One of the most loved and enduring wartime novels, Carrie’s War is a modern classic. Published for the first time as a Virago Modern Classic. Carrie’s War is a coming of age story with a twist. While visiting the small Welsh mining town where she was billeted during World War II, Carrie. It is a scene created from Carrie’s War, the book for which Nina Bawden, who died this week, will be most remembered. There are other.

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Nina Bawden’s classic World War 2 story of children evacuated to Wales. Carrie and her brother Nick are evacuated to Carrrie to live with the dour Mr Evans and his sister Lou. Carrie and her younger brother Nick are evacuated to Wales to spend the war years with the dour Mr Evans and his sister ‘Auntie’ Lou.


Carrie and Nick spend much of their time at ‘Druid’s Bottom’ – a mysterious house where Hepzibah, the housekeeper, tells them strange stories about skulls and curses. Carrie and Nick settle into their new lives All available episodes 10 total.

Carrie’s War | BookTrust

Carrie returns to the Welsh town where she and her baden Nick were evacuated in WW2. Winter arrives and Carrie and Nick make their first visit to ‘Druid’s Bottom’.

Carrie and Nick meet Hepzibah at Druid’s Bottom and hear about the skull and the curse. Mr Evans is cross when Carrie and Nick are late Sign in to the BBC, or Register. Episode 6 Mr Evans is cross when Carrie and Nick are late Episode summaries Episode 1: Carrie returns, as a grown up, to the Welsh town where hina and her brother, Nick, were evacuated in WW2.

She begins to tell her children the story of her time there, starting with the train journey from London to Wales Carrie and Nick go to live at the grocers shop with Mr Evans and his sister, who they call Auntie Lou. Auntie Lou is kind, but tells them lots of house rules and how they should behave to in front of Mr Evans. Hepzibah tells them a story about the curse of the screaming skull.


Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden

Shortly after Mrs Gotobed dies. Mr Evans gives Carrie a ring as a leaving present.

Carrie throws the skull into the pond to curse the house. Related Links Carrie’s War – sequencing activity.

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