On the other hand, Susan Bordo’s Hunger as Ideology questions food insecurity in a different light; she viewed this food issue in relation to the gender. The excerpt, Hunger as Ideology by Susan Bordo reveals her great effort to educate, describe, and uncover past and present eating habits. How does this connect to the argument Bordo is making about women in advertising? To the Men in the Room: Does this matter to you?.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Among the needs of men, food is one which is always regarded as the one of highest priority. Regardless of the present day existing economic conditions, food is ideolgy seen as a must have across different social classes and even across countries.

The strong pronunciation of food supply as an indicator of social huner is so prominent nowadays that many countries are set against it as a qualification that requires both attention and attainment. However food insecurity situations are different for each nation, such as for this paper, food insecurity is different in terms of countries which are better off as compared to those who are impoverished.

For example, in Nigeria food insecurity is a matter of life and death in terms of governance Oculi n. It even calls for the attention of having a need to quantitatively meet the food needs of its citizens. And for that, this paper will explain food insecurity not in the same manner that other food insecurity papers would have discussed this issue in impoverished countries.

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Introducing Susan Bordo’s Hunger as Ideology Paper

This assessment will be the conclusion of this paper. When putting ideologically loaded messages in the light, a strong bbordo on the different paradigms of reality and simulations must be taken care of, and should be well defined Bordo However, the question is, can those who are exposed in these situations fully decipher those that should be discerned as reality and those that should remain as simulations?

If yes, what is the extent of its effects on those who are exposed with it? If not, are these people simply helpless in entering a trance towards honing themselves in similar fashion with that of the simulation? To answer these questions, this paper would take a closer look bofdo the main argument of Bordo towards most food advertisements- gender specification.

According to Susan Bordo, feminine self restraint and masculine indulgence are the common theme used in commercials to portray the different aspects of food Descripted lines n.

Susan Bordo, “Hunger as Ideology” ()

From its preparation, cooking, presentation and the actual process of eating- these roles are said to be portrayed in most food commercials. The value of this paper would put emphasis on the fact that realities and simulations are always and will always be present. Simulations, according to Bordo, even if they are blatantly known as manmade realities still have the power to hone the general mindset of individuals through the ideological load that they have directessays n.


One of the most prominent simulations presented by Bordo is the Anglo- American formulation of both beauty and character directessays n. The most profound meaning of beauty can only be achieved by following the prescribed character in the commercials.

Due to this prescription, a systematic analysis of the subliminal messages imminent in commercials should be conducted Lane n. The message aimed to be put into the minds of watchers is usually subliminal in nature.

Furthermore, most commercials of this type aim to create and cultivate a certain culture that would change not only the mindset of the individuals but also their choices Lane n. Accessed December 28, Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. How to cite this page Choose cite format: How about make it original?

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