VIXIA HF S Drivers & Downloads · Manuals · FAQs · Warranty · Specifications · What’s in the Box · Supplies & Accessories. The LEGRIA HF S10 is an HD camcorder that fuses professional-level one of five variables which can be assigned to the manual Control Dial, including focus, . View and Download Canon HFS10 quick start manual online. Canon Vixia HFS10 High Definition Camcorder. HFS10 Camcorder pdf manual download.

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LEGRIA HF S10 – Support – Download drivers, software and manuals – Canon UK

If such changes or modifications should be made, you could be required to stop operation of the equipment. Do not usethis apparatus near water. Cleanonly with dry cloth. Do not install near any heat sourcessuch as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus includingamplifiers that produce heat. Placing or M oving –Do n ot place on an unstable cad, stand, tripod, bracket or t able. The product may fall, causing serious injury to achild or adult, and serious damage to the p roduct.

A product and cart combination should be moved with care.

Canon HFS10 Quick Start Manual

When replacement d the power supply is required, please return it to the responsible nearest Canon Service Center and please replace it with the same type number Canin For areas where VAC power is not used, you will need a special plug adapter. We will keep the model number and date of purchase of your new Canon product on file to help you refer to this information in the event of an insurance claim such as loss or theft.

Approximately 6 times the number hfw10 pixels. More than twice the number of scanning lines. What are the advantages of flash memory? Recording on flash memory means that there are no moving parts in the recorder unit of the camcorder, To you, it means a camcorder Can Jplay back my high-definiti0n video on other devices?

You can easily play back video recorded on the memory Please read this manual carefully before you use the camcorder retain it for future reference. Remove the battery pack to find it. Preparations This chapter describes basic operations, such as navigating the menus, and first time settings to help you hfs110 more about your camcorder. Getting Started Charging the Battery Pack The camcorder can be powered with a battery pack or directly using the compact power adapter. If the indicator flashes quickly, refer to Troubleshooting CZ To remove the battery pack 1 Slide in the direction of the arrow and hold it pressed down.

You can rotate the panel degrees toward the lens. Rotating the LCD panel degrees can be useful in the following cases: Repeat this action to turn the LCD backlight on bright or off normal. The LCD backlight does lrgria affect the brightness of the recordings.

Basic Operation of the Camcorder Operating Modes Recording When recording video or photos, the camcorder’s operating mode is determined by the position of the camera mode dial, Duam Shot Record videoandtake photoseasily,lettingthe camcorder t akecareof all the:: In playback modes, the operation varies depending on the function selected so refer to the rel- evant chapter as necessary.

Move AT the orange selection bar to the tabs at the top of the screen to select a different menu step 3.

First Time Settings Setting the Date and Time You will need to set the date and time of the camcorder before you can start using it. Changing the Language The default language of the camcorder is English. You can set it to one of 22 other languages. The displays and 0 that appear in some menu screens refer to the name of buttons on the camcorder and will not change, regardless of the language selected.


How- ever, depending on its Speed Class, you mat’ not be able to record movies on the memory card. Selecting the Memory forthe Recordings You can select to record your movies and photos in lwgria builtqn mem- ory or on a memory card. The builtqn memory is the default memory for recording both.

Video This chapter covers functions related to shooting movies, including recording, playback, advanced functions and playiist and scene operations.

Be sure to save your recordings regularly el3especially after mak- ing important recordings. Canon leegria not be liable for any loss or cor- ruption of data. Abaut the PewerSave made: Builtoin memory 55 rain. Memory card 10 rain. Move it toward T Move the zoom lever toward W wide telephoto to zoom in. By default, the zoom lever operates at a variable speed – press gently for a jfs10 zoom; Basic Playback Playing Back the Video i: You m ay n ot b eable t oplay b ack w ith this camcorder movies recorded onamemory card u sing msnual nother By default, the index screen will show up to 6 items scenes or photos.

When you move the cursor toadate displayed inwhite, athumbnail showing astill image from the first s cene recorded onthat d ate w ill bedisplayed next tothe calendar. Sdecting 0nly Scenes that Contain PeopWs Faces If you recorded movies with the Face Detection function C[3 72 acti- vated, the camcorder can narrow down the scenes shown in the index screen, leaving only those scenes where a ccanon was detected.

MovieTimeline 1 Open the original movies index screen. The [Timeline] screen appears.

The large thumbnail will show the first frame of the scene. Pre-selecting Recordings from the mndex Screen You can select inadvance anumber oforiginal movies orphotos from the index screen inorder toperform certain actions onthem collec- tively, all a tonce. Scenes in the playlist cannot be included in the pre-selection.

Deleting Scenes You can delete those scenes that you are not interested in keeping. Advanced Functions Special Scene Recording Programs Recording in a very bright ski resort or capturing the full colors of a sunset or a fireworks display becomes as easy as selecting a Special Scene recording program.

For details about the available options, refer to page Select one of the other automatic exposure recording programs to control the shutter speed or aperture. Giving aCinematic Look toyour Recordings Give y our recordings acinematic look b yusing. Attach the optionaB video B ight tothemini advanced shoe, Refer to The button’s blue light will turn on and only video snapshot scenes will appear in the index screen.

This is especially useful when it is difficult to predict when to start recording. Manual ExposureAdjustment and AutomatBc BackHghtCorrection At times, backlit subjects may appear too dark underexposed or sub- ects under very strong lights may appear too bright or glaring overex- posed. To correct this, you can manually adjust the exposure or use the automatic backiight correction.

AutomaticBacHightCorrection When shooting subjects with a strong light source behind them, you can have the camcorder automatically correct for the backiight. The s elected focus will b elocked. During focus l ock, press O twice t oreturn the camcorder autofocus. Infinity Focus Use this function when y ou wish t ofocus o nfaraway subjects such as mountains Move the white detection frame to the person for whom you want to optimize the camcorder’s settings.


The camcorder may mistakenly detect the faces of non-human sub- jects. White Balance The white balance function helps you to accurately reproduce colors under different lighting conditions so that white objects will always look truly white in your recordings.

When the adjustment is completed, stops flashing and stays on. The camcorder retains the custom setting even if you turn off the camcorder. To activate an effect mode: Activate the selected effect while recording or in record pause mode.

Activate the selected effect and then press record the photo. When you apply a fader, not only the picture but also the sound will fade in or out. I will turn off most of the icons and displays that appear automati– cally but will not remove onscreen displays that were turned on manually for example, onscreen markers, the audio level meter or the joystick guide.

While the digital tele-converter is activated, photos cannot be recorded simultaneously at [LWx] size. Audio Recording Level You can adjust the audio recording level of the builtqn or an external microphone. You can display the audio level indicator while recording. When the audio l evel meter reaches the red legris 0 dBmarkthe sound may b edistorted. Ifthe audio level istoo high a nd the sound gets d istorted, manuwl microphone attenuator [: We recommend using headphones LTj 81 t ocheck the sound level while a djusting the audio recording level orwhen the microphone For details about optional accessories available for use with your camcorder, refer to System Diagram 83 and OptionalAccessories CO Using an External Microphone When recording in very quiet surroundings, the built-in microphone may pick up the sound of the camcorder’s internal machinery.

In such case, we recommend using an external microphone. PmayHst and Scene Operations Dividing Scenes You can divide scenes original scenes only in order to leave out the best parts and later cut out the rest. You can select the original movies in the built-in memory or on the memory card CZ3 Scenes cannot be divided within 0. Deleting Scenes from the Playlist Deleting scenes from the piayiist will not affect your original legrai. Fhis Sere] Deletes from the playlist only the scene marked with the orange selection frame.


Copying Scenes You c an copy o riginal movies orthe entire playlist only f rom the built-in memory tothe corresponding location onthe memory card.!

Copying the Entire Haylist 1 Open the index screen of the builtdn memory”s playlist. Refer tothis chapter fordetails onshooting photos – taking photos and playing them back, capturing photos from video and printing photos.

The actual number of photos that can be recorded will vary depending on the subject and shooting conditions. You c an also m ove the zoom lever toward Wtoopen t he photo index screen, Photo Jump Function When you have r ecorded alarge n umber ofphotos, you can jump 10 or 1O0 photos atatime. Menu 1 In single photo view, open the photo seBection screen. Magnifying Photos during Playback In single photo view, photos can be magnified up to 5 times.

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