Source: Bumitama Agri (), “Prospectus”, p. ;. Maybank Kim Eng, “ Bumitama Agri”, 2 May , page 8. For , no sales figures per. For example, IOI buys crude palm oil from Bumitama at a discount and extends it prospective investors were informed through Bumitama’s prospectus that its. Bumitama Agri is the Singaporean subsidiary of parent company Bumitama Gunajaya Agro. .. “Bumitama Agri Ltd – Prospectus”. April ^ ” Bumitama.

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Bumitama is an Indonesian oil palm plantation company which cultivates oil palm trees and produces crude palm oil CPO.

prospsctus It was established in by the Harita Group with its first acquisition of land in Central Kalimantan. Bumitama owns overhectares and has plantedhectares of oil palm trees, primarily in Central and West Kalimantan. His son, Lim Hariyanto Wijaya Sarwono president and chair of Harita Group[3] took over and moved into the timber business as a log dealer.

He built a small factory and prospecuts manufacturing plywood in InBumitama was established by the Harita Group with its acquisition of 17, hectares in Central Kalimantan and the company began its plantation business two years later.

Inthe group increased its plantation size by buying out smaller planters. By Bumitama had 50, hectares in cultivation, and by another 50, hectares had been planted.

Bumitama would benefit from IOI’s technical expertise and management support, since IOI has operations throughout the palm-oil supply chain and markets in more than 65 countries.

Oil palm trees have a lifespan of up to 25 years. They are classified as “immature” until three years of age, “young mature” from age four to six and “young prime” from seven to eighteen years of age. Palm oil trees prosprctus fruit known as “fresh fruit bunch” FFB ; its quantity is a factor of a tree’s maturity.


Immature trees produce the least fruit; young mature trees produce more, and young prime trees produce the most fruit. After 18 years of age, a tree’s fruit production gradually decreases. Other factors affecting FFB quantity include the quality of the oil palm seeds, soil and climatic conditions, fertilizer application, plantation-management quality and the timely harvesting and processing of FFB.

The amount of CPO which can be extracted depends on the amount of FFB which can be processed in the CPO mills and the efficiency of transportation from the harvest area to the mill. Oil palm companies typically fell trees at about 25 years of age, replanting with new trees.

Crude palm oil CPO is a widely consumed vegetable oil whose uses range from processed food to cosmetics. The FFB is transported to the palm-oil mill the day it is harvested. The mill produces CPO and kernels which can be used to produce palm kernel oil as a primary product, and biomass as a secondary product. Bumitama’s primary business is cultivating oil palm trees, harvesting FFB and processing it into crude palm oil, and the company ownshectares in Central and West Kalimantan.

Of this,hectares have been planted. The planted land consists of 89, hectares of nucleus plantations and 31, hectares of mature plantations. In Bumitama’s plantations produced 1, metric tons of FFB, a yield of About 38 percent of the company’s land is unplanted, and Bumitama will be able to increase their cultivated plantation land. Most of its palm trees are immature or young, with a weighted average age of five years. Since only 28 percent of the trees have reached peak production age, Bumitama expects FFB yield and CPO production to increase as more of the oil palm trees reach peak-production age.

Bumitama Agri – Wikipedia

Since the beginning of its operations, Bumitama has been committed to CSR. The company is active in the community welfare of its areas of operation, and hopes to be a factor in their improvement. As of March the group has built 23 schools in Central Kalimantan, West Kalimantan and Riau, provides scholarships for elementary- to tertiary-level students and sponsors training for teachers and principals.


Bumitama provides free tuition, books, and school-bus transportation to all students at these schools. SinceBumitama has provided free medical services to employees and community residents by building medical centers and supplying drugs and doctors.

The company sponsors periodic basic medical check-ups and medication from local doctors. The company has built houses of worship primarily churches and mosques for community residents. Ina subsidiary has cleared an orangutan area illegally. The RSPO prospecttus a non-profit organization formed in to promote the growth and bu,itama of sustainable oil-palm products with credible global standards and shareholder engagement. According to critics, however, the RSPO greenwashes palm oil companies’ destructive practices.

The planting program since Bumitama FFB production has increased at a compounded annual rate of Bumitama’s fresh fruit bunch production since FFB yield is the industry measurement for fresh fruit bunch per hectare, measured in metric tons and usually a function of tree maturity in that area:.

The company’s CPO production: A total of , shares , shares and an additional 29, in greenshoe were issued during the listing.

Bumitama Agri

The Year in Review Oil Palm Cultivation And Management. Incorporated Society Of Planters. Bagworm moth Basal stem rot Ganoderma orbiforme Prospectks disease Little leaf syndrome Oryctes rhinoceros Rhynchophorus palmarum Oil palm bunch moth Tirathaba mundella Tirathaba rufivena Red ring disease Bursaphelenchus cocophilus. Mesocarp Palm kernel oil lauric acid Palm oil stearin stearic acid linoleic acid myristic acid oleic acid palmitic acid.

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