Chrono Cross (Japanese: クロノ・クロス) is the sequel to Chrono Trigger. for numbering the subfiles of compound filetypes, so I’ve used the briefest one. Hello! Good news from the Chrono Compendium, for those of you who have been following along. Thanks to Gemini and Ramsus at the forums. (Chrono Cross). File type: Rich Text File .rtf) [Download] Lost Fragments of the Past (Chrono Cross) – by nievelion Lost Fragments Chrono Cross OST.

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Main Gallery submissions. Featured in the following folders: Writing – My Writing. It’s a bit late for me but I got halfway through, and I have to say I love the details you put into the story. Particularly Lynx’s aspect being preserved. Rcoss wait to finish this but I think other Chrono Cross fans are gonna be pleased with this one.


I know Filetypr am. Hope you like it when finished too, and I look forward to your thoughts and everyone else’s. I have every intention of showing off some of those details, and his aspect, in some upcoming pics! I finished reading it. You really have a talent for writing.

Chrono Cross – Wikipedia

I haven’t played the game in criss long that I don’t know how canonical it all is, but I loved the way the characters were written. Its really inspired me to play through it again, fit everything up against the story. I loved Lynx’s scene with Riddell.

The subtle undertones of their exchange were described vividly and evocatively. Wazuki and Serge encountering Fate was a surprise to me, but fileetype welcome one. I don’t even remember if the game let you or not. It was a delicate situation and I thought you handled it brilliantly. And the last scene. I really adored that part. I don’t know if I could’ve stood another knife in Wazuki’s heart.

Thanks for the warm happy ending. Might even note you about some of the points in the story if i get around to finishing chrono cross: Well I tried to be as canonical as I could. A few bits were either new additions or my own interpretations of characters and events, but in most cases I was remaining true to the events of the game and what we know to be true chhrono of Kato.

In many cases the characters were crosz flat and unexplored, or we were only given the bare bones, so I could add whatever I felt like so long as it didn’t contradict canon, and apart from how I changed things for Wazuki I think I fileyype true to the game and in filettpe cases deepened or better explained events and motivations.


As you can tell I loved the scene with Riddel too, seeing as it’s the longest memory I included other than the critically important orphanage scene, the stabbing of Kid, and the drowning of Serge. But mostly it was because I too wondered what might have happened in the manor while he was there, particularly since she described him as beastly, suggesting she had a particular reason for doing so, and because it was a nice tightrope to walk, being seductive without going too far and figuring out how to justify it based on what we knew of Lynx and Fate.

I guess you didn’t see the pic I got of them confronting Fate, called Time’s Arrow? Look back a bit in my gallery. But no, it couldn’t happen in the game, at the fort Dark Serge just flew away after you defeated him, and then at Chronopolis he confronted you and turned ffiletype Fate.

I agree it would have been awesome to see my scene, though the pic I just mentioned does show us some of it. But I think the decision made was the right one, obviously. And of course I was going to flietype Wazuki a happy ending, after allowing him to live and get his memories and self back, I’d hardly do anything else. P Not to mention I xross Marge and had fun writing her too.

Thanks again, I look forward to those notes! Let User Page Gallery Journals. Not much so far it seems, but that is par for the course with written works on FA. So, any more detailed thoughts from you? We should fix that.

Sorry if I seem pushy And since you are such an intellligent and well-spoken fellow, I like knowing what you think. Well when I like something, I usually mean it for a good number of reason. For example, conciseness of the various important scenes you established instead of just rehashing the entire plot is an excellent use of the game’s material.

Second up, capturing Lynx’s personality in a way that makes him even more interesting as a character without over-glorifying any aspect of him like I’ve seen some fools do to established characters in other fan fiction; i. He did end up doing amazing things in my story, but only after he changed and made up for the bad he’d done, and others were awesome as well.


I assume you meant when he was evil, though, since while I did I hope capture Wazuki’s personality, there wasn’t any glorifying of him–on the contrary he was constantly down on himself for what he had been made to do. Or did you mean Wazuki was made interesting too?

It’s not like we got that much info about Wazuki from the game in the first place. Then I stand by what I said, that there really couldn’t have been any over-glorifying of Wazuki anyway, since we know so little about him and saying he was a great dad doesn’t count as that. Considering he was willing to endure hell for his son, that speaks volumes about his role as a parent.

And it makes me even more angry at Fate for perverting that the way she did. I do pity that machine, but only so much as I could rip her transistors out.

Ah that boss fight is sooooo cathartic. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. So, I finally finished the story I said I would write, which would incorporate and expand upon the mini-scene I wrote to go with Time’s Arrow!

It took quite a while, some planning and quite a lot of thought, and another playthrough of Cross before I could finish it, but I have it on good authority from one Cross fan that it was worth the wait.

Note that I did not do something as insane as trying to rewrite the entire plot of the game, instead presenting only new scenes or old ones from another POV usually Lynx’s which were relevant to the story arc at hand. This may make the story feel a bit disjointed hence the name I gave itbut it’s intentional, and you can assume any scenes I skipped over happened the way they did in the game, just with Lynx there as an ally or background witness.

The relevance of that will become clear after you read the story, but just as the first song fits the overall melancholy mood of a lot of the story, the remix certainly gives a creepy vibe that fits Lynx’s memories from when he was under Fate’s control.

So take a listen and enjoy! Time to see what others think, ne?

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