basically low impact cardio workouts meant to be done on rest days or days between workouts. Disc 6 “The Ultimate Kettle bell Workout” 3 routines requiring the kettle bell. I always like a workout that includes burpees. The program also includes a diet to follow and a Training Journal to log you successes and failures.

The diet included is nothing special and pretty basic to say the least.

The training journal is far better than others included in programs that I have looked at in the past. And also a questionnaire for each workout. The three phases look to be simple enough to follow.

I like that delrafit. I am a fitness professional and I know better. I am not going to post my personal results from the workout I shded excited about this program to say the least. It was put together by Men’s Health Magazine and fashioned by B. I have no bad feelings going in and hope to share only good comments about the program.

In the mean time get in the gym and get after it, the only one holding you back from success is yourself Posted by Brian Watkins at 1: Anonymous December 17, at Brian Watkins January 4, at Gary June 6, at 4: Brian Watkins July 7, at seltafit Felix Quagliarello June 12, at 6: Brian Watkins December 31, at 5: Anonymous January 1, at 7: Brian Watkins January 17, seltafit 8: Newer Post Older Post Home.

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