AMPS, 60 VOLTS. DPAK CASE. DESCRIPTION: The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR. CSHDC is a Silicon Schottky Rectifier designed for surface mount. CSHDC Schottky Rectifier Dual, Common Cathode Amps, 60v CSHD6- 60C SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER DUAL, COMMON CATHODE AMPS, 60 VOLTS . CSHDC datasheet, CSHDC circuit, CSHDC data sheet: CENTRAL – SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER DUAL,COMMON CATHODE AMPS, 60 VOLTS.

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Increase your current handling capability with no increase in board space. The space previously required for 1. The space formerly required for 2.

Improved technology now allows us to cahd6-60 the maximum voltage offered from 60 Volts to Volts. These devices are available in a wide variety of packages. CMZB Series of high power 5. Both series are ideal csbd6-60 portable and hand-held applications such as modems, cell phones and pagers, where board space is at a premium.

These devices offer an alternative for using two individual SOT devices, saving board space because both cases are the same size. We are dedicated to manufacturing Competitively Priced, Quality Products delivered on time and professionally serviced.

We define Excellence as surpassing our customers’ expectations.

Cshd6 60 c# pdf – Deeper State Keto

Our perpetual challenge is the pursuit of Achieving Excellence in everything we do, and we strive to accomplish this by utilizing OngoingTraining for Continuous Improvement in all areas.

Chsd6-60 recognize that customer satisfaction results in Repeat Business. These devices were previously only available in the SOT case. High Voltage Switching Diodes in SOT case These new devices complement Central’s previous offering by expanding the configurations available to include common cathode previously limited to single chip and two chips in series versions. Uni-polar, specified by Stand-off voltage 1 SMB5.

These series contain both uni-polar and bi-polar devices, which are specified by either Stand-off or Breakdown voltage. Central’s Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers are ideal for all types of commercial, industrial, computer and automotive applications, especially where switching time and efficiency are critical.

Finally, a package that is just right for designs where a DPAK is borderline.

Cshd6 60 c pdf download

See page for Ultrafast and page for Schottky. Central has squeezed a 0. Available in, and volt configurations. Operating at 60 Volts, this device is perfect for modem and driver applications requiring high voltage and high gain. See pages 50,51 and Consult factory for details.


Normally, this is accomplished through a special diffusion of a standard process. CMPD with ultra low leakage A special diffusion is required to yield a leakage level far below the standard Ir of nA max. Custom devices can be obtained by either assembling one of our standard chips into a different case or by developing a completely new device.

CXSH-4 is a custom device that was developed for a customer requirement. Our standard SMD Bridge Rectifier is built with general purpose chips; this application requires fast recovery chips. Central will review and determine feasibility of Custom devices.

Examples of Central’s Solutions to customer Problems. A major PC manufacturer was designing a new palm top computer which required Schottky Rectifiers with an extremely low profile under 2mm in the power management section of its circuitry.

A new standard device, CXSH-4, was bom. A major network card manufacturer required a rectifier with a switching speed of 35ns or less in order to make their design work properly. A cshd6-6 systems manufacturer required a Bridge Rectifier with a switching speed under 1 00ns in order to improve its overall circuit efficiency.

Their original design required two individual SOT’s. A manufacturer of PC card instruments required a Bipolar Power Transistor to be used in their design. Central’s CZT and its Power series were bom. A major manufacturer of Process Control units used in caustic environments such as paper mills, refineries and power plants, was in need of transistors built without m silver in the manufacturing process.

T he industry’s standard lead frames for Small Signal Transistors utilize silver plating in the die attach area. Central set up a special line to plate gold in the die attach area to meet the customer’s requirements. Central We are pleased to present the edition of Central Semiconductor Corp. Other available literature includes: For more information about Central Semiconductor Cshd-660.

Most of Central’s part numbers begin with a “C”, for easy identification. Exceptions occur when we have adopted industry csh6d-60 part numbers. In this case, Central’s part num- ber is the same as the industry part number. cshd6-06

SE Exact mechanical equivalent, slight electrical differences. SM Exact electrical equivalent, slight mech anical differences. SM Exact electrical equivalent, slight mechanical differences. EM Exact electrical and mechanical. SE Exact mechanical equivalent, slight electncal differences.


SM Exact electrical equiv alent, slight mechanical differences. Central 20 Semiconductor Corp. Central 22 semiconductor corp. Visit the central Semiconductor Corp. The website also features the latest Central products and innovations, to keep you up to date.

The most critical of these is substrate material.

Cshd6 60 c pdf download

Due to these variables, power dissipation is M listed below as a range. Midrange dissipation levels are for traditional glass-epoxy PC boards FR-4 material. It chsd6-60 important that the design engineer consider all the factors infl dissipation for each application. CMPT 40 40 12 50 30 20, CXTA 75 40 6.

NPN C2T 80 7. CZTA44 6. Central Silicon Controlled Rectifiers 0. GT nA Vqt 0. For Bi-directional devices, please refer to the 1 SMB5. For Uni-directional devices, please refer to the 1 SMB5. For Bi-directional devices, please refer to the 1SMC5. For Bi-directional devices, please refer to the 1. For Uni-directional devices, please refer to the 1. Marking Code is Marking code is A Marking code is L Also available in Fast Recovery, please contact factory for details. OA Per Diode 1.

These devices cshd6-06 manufactured in the cost effective SOD double plug case which provides many benefits to the user including space savings and improved thermal characteristics.

Special selections of lp regulator current are available for critical applications. These devices are manufactured in the cost effective SOD double plug case which provides many benefits to the user including space savings and improved thermal characteritcs. Ons pulse ‘fsm 4.

Os pulse Peak Forward Surge Current 1. All Dimensions in Inches mm. Higher voltage devices are available on special order.

Marking Code is S1. Marking Code is S2. Manufactured in a supermini surface mount package, designed for applications requiring a low operating current, low leakage, a i knee and schd6-60 real estate situations.

Marking Code is CJP. Marking Code is C3I. The following configurations are available: Marking code is ABA. Marking code is AAD. I Code is C5C. Marking code is fshd6-60. Marking code is P2D. Marking code is C3B. Marking Code is C1X. Marking Code is C1 P.

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