Welcome to CCNA Voice Study Guide, a comprehensive guide that covers . find on the exam, but they will help you to understand the material that Cisco. The Cisco Certified Network Associate Voice certification (abbreviated as CCNA Voice) from Cisco Systems is one of the three add-on exams to the CCNA. CCNA Voice Official Exam Certification Guide is a best of breed Cisco exam study guide that focuses specifically on the objectives for the.

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CCNA Collaboration Study Material

Network administrators of voice systems will appreciate that the CCNA Voice Study Guide focuses completely on syudy information required by the exam. Along with hands-on labs and an objective map showing where each objective is covered, this guide includes a CD with the Sybex Test Engine, flashcards, and entire book in PDF format. Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.

With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more. Start Free Trial No credit card required. View table of contents. Cisco Unified Communication Solutions 1. Cisco Unified Communications Manager 1.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 1. Comparing the Communications Manager Alternatives 1. Introducing the Cisco Unity Lineup 1. Cisco Unity Connection 1. Cisco Unity Express 1. Cisco Series IP Phones 1. Cisco Expansion Modules 1. Cisco IP Communicator 1. Cisco Analog Telephony Adapter 1.

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Additional Unified Communications Applications matefial.

Cisco Video Advantage 1. Cisco Unified Personal Communicator 1. Cisco Unified CallConnector 1. Using Voice Gateways 1. Introducing the Cisco Unified Communications Series 1. Single Site with Centralized Call Processing 1.

Multisite with Centralized Call Processing 1. Clustering over the Wide Area Network 1. Multisite with Distributed Call Processing 1. Answers to Review Questions 1. Answers to Written Lab 1. Understanding Analog Network Signaling 2. Loop Start Signaling 2. Ground Start Signaling 2. Analog Network Event Signaling 2.

Comparing Analog and Digital Circuits 2. The Analog Signal 2.

Analog Voice Interfaces 2. Foreign Exchange Station Interface 2. Foreign Exchange Office Interface 2. The Analog-to-Digital Conversion Process 2. Sample the Analog Voice Signal 2.

Quantize the Sample 2. Encode the Digital Sample 2. Compress the Encoded Sample Optional 2. Digital Voice Interfaces 2. T1 Channel Associated Signaling 2. E1 Channel Voiec Signaling 2. T1 and E1 Primary Rate Interface 2.

Statistical Matedial Multiplexing 2. Private Phone Switching 2. The Key System 2. Private Branch Exchange 2. The International Numbering Plan 2. The North American Numbering Plan 2. Answers to Review Questions 2. Answers to Written Lab 2. Understanding the Unified Communications Model 3.

The Infrastructure Layer 3. The Call Control Layer 3. The Applications Layer 3. The Endpoints Layer 3. A Closer Look at Voice Gateways ccnaa.

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Cisco Phones Running G. One Cisco Phone Running G. Media Termination Points 3.

CCNA Voice Certification Exam Center –

Voice Gateway Dial Peers 3. VoIP Dial Peers 3. Dial Peers and Call Legs 3. Comparing Voice Gateway Communication Protocols 3. The Real-Time Transport Protocol 3. Real-Time Transport Control Protocol 3. Voice Signaling Protocols in Review 3. Comparing the Common Voice Codecs 3. Which Codec Is Right for You? Materiwl Packet Payload 3. Layer 2 Header Information 3. Layer 3 Header Information 3. Special Case Packet Additions 3.

Calculating Bytes per Second 3. Calculating Bits per Second 3. Size Calculation Examples 3. Reducing Voice Packet Sizes 3. Examples of When to Use Specific Codecs 3.

Music on Hold 3. Answers to Review Questions 3. Answers to Written Lab ,aterial. Configuring the Network Infrastructure for Voice 4. Power Options for IP Phones 4. Power over Ethernet Switch 4. Inline Power Method 1: Cisco Inline Power 4. Inline Power Method 2: Cisco PoE Management Modes 4. Individual Router Links 4.

Layer 3 Switching 4. Choosing a VTP Mode 4. Introduction to Quality of Service QoS 4. Identifying QoS Trust Boundaries 4.

Auto-QoS Implementation Options 4.

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