Codex: Grey Knights () – Inquisition HQ Review. Redirected from Grey Knights Inquisition Hq Review. Introduction. Inquisitor Coteaz; Inquisitor Karamazov. Results 1 – 16 of 16 Warhammer 40K Grey Knights 7th Ed Codex Army Book – Daemonhunters! Be aware, only orders closing .. Games Workshop £ A codex in the Warhammer 40, tabletop wargame, is a rules supplement containing Example 6th edition Codex (Space Marines) All codexes had a standard grey name and the word codex. Early 7th Edition .. Sisters of Battle, N/ A – White Dwarf, August/September , 6th Edition iBook Codex: Adepta Sororitas.

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By PolariaMarch 18, in Deathwatch. I also posted this on DH forums, but as new codex has both Grey Knights and all three major Ordos it belongs here, too. Now having read through it there are few interesting lore implications, some of which match FFGs stuff, some of which dont:. Did you really, really think the Grey Knights are the most powerfull beings Imperium has?

The Temple Assassins are it. The new statline puts the Temple Assassins well above any Space Marine ever existed.

Hell, they can kinck Grey Knight Grand Master into curb and not get tired. Now for fluff perspective this puts Caemonhunters where they should be. You need to kill someone? Yes, these are the guys who actually have a working chance of success. For the Marine fanboys, well, it just means your favorites are no longer the “Biggest, Baddest Boys Around” Oh, the book does include Daemonhumters Cult assassins.

They are just normal human with power weapons, a dodge save and little better WS and S. Comparing to TAs they are just babies with plastic forks. Radical Inquisitors use Daemonweapons But so do the less radical Grey Knights.

As they are seemingly completely immune to chaos and corruption they can do so with very deamonhunters risk.

Review: Codex Daemonhunters download pdf

Inquisitors have the choice of fielding daemonhosts in their retinue. And when I say huge, I mean it. The wargear section for both Inquisitors and Grey Knights is literally filled with stuff thats taken from Xenos and not all of it come from Jokaero. Rad grenades, Pyschotropes, Null Rods, graviton guns, digital weapons, xenopoisons And no, its not “implicated to be xenotech”. Many of these items are directly told to be xenotech. Inquisitors can also field Jokaero techs in their retinue to pimp their weapons.

I think this is completely in line with FFG and earlier GW fluff, but once again might offend marine fanboys. GK codex has needler pistols available for Inquisitors, but these things are far from FFGs baby-toy needlers And this isn’t just a “minor scaling issue” again. Its a whole different beast. Boltguns and Stormbolters for Marines and humans are still same in statline and described to be same beasts.

Normal humans still carry both boltguns and stormbolters without power armor to assist in wielding the weapojns. However, there is very little information outside a single sentence “signature weapon of Astartes, also used by Inquisitor henchmen” so the FFGs version of Astartes using real boltguns and norrmal humans using baby-guns is still plausible.

Hiowever, what IS new is one more new bolt type. Grey Knights have anti-psychic bolts which do nasty things to daemons and such. Supposedly these can not be used from normal boltgun. Assassins have had the best stat line since at least 2nd Edition.


WS 8 and BS 8 are nothing new. Why are you so determined that this will upset ‘spacemarine fanboys’? It sounds like you’re just trying to wave a red rag at a bull. The changes that you mention are far more ‘offensive’ to those into 40k canon than spacemarine fans, given how much clashes with established ‘facts’, such as rad grenades not being xenos, et al.

Truth be told, the rules of a poor skirmish wargame predominantly aimed at a young audience aren’t really going to break the hearts of many people who are into 40k as an RPG setting, or the fiction.

And just because something is on an army list, it does not mean it is used in ‘huge numbers’. The list merely provides options, rather than dictating the way things are done Some lists include stats for Chapter Masters do they not?

By your logic that indicates that the Chapter Master is in practically every battle that elements of his Chapter participate in.

This sounds good to me. I’ve always seen assassins as being at the very top tier of 40k badassery. This is a surprise to me, and it seems slightly at odds with earlier established background. The Grey Knights used to refuse to operate with Inquisitors who used Daemonhosts, and indeed purged the Relictors for doing exactly the same thing as they now do: I don’t mind this at all. The Inquisition have always been slightly hypocritical over the use of xenotech.

Plus Imperial agents have been using it for years. Look at the C’Tan phase sword, Jokaero digital weapons etc etc. The Jokaero seem a poor fit for Ordo Malleus henchmen, though. This has always worked in the past This is fine for me. The TT is too blunt a tool to differentiate in great detail about the different sized bolters used by the Astartes and those used by other Imperial agents.

There’s no practical difference in the TT statline It would slow the game down unecessarily to cover minor scaling in power issues. Whereas a more nuanced system like FFG’s can cover the differences fully. The problem is that according to my experience the “fanboys” tend to classify as “established facts” only things that happen to suit their personal view of how the 40K world is. Don’t get me wrong. I’m just not dismissing the fluff outside Black Library Ah, I must have explained it a bit poorly.

The xeno-tech is not something only Inquisitors can take. I agree with this fully. This seems to just reinforce it. This is pretty much the biggest and stranges fluff-change I found. It seem in new GK Codex the knights come out a bit Filled with hubris of their own supposed incorruptibility. The Inquisiton aspect is no surprise, really.

The fact that many Grey Knight basic units come with xeno-tech as part of personal wargear might be. This I do not know.

Codex (Warhammer 40,000)

I mostly included the bolter part because it always rises up in discussions and before this ‘dex the other sources Witch hunters and Daemonhunters Codex were old as bible. I think I’ll halt my interpretation of the GKs prior to the release of this Codex, if demons are now in their employ.


It seems remarkably lame. The old ‘but we must use X and harness it in order to fight X’ trope is dull and over-used.

Codex Witch Hunters: A Community Eulogy – Bell of Lost Souls

It doesn’t work like that and the daemons are not really the main issue. Inquisitors have daemonblades and daemonhosts, but this should not surprise anyone after all the FFG and Black Library material saying the same thing. So for the Knights its not fight-fire-with-fire thing at all. Fighting daemons with xenotech however Well, I checked it, you can make a non-xenotech Grey Knights, but that would be against the new fluff.

Although not completey unexpected it was something they never spelled out this clearly. I used to feel rather dirty for really daemonjunters the ‘fanboy-good’ GK Chapter, even when they didn’t have all this kit.

Codex (Warhammer 40,) – Wikipedia

Okay, more fluff news I must say that i only have the wargear and unit description pages at hand so I cannot double-check what others have read or claim to have read in the codex when it was on display in GW shops. However, following little bits sound a bit He hid the whole planet in the Warp for several months using Macro-Gellar Fields and ‘sorcerous incantations’ I kid you not.

After the Heresy ended Titan reappeared, having spent years, as far as the occupants were concerned, in the Warp. What went in as eight Space Marines and several hundred Grey Knight aspirants came out a full-fledged Chapter. Thankfully, a small contingent of Sisters of Battle trapped on the world remained pure, which the Grey Knights then kill, collecting and mixing their uncorrupted blood with sacred urgents, applying it to armour and weapons, rendering them immune to the Bloodtides effects Assassins being the best of the best of the best is nothing new, that’s true.

Though I still think in the end the Adeptus Custodes are probably the most godlike warriors the Imperium has, combining the spiritual perfection of the Grey Knights with the physical and martial perfection of the greatest Temple Assassins. Adeptus Custodes are similar to Temple Assassins in the sense that they are individual fighters, individually trained and augmented. Each one is a unique creation, unlike “normal” marines which are mass-produced. Artfully and with high tech, but still mass-produced.

Matt Ward wrote the codex, and although I haven’t had the chance to read even the BA one, some background descriptions I have read make me go ‘wait, what?! Yeah, Temple Assassins are basically proof that Normal Humans can, with enough tweaking at extraordinary costs, be made compareable to Astartes, and even exceed them in some ways.

There’s other cases of modded humans in the Horus Heresy books too A lot of the Primarch’s Teacher sorts are uplifted to Astartes Levels, it’s never outright said, but it is implied they seem to be as good.

He hid the whole planet in the Warp for several months using Macro-Gellar Fields and ‘sorcerous incantations’.

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