Where can I locate the users manual for the Cisco Explorer HDC DVR? I’m been unable to locate any documentation or support resources for this DVR on. Cisco HDC Cable DVR T : Industrial & Scientific. I can’t seem to get my harmony elite to control my DVR–time warner Cisco Ive placed HUB all over including right next to it and it does.

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My Samung cable box recently stopped working and had to be replaced. When the Time Warner technician arrived I expected he would replace the box with an identical model but instead he left me a Cisco HDC box.

Currently there is very little information available regarding the HDC cable box. One of the cool features of the is the touch panel on the front of the unit. To activate a feature you can simply touch the text labels. The rear panel design of the is pretty clean.

The box includes a ciscl selection of input and output connections. The cable card slot is located on the upper right side of the back panel. Power cisvo the DVR is provided by an external power brick manufactured by LiteOn, part number Using a watts up power meter I measured an actual draw of about 20 watts while the DVR was powered up. In sleep mode power usage drops down to ciscp 18 watts.

When enabled sleep mode activates after 4 hours of inactivity. To enable or disable sleep mode press the settings button on the remote and access the timers tab. Highlight cisck save mode and cixco select to toggle the sleep mode on, or off. The power adapter has an efficiency rating of level V which is currently the most efficient rating on the scale. Opening up the cable box is pretty simple.

There are 3 screws on the back of the box and 1 on each side that must be removed to remove the cover. Once all the screws xisco out pull back and lift up on the cover to remove it. Removing the cico provides access to the hard drive and mainboard of the box. As expected the system contains a PowerKey multistream cable card or, M-Card.

The cable card can be removed but it requires breaking the tamper evident seal to do so. The hard drive caddy can be removed from the chassis by taking out the 4 gold screws holding it in place. The lower operating temperature of the drives leads to longer life spans. They are also designed to keep the power draw levels to a minimum. After removing the screws the panel can be popped off, be careful not to break the clips. The touch button functions are printed directly on the board. The infrared sensor for the remote is located 8724 to the right of the USB port on the front of the box.

It sits behind the plastic bezel hidden from view which makes it pretty difficult ciscl locate unless you take the front panel off. The plastic is actually semitransparent allowing the signal to pass through the front bezel to the receiver.


Below is a picture taken by Silvia which shows the placement of a Slingbox IR blaster on the cable box. To access the on screen diagnostics hold the select button down for 15 seconds, then press the channel up button. After performing this key sequence the main diagnostics screen will load. The summary screen show below displays basic status information about the cable box.

The manufacturer diagnostics section contains 42 pages of diagnostics information. My provider Time Warner did not have a password configured to protect this page. Page 30 of the manufacture diagnostics displays the current OpenCable middleware image loaded on the box.

From the image file name you can see that the eSata port is disabled in this version. I connected the ethernet port on my cable box to a linksys switch and I was able to obtain link.

Taking a Look Inside the Cisco 8742HDC Cable Box

The diagnostics pages indicate that the ethernet port is disabled. So far the only item I have been able to obtain is the quick reference guide.

Cisco Quick Reference Guide. The box runs very cool and cisfo which should provide a long life for the hardware, especially the hard drive.

Although they are some nice cable management systems available such as the Blue Lounge cable organizer. Also if anyone has access csco a manual, or any other documentation for this box please contact me. TWC will eventually have cixco TWC finally realized how bad their guide is and hired a new dev team to work on Navigator program guide.

This new team created ODN v5. Most of the changes were done under the hood and there is a permanent guide filter.

TWC also gave Navigator a nice facelift. Thanks for sharing the info about the guide. Yes it will be coming as TWC wants to have it on all boxes by the end of this year.

This team said that Ciscco was a complete mess. The original coders must not have had the skills to make a quality program guide. I also have a Samsung as well, but I do not tamper with my boxes.

TWC would consider it if it makes them money. Some divisions ciscp it and the response seems to be positive. I was searching for more information about the new guide and I came across a link you posted on another site. The policy now these days, is to get the bugs out of Navigator and then add new features. I think this is a good policy for TWC when developing Navigator or software in general.

Then again, I have heard reports of ODN v5. Also when a incoming phone call comes up on the tv screen the box cannot be paused. You might try power cycling the box to see if it 88742 up a software update or just clears your issue all together. Maybe some other readers can comment on these problems. It takes 24 hours before caller ID starts appearing on the box. If it has been longer than 24 hours and caller ID is still not working, hit the settings button on the remote, go into devices, and make sure caller ID is enabled.


Actually, the general consensus is to do a reboot everytime TWC does a Navigator update, as Navigator can do strange things after an update. Cidco, the new dev team is working on hard on fixing the quirks, so you do not have to reboot after an update. My old DVR was just replaced with this The box is inside a wooden cabinet and solid door. I tried near the led clock as suggested above, but it still does not respond…. If my receiver is on it works.

I think I will also run an IR blaster to receiver to have it on and muted when I remote in to the slingbox. Slingbox does not allow receivers as controllable cissco. Next idea is to go with component for video and either coax or fiber optic for sound out of Cisco box to receiver.

The slingbox website suggests this. Hopefully, the Cisco box will output video via composite whilst a component connection is in place but inactive. This defeats the elegance of a single HDMI cable which is unfortunate. Of note, this lately was not the case with my swapped-out samsung.

At an earlier time, I had cieco same issue with the samsung, but it spontaneously resolved. I have heard that this box has a Mali GPU which should help in the graphics department. TWC could develop games, or use it to accelerate the guide. Thanks for this review, and the accompanying comments. Ccisco the box thus far, but was mildly annoyed by the deleted S-Video connection that was on the old SA boxes.

But at least they left a composite video, so I can adapt that. Thanks for all your research on this box. Today it quit on me while recording a show 14 minutes in.

Taking a Look Inside the Cisco HDC Cable Box – Sam Kear dot com

The biggest problem I have 872 that some upper channels just quit coming in, usually overnight. If I channel-up and back down, it will come in. Cico had another problem that the TW technician confirmed to me. If I hold down the select key, I do see the flashing mail icon, but none of the Up keys will bring up the menu. Secondly, I was looking for cisxo key combination that would do a soft reset; I used to be able to hold down the power button on my SAHD.

HDMI cables use the same connector on each end of the cable so it should fit. Are you sure the cable you have is HDMI and not a different type? Does it look like this on both ends? It deletes shows, switches to HDTV guide which renders regular tv recorded series null.

Our Holiday viewing was a nightmare. Techs have no clue and none have been dispatched to residence since March when the was swapped out. Found this and am amazed at wealth of information herein. Any data for transferring contents to PC would be helpful.

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