information, see page G / S Crosby® Alloy Bolt Type Anchor Shackles. On Page 92 of the General Catalog. SEE APPLICATION INFORMATION. dividing the catalog ultimate load by the working load limit. The ultimate load All Crosby shackle bows and pins are quenched and tempered, which enhances . These Crosby shackles are fatigue rated to 20, cycles at /2 times the Working Load Limit.! Ductility properties: Typical ductility properties are available for.

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The Crosby Guarantee

This is called a catastrophic failure, and is a result of brittleness or lack of toughness in the non-heat treated product as compared to the “Heat Treated” product. The majority of steel purchased by Crosby is isolated from production until approved by their metallurgical lab.

Crosby recognizes the importance of all four of these essential properties in its products. Crosby is considered the standard of the industry both nationally and internationally.

This can be drawn from the fact that most contracts involving rigging products, in the U. The products in this section represent what we feel are the finest rigging hardware in the world stocked and sold by the Coordinated Companies statewide.


Maximum Proof Load is 2. For sizes 30 thru metric Tons, Minimum Ultimate Load is 5. Class 7, 2 Ply web slings. For 3″ and larger webbing width, tapered eye is required.

08 | Crosby Lifting Hardware

Minimum Ultimate strength cataloguue 5 times the Working Load Limit. Ultimate Load is 5 times the Working Load Limit. Ultimate Load is 4. All carbon hooks-average straightening load ultimate load is 5 times Working Load Limit.

CROSBY Screw pin shackle G | ERIKS shop BE

Alloy eye hooks 1 ton through 22 ton-average straightening load ultimate load is 5 times Working Load Limit. Alloy eye hooks 30 tons through 60 tons-average straightening load ultimate load is 4. Dimensions for sizes 20 ton carbon and larger are for PL Latch Kits.

This hook is a positioning device and is not intended to rotate under load. Designed with a 5 to 1 design factor. Alloy swivel hooks 1tAtA: Designed with a 4. Alloy swivel hook 30tA: Designed with a 4 to 1 design factor. Dimensions for hooks xatalogue ton alloy are for PL latch kit.


Applications with wire rope and synthetic sling generally require a design factor of 5. Before using any National Swage fitting with any other type lay, construction or grade of wire rope, it is recommended that the termination be destructive tested and documented to prove the adequacy of the assembly to be manufactured. While the long bolts may also be used with ferrous metal i. Rope Size Dimensions in.

Weight Per lbs. S AN Stock No. Chain Size Dimensions in. Working Load Limit lbs. Working Load Limit Vatalogue on 5: Side Load S Stock No. HG Working Load Limit lbs.

Wire Rope Size Dimensions in. Wedge Only Stock No. S TW Stock No.

For intermediate wire rope sizes, use next larger size socket.

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