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Post on Apr campznia. Visit our website for additional information www. For over 30years, Campania has served the residential customerprimarily through the independent garden center. Whileour products have always been specified by designersand landscape professionals, in the campanix several yearswe have seen a significant growth in our landscape anddesign business.

To service this growing demand, wehave created a new Project Division specifically designedto meet the needs of the landscape and design commu-nity. The new Project Division at Campania not onlyincludes this catalog, but also a comprehensive website,a dedicated sales consulting team, and the full supportof the design and manufacturing expertise of Campania.

Campania Project Division Catalog 2014

For campanix new Project Division catalog, we have selected atargeted collection of our products to meet thespecific requirements of the design professional. Inaddition to the pieces selected from our current line, wehave created new products, design specifications, and architectural drawings to facilitatethe use of Campania qvon on projects. As has become a trademark of Campania, weare pleased to 201 these products in a beautiful hard bound book.

For those of you who are new to Campania, we design, manufacture, source, and distributeoutstanding garden products for home, garden, commercial, and public spaces. Our goalsare excellence in design, quality and service. Our designs range from classic to contempo-rary; our products are described as authentic, textural, proportional, clean, crisp, balanced,beautiful, elegant, simple and sophisticated. This dedication to design, quality and servicecomes from a passion to make beautiful products and make them well.

The Project catalog is organized by design collections. Each collection tries to capture afeeling; however, many products could campaniaa in multiple collections. The catalog begins with our Signature Collection. These are products with classic Americanstyle. They are designed by our Creative Director, Peter Cilio, and are sophisticated andupdated interpretations of traditional garden designs.

campanai The refined broura and elegant sim-plicity of this versatile collection allow these pieces to be used in a wide range of settings. The Estate Collection is inspired bytraditional European garden style.

Indeed, many of the pieces in the Estate Collection havebeen reproduced from antique originals from the collections of Longwood Gardens, theSmithsonian, and the Newport Mansions cmpania have strong ties to the formal gardens ofEurope and historic garden design.

Next, the Metropolitan Collection has a modern urban vibe with a decidedly contemporarysensibility. Clean simple shapes and a cool urban color palette characterize this collection. Many products in this category are designed in lightweight materials for use on rooftopsand balconies. Our Cajpania Collection is a small sample of what Campania can do with its materials. Thefaux bois bench and the cast stone replica of an antique champagne harvesting crate havefantastic natural detail.

The pieces in our Organics Collection reflect the growing trendtoward products inspired by the natural world. The Asian Accents Collection is inspired by the garden traditions of Asia. These piecesinclude antique reproductions, traditional earthenware from Vietnam, and originalCampania designs. This Collection is inspired by the naturalism and tranquility which arethe hallmarks of the Asian garden. Finally, the rich luminous glazes of our Pottery Collection bring vibrant color to theCampania Project collections.


With both traditional shapes such as the French Anduzeplanters and contemporary shapes such as our tall slender Sabine planters, these ceramicpots are wonderful accents for any project, indoors or out. In closing, this catalog is campaniz for use, not for the shelf.

traieste sanatos

Please take it with you inyour travels. Also use our website, www. Wed love to hear from you. Hopefully, you will find the piece for yourcurrent project and much inspiration for the next!

By remaining brosra to its core beliefs of excellencein design, quality and customer service, Campania consistently sets trends and industry standards.

Campania offers an extensive range of products in a variety of materials and styles from classic tocontemporary. Campanias Cast Broaura Collection is designed and manufactured at our facility inPennsburg, Pennsylvania. Our imported Pacifica Collection is manufactured exclusively for Campaniain Asia.

This extensive range of product allows Campania to meet each customers unique demandsfor superior and distinctive products.

Avon brochure online [2019] UK cosmetics

Under the direction of our Creative Director, Peter C. Cilio, Campania employs a talented group ofartists to create original copyrighted designs ccampania blend classic old world traditions with a uniquelyAmerican sensibility. Each member of Campanias design team is characterized by an abiding passionfor their craft and the creative process.

It is this passion that continues to invigorate Campanias rep-utation for design excellence and innovation while bringing distinction to every project which featuresCampania products.

Campania inspects every customer shipment and every product. Campania prides camlania in makingsure that the customer is satisfied with every shipment. We believe that each customer is the mostimportant customer. To support that belief, Campanias sales force and internal customer service teamfocus on providing exceptional service.

For further information about Campania, to contact us, or to view our products please visit ourwebsite 20144 www. Our project division website offers CADdownloads, spec sheets, product photos, exclusive style collections, and other information to makespecifying Campania products easy for the design professional. To view additional products not fea-tured in campaniaa Project Division catalog please visit our main website at www. Campania also maintains a permanent showroom in Atlanta,Georgia.

This showroom is open daily and for gift shows. Please contact us to take advantage ofthe opportunity to view our full range of products and patinas in person. We look forward to seeing you at one of our locations in the near future. Louis Planter AS P Lightweight Frost and U. Actual color may vary from photos.

The pump kit for FTincludes campwnia submersible egg lightfor dramatic night-time illumination. The pump kit for this fountain includes a submersibleegg light for dramatic night-time illumination.

ML Rect Onyx Lite Perfect for residential or commercial use, these sleek contemporary components canbe arranged in a wide variety of configurations. Each component is ordered individually. Please note that every planter box can also be campahia as a fountain, in which case the foun-tain assembly unit should be ordered.

The components also work well as stand alonebenches, planters or fountains. The natural stone-like quality bosura these patinas enhance thecontemporary abstract forms of the Modular Collection and will result in the most uniformcoloration of the Modular components. This Lite collection includes a series of fivecontemporary styled containers available in 4different finishes onyx black lite, lead lite, con-crete lite and rust lite.


Perfect for commercial orresidential applications, 3 styles of planters inour collection include inserts for ease of planting.

Since they were designed to accept pottedplants, the planters in this collection are pro-duced without drain holes. However, drain holescan easily be drilled and the planters can be usedoutdoors. We are also offering two self-wateringsystems that will fit into our square and roundinserts for easy maintenance.

Mix or matched,these planters are the perfect complement to thewell-designed office, home, or resort. The pump kit for FT includes a submersible egg light for dramatic night-time illumination. The pump kit for this fountain includes a submersible egg lightfor dramatic night-time illumination. CilioCreative Abon from antique wooden Frenchboxes used to gather champagne grapes.

This new selection of4 glazed jars can be combined withour round or square Lite fountainbasins. The jars used in the foun-tain system include a matchingglazed disc which can be siliconedto the top of the fountain to elimi-nate the need for filling the entirejar with water.

The lightweightbasins can be used either above orbelow ground, and are designed tobe topped with river stones notincluded. Easy to assemble, the kitincludes the pump and all othercomponents necessary to createyour fountain. The basin provideseasy access to the pump with aremovable pump access plate. Allpieces can be ordered individuallyor as a complete fountain kit. All of our patinasand acid stains are pigment based and hand applied in a multi-step process.

Our artisanalfinishing techniques make every piece a uniquely beautiful original. Our patinas aredesigned to replicate the look of naturally aged materials and will not prevent the natu-ral aging process. Any cast stone item with a patina finish will weather naturally in anoutdoor environment. Campanias acid stains are a mixture of water, metallic salts, and muriatic acid.

Theywork by penetrating the surface and reacting chemically with the hydrated lime calciumhydroxide in the cast stone.

41 best Käesolev kataloog images on Pinterest | Avon online, 1 and Avon brochure

The acid in the stain etches the surface, allowing the metal-lic salts to penetrate the campanis. This process creates a rich permanent stain on the sur-face of the concrete which should not flake or peel. Like stains for wood, each piece will accept our patinas in varying degrees of intensity,creating natural color variations that will add character and distinction to every piece. Even when the same stain is applied with the same process, no two pieces will look exact-ly alike.

This is due to the variance in the composition of the natural materials in the caststone, as well as the varying ages of the pieces.

It is this variability and broad range oftones, rather than uniformity, which give our stains their beauty and appeal. Because each patina is hand broshra and our products are photographed in natural set-tings, actual colors may vary from those depicted in the catalog.

Please consult our cat-alog photos and our website for avonn of variations in our patinas. For specific instructions on avkn to winterize your Campania fountain, see the Product Care and InformationSection. Campania isproud to introduce a solution for this issue- its new fountain auto refill device.

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