The Modulo Blu di Constatazione Amichevole di Incidente or C.I.D. form ( Accident Report form), in particular, is the document used to report a. Since “Constatazione amichevole” is not included in the WR Dictionary in the OP, the CID (Convenzione Indennizzo Diretto, commonly called. Italian term or phrase: modulo di constatazione amichevole. Quello che si compila in caso di incidente fre due macchine.

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According to the Italian law, Any person who has been injured and suffered damages provided that he is not responsible at the time of the accident is entitled to compensation for all damages. However in some situations no cosntatazione is clearly responsible for the accident and so the assumption will be that the accident was caused evenly by the fault of both sides.

modulo di constatazione amichevole | Italian to English | Transport / Transportation / Shipping

Otherwise contact immediately the Police to report the accident in order for them prepare a report on the incident. If this is not possible, write down at least the license plates of vehicles that were present at the scene.

In road accidents where no people were injured however there is damage to the vehicles only, it is mandatory to submit cnostatazione names of the witnesses that were present at the accident. If you are driving a rented car, contact the rental company and report the damage caused to the vehicle.


In the event of physical injuries, even minor ones, contact immediately the nearest emergency room in order to document the injuries that were caused in the accident.

CID/CAI – Constatazione amichevole personalizzati – PrintingWeb

Contact immediately an Italian Lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected regardless your call to the car rental company. Unfortunately, in Constqtazione, many people, including the police do not speak or understand English.

Therefore it is recommended to hire an Italian lawyer in the early stages in order to assist and accompany the client throughout the whole process. According to Italian Law, in cases of minor injuries, indemnity tables are used in order to determine the proper compensations.

In cases of severe injuriesthe court in Italy will decide the on the compensation amount on the basis of ‘right and good’ Ex aequo et bonohowever, the judge’s decision is usually based on compensation parameters that were already established in past cases and by other courts.

A passenger that was injured in an accident is always entitled to compensation regardless of the liability of those involved in the road accident, except in cases where it is proven that the driver was unable to avoid the accident in any way.

These rules are designed to fully protect the passenger vehicle in accordance with EU traffic guidelines. The passenger is entitled to claim and receive compensation for damages caused to property e.


However, the passenger will be asked to provide evidence to injuries and damage to property that was caused to him during the car accident. Therefore, the passenger will be required to prove by any means at his disposal even by using witnesses that he did wear the safety belt properly at the time of the incident. The sort of compensation in cases of fatal road accident in favour of relatives, spouses and other relatives, including damages for loss to the fetus or fetal damage, are numerous and complex and require precise and thorough examination according to the specific case.

What to do in case of car accident in Italy: the C.I.D. form

Auto accident in Italy, what to do? The legal team at Caroli and Di Bitonto will be happy to assist you and provide you with a specific legal advice and representation with regards to the compensation that you are entitled to in cases of road accident or any other accidents that you were involved in in Italy.

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