Breviarium Romanum General Norms. CHAPTER I: GENERAL NORMS CHAPTER II: THE TIME FOR SAYING THE CANONICAL HOURS . nova & vetera Publishing house presenting the new edition of the Breviarium Motu Proprio “Rubricarum Instructum” of Bl. Pope John XXIII on July 25th Breviarium Romanum (Latin Edition) by Breviary. EUR . RARE VINTAGE SET OF 23 USA FIRST DAY COVERS FDC IN GOOD CONDITION.

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Have you tried the Mundelein Psalter? The main thing that ever kept me away from the LOTH was the protestant-styled hymns, but breviraium psalter has the real hymns found in the Latin edition. One can print the hymns off online too http: I prayed the LOTH for years but quit for the same reasons as you.

I prefer the versions for obvious reasons and mostly stick with the MD but do use Lauds Vespers and Compline occasionally.

Be careful forcing yourself to pray all 8 hours, as Clare pointed out perfect is the enemy of good.

If you are adamant about using the Office and praying Matins then your choices are to use the Baronius Press Divine Office or pick up a used Collegeville version on eBay. Divine Office Alternatively you can try the offices online to get a feel for them before making such a financial commitment.

Sick of the Liturgia Horarum. Thinking about Breviarium Romanum

Thank you all for the help breviafium advice Since I’ve had a recent “economic boom”, I’ve just bought the whole Baronius Breviary as well as the Monastic Diurnal.

It was a huge amount of money, but it’s worth it. Breviwrium one CAF member surprisingly said: Some say the Diurnal and the Roman Breviary of were both constructed based on flawed, non-traditional structures. I wish they would’ve told me that before I bought them! At any rate, though, it’ll be better than the LOTH, which is even less traditional. Whatever you choose, be it the Lancelot Andrewes,Farnborough MD or Baronius Press Breviary you’ll get a boost to your spiritual life by making a habit of praying out of it daily.


Really, you can’t totally go wrong with any of them. Thank you FormerBuddhist for the encouragement. One thing I’ve often wondered is how the Breviarium Romanum differs from the Breviary prayed by all the saintly Religious, Priests, ronanum Deacons from about I know different feasts were renamed simplex, duplex, etc.

Did the ancient Psalter change in or ? I’d love to learn more about this.

Roman Breviary – Wikipedia

Anyway, if the Monastic Diurnal doesn’t appeal to me like the full Roman office, I can always give it to my traditionalist eomanum. She’s more benedictine than most nuns The major differences are: The little hours and compline have different psalms every day; formerly they were invariable.

Divino Afflatu the rubricstaking into account local patronal feasts, has around 17 octaves of varying ranks. This is the only part of the Breviary that is clearly an impoverishment, but it’s not a fatal flaw.

The is certainly brebiarium, and the tables for solving such issues much less complex! The list seems long, but in practice, it’s not that big a deal – some of these things only affect a few days out of breviariu, year.

The Roman Breviary

The biggest differences between andbesides many fewer commemorations breviariun Vespers, are how much shorter Matins usually is and the ferial office being much more frequent in Lent. Though there are definite differences, the is much less of a deviation from the preceding versions than the LOTH was from the Don’t worry about growing “ever more traditional” in the version of the Office you use – I have fallen into that trap, and it leads only to stopping the recitation of the Office.

Brevviarium of those revisions grieve me too much – except, perhaps, the reduction breviiarium Dominical lessons from 9 to 3. That’s quite drastic, but it’s understandable given the Lord’s Day responsibilities of priests. Having a different Compline each day severely interrupts my highly monastic vision of things.


I must use the Diurnal for its Compline, at the least! The Benedictine Compline is comforting because, outside the seasonal Marian antiphon, it doesn’t change. It lends an air of stability and quiet comfort to prayers before bed time.

Over the years I’ve tried Compline from the Office but never liked the constantly changing psalms. Some folks don’t like romaunm the Nunc dimittis is not in Monastic Compline but for me it’s not a big deal.

1960 Breviarium Romanum General Norms

Eventually you might even memorize Compline with the Monastic. All I can say is that the Office, whichever you choose and however many hours you pray, provided you stick to it, will deepen your romaum of the rhythm of sacred time and permeate your life with a spirit of prayer.

One thing I like about the Romqnum Office is that the Psalter Schema is the same used by St Benedict himself as the Roman empire was in it’s twilight.

One actually prays the Office in a similar way as did our brothers in the faith over a thousand years ago. I’m in no way disparaging any version of the Roman Office in saying this, just giving you my own take.

I’m happy with my Breviary 3-set from Baronius Press. If you’re serious about preparing for seminary perhaps it is worth the money? And the weekly cycle of the breviary seems to make more sense than that 2 week or 4 week thing they have in breviariu Liturgy of the Hours.

Plus, if you attend the TLM every week you will want the feast days to line up. View a Printable Version. Thread Modes Sick of the Liturgia Horarum. Thinking about Breviarium Romanum Jun 11 Feb 13 Sep 14 Feb 15 Nov 16 Feb 17 Sep 18 Mar 19 Mar 20 ,

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