standard for a cathodic disbondment test method. • NACE has formed a Technical Exchange Group, TEG. #x to investigate the effect of different test. This test method provides accelerated conditions for cathodic disbondment to occur and provides a measure of resistance of coatings to this type of action. G() Standard Test Method for Cathodic Disbondment Test of Pipeline Coatings (Attached Cell Method) electrical stress~ cathodic disbonding~ steel.

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Damage to pipe coating is almost unavoidable during transportation and disbindment. Breaks or holidays in pipe coatings may expose the pipe to possible corrosion since, after a pipe has been installed underground, the surrounding earth will be moisture-bearing and will constitute an effective electrolyte.

Applied cathodic protection potentials may cause loosening of the coating, beginning at holiday edges.

Spontaneous holidays may also be caused by such potentials. This test catthodic provides accelerated conditions for cathodic disbondment to occur and provides a measure of resistance of coatings to this type of action.


This test method covers accelerated procedures for simultaneously determining comparative characteristics of coating disbodment applied to steep pipe exterior for the purpose of preventing or mitigating corrosion that may occur in underground service where the pipe will be in contact with natural soils and will receive cathodic protection.

They are intended for use with samples of coated pipe taken from commercial production and are applicable to such samples when the coating is characterized by function as an electrical barrier. The effects of the test are to be evaluated by physical examinations and monitoring the current drawn by the test specimen.

What is Cathodic Disbondment? – Definition from Corrosionpedia

Usually there is no cahodic between the two methods of evaluation, but both methods are significant. Physical examination consists of assessing the effective contact of the coating with the metal surface in terms of observed differences in the relative adhesive bond. An intermediate zone of decreased adhesion may also be present.

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ASTM G Cathodic Disbondment Test – Matergenics Inc.

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