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Posted by Aniket at Sunday, 29 July Carrefour – Company Presentation. The Carrefour group currently has over 9, stores, either company-operated or sppesamica. Vision and Mission Statement. Carrefour is totally focused on meeting the expectations of its customers. Our mission is to be the benchmark in modern retailing in each of our markets. As a global retailer, Carrefour is committed to enabling as many people as possible to purchase consumer goods, in accordance with the principles of fair trade and sustainable development.

Carrefour has a hierarchical structure with a more functional managerial organizational structure. Their organization is such that the President of supervisory board and President of management board forms top of the hierarchy. Beyond the functional divisions lies the director for each specific global zone or region for which Carrefour is located. This 2021 structure works very efficiently for Carrefour.

It delegates, to the major functions of the large corporation, the abilities to handle all of the necessary business dealing requested by each separate division. Allowing each function to know the dealings of each division allows them to compare better how each division is performing compared to the other divisions.

This also allows for a more standardized means of coordinating the functions of each division, limiting confusion and overlapping responsibilities. Carrefour won the Qualiweb customer relations award in the corporate category.

UN Civil Society Award: In cooperation with the Colombian government the company has helped families to grow alternative crops, such as coffee or fruit, instead of producing coca. Carrefour Malaysia has taken an initiative to offer job to the handicapped people. This move is in line with the companies Corporate social responsibility which seeks to create equality in workplace by putting an end catapogo the prejudice and discrimination often experienced by the disabled community.

For example Carrefour actively promotes sustainable forestry through its partnership with WWF and the sourcing of FSC certified wood products. Carrefour has integrated environmental criteria into its paper purchasing and has made a life cycle analysis of both its catalogues and its check-out bags.

Carrefour has launched a line of frozen fish products which guarantee the conservation of stocks and environmental protection, thus promoting responsible fisheries. The Group is also engaged in promoting good nutrition through product development and information campaigns. Customer retention is very important in any of the business. W hen it comes to service marketing this factor becomes more crucial. Carrefour has done a lot to make the customer loyal to the company. To increase the loyalty, customers using the Spes Amica cards were given extra discounts, additional points toward a gift in a prize catalogue, entertainment offers, and special coupons.


Carrefour believes that “The employees are a crucial part of a successful commerce business”. Following are some of the facts related to Carrefour as an Employer. The 7th biggest private employer in cataloo world. More than persons spesamoca recruited by Carrefour in Every day Carrefour employees serve or help to serve millions of customers and consumers in our various stores and trades.

There are around 9 employees working for Carrefour Romanian Spesamic was no trade union before In UNI and Carrefour management promoted together the creation of trade unions inside Carrefour.

A first collective agreement was signed in Thanks to these negotiations between management and social partners employees got a collective salary increase, food tickets, better conditions for weekends etc. Social dialogue at a European level. A European Work Council since with 30 members from each European country. One global meeting per year and 3 or 4 steering committees.

Information on Carrefour group strategy at a European and national level. Exchanges on good HR practices. Joint ventures in different countries.

Large network of Discount, grocery and convenience stores, cash and carry, hypermarkets. Employee base of approximatearound the globe.

Strong brand in the world of retail industry. Operating in 33 countries.

Fifth harmony logo wallpaper

Weak position fatalogo Asia and Middle east countries. Taking too much time in opening new stores. Weak own brand sales. Maintain better labour relations. Catslogo controversies in Asia. Declining sales in Europe due to Euro-crisis. Change in management structure. Yet another interesting lecture of POM and the excitement knew no bounds when we were told to watch a film.

Just relax, feel comfortable, recline in your chairs and enjoy a 15 minute film on the projector. The lights were switched off and the movie was projected in the big screen.

The only thing missing was a popcorn tub and a bottle of Pepsi but that was too much to ask for. It is a short Chinese animated film cstalogo in directed by A DA. It was one of the most beloved films of the shanghai animation film production house. It was won many film festival awards throughout the world. Hope you enjoy this rather simple story but having great wealth of knowledge.

Now that you have enjoyed the film, Lets me spesamida a few things that I learned from it Let us divide this story into four Parts Take One Here we see that the first monk has a happy and cheerful way of going about things. He reaches the monastery atop the mountain.

authoritative answer, Xdf disk image necessary

He sees the withering plant and decides to nourish it with water. He readily cata,ogo two buckets of water from the river flowing at the bottom of the hill. He continues this routine for many days. Initially he is full of vigour and enthusiasm but as the days pass by the fatigue sets in.

He feels the need for extra help in order to carry on his duties efficiently. From managerial point of view, we understand the importance of delegation. No matter how skilled a person cahalogo, it is humanly impossible to handle all the work by a single person. If an employee invests too much of energy in work, his balance of life is disturbed.


He cannot concentrate on the other aspects of life Praying. His productivity is on a decline as the day passes. Hence it is important that the work is divided amongst the employees properly. Here we see the entry of the second monk.

Once he reaches the monastery, he volunteers to bring the bucket of water. Later both the monks feel the need to divide the work amongst them.

There arises a conflict cataolgo the monks as each one of them try to escape the work spesaamica. The carry pole is too long for a bucket of water. As a result the two monks keep shifting the bucket weight from one side to other depending upon their convenience.

Sanity prevails when the first monk brings out a scale which divides the work pole into two equal parts. This shares the work burden equally ctaalogo the three monks.

Services Marketing

Here we see that the productivity of each monk has increased as the two monks have started working in unison. Let me explain this with the simple table.

As the work gets divided the productivity of the work increases. In an organisation the work has to be effectively divided among the employee in order to work efficiently.

This lessens the burden of each employee and cstalogo the maximum output from each of them. Quantifying work load — Just as the first monk uses the scale to equally divide the work load, it is important to use some innovative tool or a standardized and unbiased procedure to share work amongst the employee.

This can act as an effective tool cataogo conflict resolution and help the employee to work harmoniously. Now the third monk enters the story.

Being stout and plump, it takes much of an effort to climb the hill and reach the top of monastery. He drinks all the water from the pot. The other two monks tell him to replenish the pot of water it is seen that the pot of water is too less to quench the thirst os all the three catslogo. This triggers a conflict between the three monks. Finally no one bothers to bring water to the monastery. Bureaucracy – Spesamcia case of lack of rules there is anarchy and lawlessness.

For an organisation to function there has to be a proper framing of rules. This gives a definite direction to the course of work.

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