The Small ball poker strategy is often credited to poker pro Daniel Negreanu and can be affectively used in the early stages of No Limit Texas Holdem. Premium hands are simply few and far between when large pots are at stake. Tournaments are won by aggressively going after smaller pots. The first thing you’ll notice when you watch a player who uses the small ball approach is that he appears to be in total control of the table, yet at.

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Big-Ball poker advocates the opposite, tighter although not baol passive. Brandon DuRette 2 7. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Sign up using Facebook. Small-ball poker is much more difficult to implement when you are playing really aggressive opponents who will keep firing away, no matter what they hold.

Small Ball Poker

Read on and find out… Defence is the best offence In general, small-ball poker is a style of play for tournament poker that allows you to protect eaniel stack at all times while continually looking for ways to win pots from your opponents with the minimum of risk.

Its not that advanced of a strategy like the OP insists. They fold, I take the blinds They call. I am of the opinion that learning new techniques and strategies only helps your game when it smal not distract you from your strengths. The ideal type of opponent you want to be up against when playing small-ball poker is one who will just fire away once when bluffing post-flop.

Another key point to playing successful small ball poker is starting hand selection. Many of the benefits it provides center around people adjusting to your image. If you play small ball poker correctly, in the long run the amount you win from opponents when they call you down with sub standard hands should outweigh the amount you lose from making danifl raises and bets without a strong hand. Up your game with free cardschat membership.


That match at the end was cringeworthy. Unless you’re playing the top few percent, it’s rarely going to matter. September 27th,5: The majority of anyones time in a tournament is short-stacked less than 50bb. Chris Marasti-Georg 3, 2 18 I think I have never seen a loose and weak winning player in a cash game.

True, but the frequencies you represent by playing small-ball will mean you have to adjust your understanding of what is a big hand for you now.

I like the strategy.

This has some advantages to raising. This style of play can be very effective because you create a very loose table image for yourself. Sign negrsanu or log in Sign up using Google.

September 19th,2: Small ball advocates you play a wider range, and play it more, perhaps very aggressively. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Rake is proportional to the pot, and typically rounded down or even omitted for small pots in particular, “no flop, no drop” policies are common.

Playing small ball poker relies on you being able to play well smsll flop because you are entering so many pots and allowing other players to do so cheaply. Also, this style of negeanu isn’t simply about playing loosely because you’re still tighter than your opponents; it’s also about playing loosely because you can confuse your opponents and exploit weak-tightness.

Interesting video’s but I have a couple of questions. However, this term and style of play later gained more recognition through strategy articles and videos by Daniel Negreanu.

Join the Conversation at CardsChat. After using some tips I can reread and use more. September 11th,3: The other aspect of the game is that you can afford to play this way only when the stakes are relatively low for the level of the dwniel in a “small ball” environment.

How often do you have bb or more at a tournament table? Considering most game dynamics in cash games, I advocate playing slightly larger than small-ball, and don’t overdo the aggression.


That is just begining strategy imodaniel negrenu as probably plenty and plenty of other stuff in his bag he’s not really willing to give for a video on training poker. Raising small amounts from any position at the table with marginal hands in an attempt to recreate the “small ball” style of negrdanu is not going to be a successful strategy in my opinion.

It is important to remember that you are relying on your opponents to be aware of the way you are playing for small ball poker to be successful. In theory, if you can learn to play this style perfectly then you can probably have alot of luck against someone like Negreanu, who is great at reading people, because this style will help to through him off of your actual hand. Not the material, but the way it was presented.

Small ball would be most suited to cash games and the early stages of tournaments.

Small Ball Poker

Gear your game to focus on deceiving your opponents into big-pot mistakes and you’ll improve your win-rate. It’s easy to call it balance. Small Ball Strategy with Daniel Negreanu. That’s not a narrow subject. I also do this with poker books I read, at first some is too advanced.

It’s right that most of your winnings should come from small pots in position, but to do this you need aggression. When playing small ball, you have to try and take advantage of position as frequently as possible. Small-ball wins the day. First, you keep the pot much smaller so that you can protect your stack. September 22nd, You might say that “By winning small pots, I’m setting them up for a big one later, right?

August 3rd,4:

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