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Maybe a bruczoowski contact with the author Or maybe it was just a change in mentality and the fact that I think like the author has no connection neither with me, nor with the author, but with things that surround the author and me. Those I met in Sydney were chairpersons of big non-governmental organisations or university lecturers.

Bezsennosc W Tokio Bruczkowski Marcin Good Book

They go there to meet them. And maybe get to know them, which has nothing to do with any factual knowledge about them. Maybe, as a matter of fact, that is what globalisation is about.


Just after that my son asked me how many languages I actually know and one woman felt urge to know if I speak Czech. Tkoio also reminded me that countess who, when asked if she speeks Chinese, answered: The simple old rule to speak loud and slowly performs well in the whole world, in fact.

I had a feeling for a while that either I was sitting once in the head of the author or he used to sit in mine without me knowing about it. He studied there, taught Nruczkowski, worked, ran a company for ten years. Then he spent some time in Singapur and in came back to Poland. Thanks to Google search I have also found that he had some problems with palmtop and that he was selling cheap!

Radio Yokohama – Marcin Bruczkowski, Monika Borek • BookLikes (ISBN)

A companion, a report, a reportage, a fictionalized documentary or a diary? Or maybe all of it? I could never bruczkoswki what kinds of intellectual entertainments are hidden in passion for tagging. I want to wait with writing diaries until because then the publisher may brucczkowski printing it in with my obituary which, what is well known, considerably influences the sale. I simply spent there the most happy years of my life and my book is based on these particular memories and experience.


It has two covers and a few hundred pages between so this tag, I suppose, is factually unquestionable? To do it I should have been studied that culture thoroughly for many years at first and I have never been doing it.

Tokio described by Bruczkowski contradicts all of stereotypes concerning this city. He also got to know something about him: Journals Showcase Bruczkosski Czasopism.

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