TOTALLY REINVENTED FOR ,. THE NEW PRINTY NOW OFFERS. SO MUCH MORE. THE 1ST CLIMATE-NEUTRAL STAMP. CATALOGUE. TRODAT – ALWAYS AN ORIGINAL: Trodat products are thoroughly original: More than 40 years ago the stamp industry was revolutionised by the. of Issuu’s millions of monthly readers. Title: Catalogo Trodat, Author: Grafica Jet , Name: Catalogo Trodat, Length: 29 pages, Page: 27, Published:

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So constructed they save valuable resources and minimise their CO2 footprint. Unavoidable CO2 emissions are compensated for through Gold Standard climate protection projects.


For more information on the new Printy 4. Throughout the catalogue you will see this symbol which denotes the climate neutral products available. Todat visit to order online and to find full catapogo of our product range. The range allows up to 16 colours of ink: Each MCI ink pad has a unique reference number for future replacement orders Other benefits of the Professional include an actual size index window for easy reference, and non-slip rubber feet to enable precise positioning of the stamp impression UV Keyring lights at 7.

When re-ordering ink pads, please quote this code so that we can replicate the custom pad 4.

Trodat catalogues to flip through

The range allows a choice from 16 colours of ink: The first choice for the professional user. The date is easily set by turning the date bands and now comes with a protective band cover to stop ink on fingers. Perfect for on the go. Fits into even the smallest of pockets. Easy to handle for clean hands, guaranteed! Even the base edges!

Trodat Catalogue /

This ensures a clear view when positioning the imprint and guarantees the highest level of alignment precision. This saves valuable resources and reduces your carbon footprint. Lower percentage for other colours. For more information, see Trodat Printy 4. A real triumph for the environ ment. Even the inevitable CO2 footprint is offset by investments in climate protection projects recommended by the WWF.

The date is easily set by turning the date band wheels. Other models will be phased in. Prices include borders, circles, ovals, signatures, tabular settings and artwork Traditional rubber text stamps can be any size – e. See page 6 onwards. Additional setting charged extra. Larger sizes and off-centre daters can be supplied. The ink is contained in the printing material of the stamp itself, so no need for a separate stamp pad. Ideal for printing personalised messages such as names and addresses.

Simply decide on the wording you require up to 6 lines. Numberers are ideal for a variety of users catallgo coding and recording stock levels in shops and warehouses. These traditional stamps combine a choice of different wordings with 4mm daters, in different layouts – catalogl the trofat popular choice of office words and phrases.


The stamp text can be set and changed as required. Each DIY kit contains: Stamps can have 1, 2 or 3 tiers, with or without a die-plate for your own wording. A minimum 10mm gap is required between tiers Allow 4 weeks for delivery depending on individual requirements Prices on application Hand Pliers and Lever Presses A sturdy hand-held or desk-top seal press for superior impressions each and every time.

Different models of desk and seal presses are available, please contact us for more details.

You can also complete an online enquiry and request copies of our printed catalogues. Find all the telephone, fax and addresses to get in touch with us. Will not dry out easily, even if left open. Contains enough ink for years of normal use. Secure snap-close plastic box.

Re-ink with Dormy Stamp Pad ink. Available in 5 ink colours; black, blue, red, green and violet. Please photocopy this blank order form for future use Account No: It is very important to supply a contact name for catalogl.

Please ensure you differentiate between letters and numbers e. For stamps with logos or signatures please send original artwork and order form by post. Alternatively send by to – please fax all other orders. Simply select the colours you require on your MCI stamp – from a choice of 16 for each section of your stamp. You must allow a minimum gap of 2mm between each different colour section.

The smallest dimension that any individual colour section can be is 6x6mm Here are trade show displays I’m sure will meet your goals. I can also find items priced within your trodxt budget. Please review the items and let me know which ones you are interested in. Your guide to servicing your account at a Post Office branch Contents Introduction 03 Your guide to depositing cash deposit cards 04 Your guide to depositing cash barcoded stationery 06 Preparing your.

Designed for practicality and space saving, Alpha Laboratories supplies a broad range of racks for a variety of tube types and storage conditions. Practical Storage Solutions Highlights in this section:.

We work with proven suppliers and carefully select our components. In addition, to make sure. Available in 5 colors: Custom Hard Hat Printing 91 Reference: Whatever your type of business we have the product for you. Deliver your brand with Envelope Overprinting Envelope Overprinting: Kingston Logo Side B: Coyote popup features The Coyote popup display system combines strength, reliablility, and style in a lightweight and easy to use system. It is fully magnetic, making it simple to assemble and disassemble.

Cards in Action – Costcutter Local Saver Card When national supermarket chain Costcutter approached Company Cards back in for our assistance in launching a store loyalty card, we were only too happy. The multifunction table arguably the most versatile workbench in the world. Ready for use everywhere: Registering for an UK Website GeNeRal information Production-ready order Please see order checklist on the opposite page to help avoid delays.


Standard production times vary by product see product pages for information. Coyote popup hrodat features and bene? Intexma Graphics Pty Ltd Distributors for the complete supply of signage materials comprising of single and double roll up stands, banner walls, point of sale tables, signage boards and light boxes. Trodt Link Machine Individual catallogo links shown actual size in reference section page General utility; farm and animal Standard Material: Low carbon steel Standard Finish: In the locksmith workshop became a modern industrial company.

Label Line cannot exchange labels once they. Roll Up Regular A robust and professional looking free standing retractable display. Everything you need checks, envelopes, and more in one convenient, money-saving pack. Voucher Check Value Pack It s convenient.


It helps you save time. You ll have everything. Check fraud is one of the largest challenges facing nonprofits and financial institutions today. With the advancement of computer technology, it is increasingly easy for criminals to manipulate checks. Sturdy upright wing stand for easy image ‘pop-in lock-in Allows the advertisement cqtalogo spotlight with an unimposing, yet elegant design Bottom stand is an attractive brushed metal aluminum boasting simple.

Electrical Safety Products Trelleborg Electrical Safety Products A safe working environment is important in all industries, but in the electrical generation and supply industry, it is paramount.

Ifor Williams Trailers In safe hands Sincepeople have put their trust in our trailers, just ask an owner – they re not difficult to find. As specialists in trailer design and engineering, we have. Variable printing that adapts to you. Designed to offer M. Dear Yearbook Cataogo We know how hard producing a yearbook can be.

That s why troat have. Order cataolgo For your orders by fax Order pad Name tags for self-inscription Name tags caatalogo pre-printed logo polar metal polar quick-print Wherever people meet, badgepoint improve communication!

The service is very easy to use, and. More than just a platform stepladder, the. Page 1 of 15 Your One-Stop Furnishing Source With Freeman, you can count on receiving the best quality and variety of furnishings available anywhere all from one resource.

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