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Welcome to our site! Electro Tech is an online community with overmembers who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. To participate you need to register. Click here to register now. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. A hard to resist problem. Thread starter Justin Verrall Start date Dec 22, Justin Verrall Member Dec 22, Correct me if I’m wrong but 0. So why are the eBay resistors bigger?

I’ll post an image of them side by side too show you what I mean. The small resistors get hotter and could be made of more temperature stable metal so they can stay within range at higher temperature. If the lead is bigger diameter it uses the PCB as heatsink. Resistors come in many sizes depending on manufacturer. You can get them cheap on ebay. Most ebay dealers specify the wattage only, you could be able to email them and ask for the dimensions.

Justin Verrall Member Dec 26, There are other characteristics which can affect vendor choice of body size such as Vmax, flame proof coating They do come in different sizes.

What voltage rating do you need? After a helical groove has been cut in the resistive layer, tinned connecting leads of electrolytic copper are welded to the end-caps. Justin Verrall Member Dec 27, Hy, Now that you have indicated the resistor size I can assure you that smaller resistors are mW and the bigger resistors are mW; neither are half watt.

The only way to establish what a part can do is to get the exact part number and check the datasheet. The trouble is that many second line retailers sell unbranded and unspecified components.

Their description are also loose to say the least.

BUZ906 Datasheet

To make matters worse there are even errors on data sheets, but rarely. The other thing is that the rating of any component depends on the conditions. For example, the rating of a resistor may be 1W, but that may be at a body temperature of 25 deg C.

In practical terms, unless the resistor were immersed in a bjz906 of oil at around 10 deg C, this is a meaningless specification. What you need is the resistor dissipation in free air at 25 deg C. But, if the resistor is mounted in your equipment and the air in the equipment is 50 deg C, a fairly normal temperature, then a mW resistor may become a mW resistor.


K/J56 Output Transistors | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

The controlling factor, with all electronic components, is the maximum temperature of the active part: With a transistor the active part is the semiconductor junction, which typically must not exceed deg C or the transistor will be destroyed or permanently damaged. As has already been said, there are a number of different resistor types: So again for the same example, the current flowing through the resistor would be 2A and thus the voltage across the resistor would be 20 Volts.

There is a simple way to check if a resistor is OK as far as power dissipation goes: This is not the case for certain power resistors which can run at around deg C.

After all that, I bet you wished you had never asked. I will get my coat now. Oh wow thank you! My pleasure Justin, You are the right place. I have two axes and have had some amps, but only a practice combo now. Have designed and built many weird things.

Long-term project is a guitar pickup: Another long-term project is electronically controlled tuning and tremolo bridge. I had better stop now.

K176/J56 Output Transistors

Advise you hold the purchase of the laser printer for now. I will put together a list of how to start designing and building electronic equipment. It needn’t be expensive. As I understand it, you are focusing on electronic music associated circuits, so not all the list will apply to you: Oscilloscope An oscilloscope is in it’s own category and the decision to buy one very much depends on your objectives.

No instrument will teach you more about electronics bu9z06 an oscilloscope. It is the closest that most people will ever get to seeing what the electrons are actually doing and when your first circuits don’t work they are the dataeheet way to locate the problem.

There is only one reason why an oscilloscope is not in the essential list: But scopes are much cheaper than they used to be but are still relatively expensive.

There are basically three broad categories of scopes: The Art of Electronics 1. Ensure protective case and test leads are included. But see more adavanced multimeter below in Luxury section as cost is not much more. Hy Justin, I just woke up.

Sure can advise how to start- it is a common question. It need’t be expensive. As I undrstand it, you are focusing on electonic music associated circuits, so not all the list will apply to you: Hi, glad you found the long list of some use and not too daunting.

There are heaps of books around, but none I have seen yet hit the sweet spot of simplicity and practicality. With a bit of easy-to- learn basic theory, you can do your own designs, some pretty sophistoicated.


Like everything in life, it is knowing the fundamentals that is enabling. Just a silly example. When I started playing golf I could never get out of the sand in a bunker. I would swing away in clouds of sand and the ball just would just roll forward a few inches, so my swing count went up and up- I felt a right dick and my mates laughed their heads off. But then we had a couple of lessons from a golf pro.

He explained that you do not try to hit the ball with your club head as you would do on the freeway. No, instead, in sand, you hit down into the sand about an inch in front of the ball. I gave it a try- still a great huz906 of sand but the ball popped up out of the bunker, no problem. Now, I have even holed from a bunker. If it hadn’t been for that simple piece of advice I would still be thrashing away in the sand with no result.

Now- I quite like bunker shots. It was the same thing with writing. I used to stuggle like hell getting a report done until, one day, an old hand in the technical publications department at work took my spaggeti proposal and turned it into silken text in about half an hour.

Just like the bunker shot, I learned the techniques and now writing of any sort is no probs. What I cannot get with though is the artistic side of life: The list looks onerous but it is not. I have had an intro to electronics piece in my mind for years now. Datashdet plan to cover the whole thing, but in simple terms. The headings I have in mind are: Justin Verrall Member Dec 28, datashert With a bit of easy-t- learn basic theory, you can do your own designs, some pretty sophistoicated.

I vuz906 to stuggle like hell getting a report done until,l one day, an old hand in the technical publications department at work datasyeet my spaggeti proposal and turned it into silken text in about half an hour. Not a bad multimeter. It has auto-off which is good.

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