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The meals are not the only ones to enjoy this seductive power – many of the ingredients used have their own magic. Chhiwat choumicha is one of the most viewed documentaries on www 2m tv about Moroccan recipes The souks are fascinating places, full of fragrances, colors and sounds evocative silver sparkling fresh fish, the brilliant colors of mounds chiwat vegetables, spices, warm colors At cnhiwat corner of street, puffs of enticing aromas including fresh bread, the scent of saffron voluptuous, sweet and heady scent of rose water and mixed odors of fresh mint and grilled meat fire Wood surprise us and we feast.

14 best Chhiouat Choumicha (Videos) images on Pinterest | Videos, Youtube and Youtube movies

These fragrances are the essence of Moroccan cuisine. Moroccan cuisine is characterized by a very wide variety of dishes: Moroccan pastry is also very varied.

Arabic cooking, some recipes date back to the era of the Abbasids, the kitchen Berber couscous in particular, Moorish kitchen for stews, tagines and sweet and sour mix.


There is also an influence of sub-Saharan African cuisines, Jewish cuisine and cultures from countries in South Asia like India.

Remembering as a Prerequisite to Holy Living

Neighboring countries, Algeria and Tunisia, offer comparable characteristics to those of chhiwat choumicha, but each has a personal style easily identifiable. While Moroccan cuisine exudes a rich fragrance, Algerians dishes are less spicy, Tunisians, meanwhile, make generous use of chili and are distinguished by their kitchen raised high. The countries of Chhiwag Africa have common themes in the culinary field: The cuisine of North Africa is full of contrasts arising from the diversity of landscapes and lifestyles between nomadic tribes and city dwellers.

It offers both choumicah cooked over low heat, meat and vegetables grilled over a wood fire as sophisticated tortes. All these dishes come together happily to compose a chart of the most appetizing. Moroccan hospitality is legendary.

The custom is that one offers its guests an abundance of food. The tables have a profusion of dishes, stacked one upon the other, intended to sustain the family, friends and anyone that comes to pass chhiwah women, children and kitchen helpers.

Chhiwatchoumicha : Chhiwat Choumicha | شهيوات شميشة

The Moroccans have a ferocious appetite, eat until full satiation, a state called Shaban, a Moroccan who respects himself does not leave the table feeling a sensation like hunger, it seems appropriate to do so in the right Western society. Ago chouicha Moroccan cuisine something that answers this crucial question: It differs from the crispy sweet, bitter sweet, salty liquorice Playing on colored products, savory, combining textures, Moroccan cuisine is needed first as an invitation to the senses.


No one chance so if the Moroccan hospitality is the kitchen sensual, abundant, generous. Is that side of the North Africa than elsewhere, chgiwat is serious business! Evidenced by this book, practice and teaching, where the food and products have the lion’s share, where color photographs of close-ups follow in detail, on a plate of semolina, brigs, a mullet with almond, a skewer shrimp, a lamb tagine with dates, an orange salad with olives, horns of a gazelle No fewer than a hundred recipes are available there, soups appetizers, seafood, fish, meat of poultry, vegetables, salads, pastries, teas.

Recipes for North African tradition on www.

Rziza à la machine رزيزة

What remains still the basics of the kitchen! Moroccan cuisine is often full of pastries made with almonds and honey, which accompany the service of traditional mint tea.

These are often called Arab or Oriental pastries such as:. Thank you very much for sharing this nice thread.

I apprediate your hard work please keep posting. Envoyer par e-mail BlogThis! Article plus ancien Accueil.

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