Test CES Seagull Program CES Competence Evaluation System CES & for Android QUESTIONS & CORRECT ANSWERS OF. Buy CES For Deck & Engine (Questions & Correct Answers): Reviewer for Entrance Exam for Maritime Company: Read Kindle Store Reviews. The Crew Evaluation System (CES) is an online assessment tool to evaluate the Identify training needs (wrong answer summary report); Test results stored and use the test editor function or integrate STCW testing to reveal the strengths.

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AALB 30 litres pr. Notify company, and next-of-kin, and if on board to be advised and comforted as may be required. Arrange to have body moved to freezer area. Notify local agents and British Consul when abroad.

They suffer from major damages when run dry during operation. AIIW The bottom washing starts whilst there is still a small amount of cargo in the tank. AISX Near to the deck, crawl out keeping your face as near to the deck as possible. AISY Test pressure tesh to 1. ALUC Public announcement system to be used for informing. The cabin attendant should proceed to their cabin section, and search all cabins.

Test CES Seagull | Seamans Softwares and Reviewers

If the area is inaccessible report to their superior. ANSK Decreasing the speed of rotation will answdrs the discharge pressure. AOBR Valve in the outlet line partly closed. AODG Immediately stop the discharging.

AOHG Once a week. APAO The water level is between the water cock connection of the boiler, and the bottom of the gauge glass. It is safe to put feed water into the boiler.

AQEO By soft machine scrubbing with red pad and a renewing of polish only where there is heavy traffic f. AVGU jump from a height of not less than 4. AVSJ To prevent combustion gases stw flow back and enter the burner.

[PDF] CES and 5 Seagull Test – Free Download PDF

AWAO To improve the sealing surface between valve and seat during operation of the engine compensate for the bending of the valve disc caused by combustion pressure.

AWAW Salted meat and ham, tesst dumplings, mashed swedes, boiled potatoes. AWMI Throughput too high. AWPR Broken water seal. AWUU Any of the mentioned alternatives.

AWWH He is looking for navigational dangers. AWXG To ensure that the proper residuals of treatment chemicals, as specified, are maintained all time. AYRG Yes, one if the ship is under brt. And two if the ship is over brt. BABO Tell the deck officer to hoist the red flag. BELE Bleed off may be taken from any of answes cargo pumps.


BFBF Rocket parachute flares BFCW if the whip-antenna is replaced by an antenna of about the same length as the original one BFDT Identify the extent of damage to own vessel and take necessary steps to safeguard the complement and the vessel. BFIK By soft machine scrubbing with red pad and a renewing of polish only where there is heavy traffic f. BFJI Pre-wash the tanks with cold water first?

BHUW Protecting cloths, safety shoes, gloves, goggles, earmuffs. It will prevent the water to fill the whole deck.

In case of fire they can also be used to stop the fire and smoke from diverge. BLGF To relieve excessive high pressure in the cylinder to protect the engine from being damaged. BPEX Because they expected the harbor pilot to board the ship at BRXD Separation with correct temperature and low flow rate.

BRXF Either tsst the mentioned alternatives. BSYR Provisions on maritime inquiry and death and burial. In stage two it will be compressed to high pressure air. BTTW the applicant on board wishes to have a conversation with a person whose name is known BTVE 9 digits BUAI Before the tank 4.11 entered, lifeline, rescue harness and compressed air apparatus shall be ready at the relevant hatch.

BXFY All personnel onboard crew and passengers must be registered to keep a track of number of people onboard. CBUI Report to the chief officer or ansders engineer. CCNF Leave him in bed or request him to have some fresh air. CCOE Broken water seal. CCOF Emergency shut down. CDWF A duly completed application with certificate etc. CFSA They will be closed if the ship get a damage on the ships hull, and taking in water.

The fire can only be extinguished by using large quantities of water.

Stcw Ces Test 4.1 2_001

CKSJ Diamond and graphite. CLUS At least two sets of instruments to detect each type of gas expected to be encountered? CNNX A sink is always needed irrespective of the type of the dishwashing machine provided.

CRQT Pressure to electric current converter. CTCN Separation with correct temperature and low flow rate. CTDH To prevent serious damages on main components. CVAP It should be avoided, unless the tank atmosphere is inerted. CWBD The number of persons should be clearly stated on the outside of the boats bow.

CWNW To improve the sealing surface between valve and seat during operation of the engine compensate for the bending of the valve disc caused by combustion pressure CWOQ As low as possible.

CWTR Fire is easily spread in dust and trash and wet floors may cause different accidents. CYKL Cover all exposed parts of the body, protect the area, move people and if possible use a compartment with extraction fans: CYVA Floor space is usually more valuable than height.


DCLC Portable bridge between ship and shore. DJFM A thorough ventilation of the combustion chamber before the ignition takes place. DKWV The entering permit shall be based on the check-list for gas freeing and check-list for equipment and preparedness. DLVY Very large crude carrier. DPYV when its area is of 4m? DRKP 8,3 — 9. The loop for this special sensor to be switched off and take normal precautions for hot work. DUAG Pressure-relive valve setting should not be less than 0.

DVHQ At least once every month by a responsible officer and once every year by an expert? DWKU Use protective equipment where necessary. More readings should be taken and sediments, sludge and residue should be removed at least 10 m from working site.

EDKO On the cargo tank area all time? EEHC Go to your lifeboat station muster station. EEYR Raise the feed water temperature. EFAD To lubricate and cool the engine. After washing again lift out remaining wet residues after carefully stripping out only the accumulated water?

EKUQ Leave the engine room immediately.

CES 4.1 and 5 Seagull Test

The pressure transmitter converts a pressure signal into tesy electric signal. EQAW Goggles and shield. ERXJ To ensure that we do not have any water assembly in the cylinders when the compressor start. ETLE Tst products to be placed on separated and labelled shelves. EVNT Reduce the sea echoes. EWHS When the tank has been satisfactory cleaned there shall be a 24 hour quarantine.

Ventilation to be stopped and gas levels measured every second hour. EYCQ Close them to prevent the spread of fire, and allow the extinguishant to be released without time wasting.

EYFY That correct temperature and washing products are chosen for answera linen to be washed. FBNL Seven digits beginning with a one 1. Result to be recorded in the deck log book. FCNJ Act according to instruction given in the fire plan. FJPB First aspect confirm death. Notify company, and make arrangements for notification of next-of-kin. Complete Births and Deaths section of Official Log book.

FLDH Yes, all crew must be able to communicate on the language spoken by the majority of the passengers, or demands set by the company. FLMJ The foam should be aimed at the bulkhead behind the fire and allowed to spread out slowly over the fire. FNEV Regulating freon liquid stfw to the evaporator.

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