2 SYLLABUS CS OOAD LAB OBJECTIVE: To develop a mini-project following the 13 exercises listed below. 1. To develop a problem statement. 2. Develop an . CSOOAD Lab Manual. LAB MANUAL. SUB/CODE: CS Object Oriented Analysis and Design Lab. SEM/YEAR: VI/III BRANCH: III. CS OOAD LAB. OBJECTIVE: To develop a minimize the manual work and schedule resources, time in a cogent manner. 2. The core of the system is to.

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To develop a mini-project following the 13 exercises listed below. To develop a problem statement. Also develop risk management and project plan Gantt chart. Identify Use Cases and develop the Use Case model. Identify the business activities and develop an UML Activity diagram.

Identity the conceptual classes and develop a domain model with UML Class diagram. Using the identified scenarios find the interaction between objects and represent them using UML Interaction diagrams. Draw the State Chart diagram. Identify the User Interface, Domain objects, and Technical services. Draw the partial layered, logical architecture diagram with UML package diagram notation.

Implement the Technical services layer. Implement the Domain objects layer. Implement the User Interface layer. Draw Component and Deployment diagrams. Suggested domains for Mini-project. Online course reservation system 6. Software personnel management system 8.

Credit card processing 9. Foreign trading system Conference Management System BPO Management System 2. Initially the applicant login the passport automation system and submits his details. These details are stored in the database and verification process done by the passport administrator, regional administrator and police the passport is issued to the applicant. Passport Automation System is used in the effective dispatch of passport to all of the applicants.

This system adopts a comprehensive approach to minimize the manual work and schedule resources, time in a cogent manner. The core of the system is to get the online registration form with details such as name, address etc.

This forms the first and foremost step in the processing of passport application. After the first round of verification done by the system, the information is in turn forwarded to the regional administrator’s Ministry of External Affairs office.

The application is then processed manually based on the report given by the system, and any forfeiting identified can make the applicant liable to penalty as per the law. The system forwards the necessary details to the police for its separate verification whose report is then presented to the administrator.

After all the necessary criteria have been met, the original information is added to the database and the passport is sent to the applicant. It aims at improving the efficiency in the Issue of Passport and reduces the complexities involved in it to the maximum possible extent. Considering the fact that the number of applicants for passport is increasing every year, an Automated System becomes essential to meet the demand.

So this system uses several programming and database techniques to elucidate the work involved in this process. As this is a matter of National Security, the system has been carefully verified and validated in order to satisfy it. The System provides an online interface to the user where they can fill in their personal details b.


The authority concerned with the issue of passport can use this system to reduce his workload and process the application in a speedy manner. Provide a communication platform between the applicant and the administrator. Transfer of data between the Passport Issuing Authority and the Local Police for verification of applicant’s information.

Applicant – One who wishes to obtain the Passport. This system tries to make the interface as simple as possible and at the same time not risking the security of data stored in. This minimizes the time duration in which the user receives the passport. Back End MS Access database. The client systems have access to the database in the server. Secure Registration of information by the Applicants. Administrator can generate reports from the information and is the only authorized personnel to add the eligible application information to the database.

Applicant – They are the people who desires to obtain the passport and submit the information to the database. Administrator – He has the certain privileges to add the passport status and to approve the issue of passport.

He may contain a group of persons under him to verify the documents and give suggestion whether or not to approve the dispatch of passport.


Police – He is the person who upon receiving intimation from the PAS, perform a personal verification of the applicant and see if he has any criminal case against him before or at present. He has been vetoed with the power to decline ioad application by suggesting it to the Administrator if he finds any discrepancy with the applicant. He communicates via this PAS. Much care is required. It mainly concentrates on providing books for engineering students. First the member registers himself if he was new to the book bank.

Old members will directly select old member button. They select their corresponding manuzl. After selecting the year they fill the necessary details and select the book and he will be directed towards administrator e.

The administrator will verify the status and issue the book. The purpose of this document is to analyze and elaborate on the high-level needs and features of maunal book bank management system. It also tells the usability, reliability defined in use case specification. OBJECTIVE The main objective of the system are was to design an online book-bank monitoring system to enable a central monitoring mechanism of the book-bank be more faster and less error prone.

To help the students acquire the right books for the syllabus at the right time. To ensure availability of basic textbooks to students against limited funds and To develop students ability to handle property loaned to them The overview of this project is to design a tool for book bank so that it can be used by any book banks to lend their books as well as colleges.

Database is used to store the details of members and books. The one who verifies the availability of book and issue them Member This software specification documents full set of features ooad function for online recruitment system that is performed in company website. SCOPE The scope of this book bank management system is to act as a tool for book bank administrator for quick reference, availability of the books.


To serve all the members 8. That is the system will help the member to register easily and helps them to get their books easily. The system should be user friendly.

That is the services that are provided to the member who borrows book. IBM rational rose enterprise edition. Use case diagram b.

State chart diagram The details of the students who have registered for the examination will be stored in a database and will be maintained. The registered details can then be verified for any fraudulent or duplication and can be removed if found so. The database which is verified can be used to issue hall tickets and other necessary materials to the eligible students. The students access exam registration application.

They fill out the form with correct and eligible details. They complete the payment process. The authorities verify or check the details. After all verification the exam registration database is finalized. It aims at improving the efficiency in the registration of exams and reduces the complexities involved in it to the maximum possible extent.

Exam Registration System provides easy interface to all the users to apply for the exam easily. Authorities of the exam can keep track of and maintain the database of the registered applicants for the exams. Database is used to maintain and store the details of registered applicants. PURPOSE The purpose of exam registration system is to register for the exam in an easier way and to maintain the registered details in an effective manner. SCOPE The scope of this Exam Registration process is to provide an easy interface to the applicants where they can fill their details and the authorities maintain those details in an easy and effective way.

That is the system will help the applicant to register easily and helps the authorities to maintain details effectively.


That is the services that are provided to the applicant who apply for the Exam. State chart diagram f. The requirement are analyzed and refined which enables the end users to efficiently use Stock Maintenance System.

The complete project is developed after the whole project analysis explaining about the scope and the project statement is prepared.

The stock maintenance system are described sequentially through steps a. The customer login to the particular site. They fill the customer details. They place ooadd orders for their product.

The vendor login and views the customer details and orders. In this we give specification about the customer orders.

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