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Figure MDS entries on the DD Form Form /2K and on issue documents provide this. required for used for this purpose. The various . KK SOURCE OF SUPPLY (Incl phone and POC if avail). MM REQUISITIONER ( Clear text name and address). LL ACCOUNTING DATA. NAVSUP FORM . FILL OUT THE FOLLOWING;. A. NAVSUP FORM (SIGNATURE). (DATE). B. DD FORM (non standard requisition).

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Second page and succeeding pages are typed on plain white bond paper as same size and quality as letterhead paper. All keyless padlocks must be ddd three-combination, manipulation resistant type. DMCA Policy identify the following vd and reports: Processing repairables — When repair capability does not exist items must be shipped to DSP designated support point or to an activity having repair capability.

All differences are listed by the fund code. Discrepancies such as overages, shortages, damages, incorrect or not — received material.

All documents are entered in the optar log increasing the optar balance. Orderly arrangement of stores 4. Both the imprest fund cashier and alternate must each have his or her safe and are the only persons authorized to have the combination for their respective safes.

Dd Form 1348 1

Plant Property — Navy-owned land, buildings and personal property of a capital nature located on shore. To increase asset visibility and control increase Recovery rates, minimize that and improve Requirements determinations.


Original — Maintained in space most convenient by Suppo. Lodging and food for enlisted personnel. Change of commandat descretion for relieving C.

Also assigned to O-level dv work stoppage requirements.

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Maximum storage capacity 2. Commissioning, inactivation or reactivation of the ship. Department heads may duplicate custody records for any signature required items. When stack heights exceed 15 feet, at least a inch clearance must be maintained. This file contains the accounting copy DD Form greeen copy.


Stowage Procedures The combinations or key of a key of a container must be changed at the time of Receipt or not less than 12 months, and if any personnel transfer having previous knowledge. Electronic navsup form The sd category includes material quality discrepancies.

The first foorm by www. Optar grants are entered into the log and reduced by the value of chargeable requisitions unfilled orders. This symbol consists of a two-character code that identifies the stores account and cognizant manager of an item. General Mess Profile Summary dtd August The combination of each safe must be changed every 6 months.

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It is published by ASO. After posting the differences, the optar holder reviews the listings and annotates transactions considered invalid with the appropriate rejection code.


Relief of head of dept. Around light or heating fixtures, an inch clearance must be maintained. The custodian must not record the combination anywhere other ds on the paper which is placed in a sealed envelope and turned into the accountable officer.

Access to all stores 3. The contents of the holding files are as follows: When stack heights are 15 feet or lower, at least an inch clearance must be maintained. This file contains lists of confirmed cancellations or copies of individual cancellation documents, advance downward price adjustments and administrative cancellations.

The listing is distributed monthly for the 4th through the 15th month of the reporting period, and then quarterly for the 18th through the 33rd report month. Any document received with the material or service that contains enough information to process the receipt document. DD Form Material inspection and receiving report is used to verify material inspection and acceptance for items received directly from a contractor.

In selecting combination numbers, multiples of 5, simple acending or descending arithmetical series and personal data such as birthdays and serial numbers should be avoided.

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