Rupert Isaacson · Bojowa pie – Amy Chua – Książka z wysyłką do UK. 31,99 zł. View · Bojowa pieśń tygrysicy Dlaczego chińskie matki są lepsze? [Miękka]. Suzy Becker „Mój pies jest najlepszym psem na świecie” („My dog is the best dog in Amy Chua „Bojowa pieśń tygrysicy” („Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”). Στοιχεία ηθικής φιλοσοφίας pdf, xgqasd, Bojowa Pieśń Tygrysicy pdf, ipdc, Le gioie del pi greco pdf, ffcr, De zevende doodzonde pdf, 8-OO.

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I don’t usually read comments because I don’t care about opinions I don’t ask for but upon reading a part shared online, I wondered if there is a point in reading it. It seems she’s writing about stuff I realized forever ago. There are two nonsensical comments on the library’s site but this one bothers me the most because it’s a whataboutism that I hear often and am tired of.

Deflection and tygrysicu don’t actually make anyone look any better. The subtitle summarizes this book perfectly: This was supposed to be a bouowa of how Chinese parents are better at raising kids than Western ytgrysicy.

Amy Chua has a smart, humorous take on strict Chinese parenting as opposed to lax Western parenting. Even though there were times when she took the intense expectations and involvement WAY too far, she obviously did a wonderful job as a mother and produced two smart and musically talented daughters. I wonder if this style of parenting would have gone differently if she had sons instead of daughters.

Thought this book about political tribalism was a good illustration bojowq the current climate in many countries around the world. Amy Chua is a law professor yale and the author of one of my favorite books, Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother. Do not yield your power to others. The racists always vote, the crazies tygrysicyy vote, the power-hungries always vote.

If it is safe to vote and your physical integrity is not at risk then you should vote, especially if you are a woman and even moreso if you are a woman of color.

So many people around the world wish they had the opportunity tygrysiy make their voices heard. In many countries people fought and bled for that right so there is no excuse to stay home when all it takes is a moment of your day.

I wish there’s someone with a big heart would like to get these books for me. After some serious hard work, a moment of reprieve and me time. That sweet potato turnover? That sweet potato latte?


I’m guessing the staff are shocked when I order it instead of my Dirty Blonde. So so good though and all while brushing up on my momlife reading.

Some may think strong takes, but the cultural implications run through my mind regularly. Her memoir resonates so I thought I would revisit this book as we’re at a growth spot for our son. Do you know what a foreign accent is?

Quote by Amy Chua. Just finished this page tuner. Clearly a very complex phenomenon but nonetheless yygrysicy very pertinent one in the political climate currently. Swipe right to listen to examples.

Learning a new language takes persistence and hard work, so be proud of your accent. Stanford University professor Robb Willer extended the Asch conformity analysis to investigate how incorrect information can be propagated, even when in-group members know it’s bogus. To foster in-group bonds, Willer created the illusion that subjects were part of a group with a knack for sophisticated wine tasted by re-porting overblown credentials for the other members.

Participants were asked to tastes two wines that were actually from the same bottle. Subjects were then placed at solo computer stations. Each was told that they would be the fifth out of six subjects to rate the wines. Each for to see the first four responses, which were not actually from their peers but created by a computers.

All of the computer ratings insisted that one of the identical wines was far inferior to the other. Over half the subjects conformed to social pressure, agreeing with these fake ratings.

The subjects then received a final fake response—a “deviant” one that actually spoke the truth finding the two wines indistinguishable. Subjects were then asked to judge the wine-rating abilities of what they thought were the other group members. I often wanted to throw it out the window in frustration at her immovability and also cos she seems a bit of a dick.

But it took a turn for the better and I learnt a few things. So my new book is Political Tribes by my favorite author Amy Chua. She is awesome and a huge inspiration.

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The book was published just this year, very timely and current, discusses a widening political gap in the US politics. I love how she looks at the problems through the ethnic lenses. As an ethnic minority, I can totally relate and think that this perspective tygryxicy highly valid in many cases.

Anyway, if you are looking for an interesting book – I definitely recommend checking out politicaltribes by amychua! Buku ini adalah sebuah memoar tentang bagaimana seorang profesor berdarah China mendidik anak-anaknya di Amerika. Seperti kebanyakan keluarga China lainnya, pendidikan yang diterapkan begitu tegas, disiplin, high achievement, serta zero tolerance terhadap kesalahan sekecil apapun. Cara ini menjadi kontroversi di dunia barat, terlebih ketika disertai dengan posesivitas, tidak adanya kebebasan, kemarahan, hukuman, hingga ancaman.


Mencengangkan mengikuti cara pendidikan Amy sang Tiger Motherkarena bagi saya begitu mengerikan. Terlepas dari kontroversi yang ada, pendidikan Amy berhasil mengantarkan anak-anaknya menjadi anak-anak yang sukses dalam dunia akademik maupun non-akademik. Mereka tidak hanya unggul dibanding teman-temannya, tapi bisa dikatakan menjadi ‘outlier’ di antara orang kebanyakan.

Buku ini berhasil membuat mata saya berkaca-kaca. Selain karena cerita Amy, juga karena saat ini saya sedang dalam asuhan seorang ‘tiger’. This is a MUST read for all parents who are determined to see their kids succeed. I ordered it before dad passed and it arrived after he left I hope that does not make me a bad daughter. She discusses foreign policy failures from Vietnam to Iraq to Venezuela before turning her lens on the rise of Trump.

This book really resonates with me because of an incident this year. An expert on X topic A accused a debut author B of what sounded like plagiarism. A is mixed Asian. Social media roared – another white woman stealing the work of a WOC! A flamed the anger by creating a hashtag so others could share similar experiences.

Editor : Dhimant Purohit

The most that B owed A was a nod in the acknowledgements. That omission was unkind, but a public roasting? I saw A as an established older writer from a privileged background using her large following to punish a younger writer for being ungrateful.

So I spoke up. For my hesitation, I was accused of colluding with white supremacy. I respect her work. She was pi tremendous stress and had been plagiarized by a WOC a few years back. Acknowledging our tribalism is a start. To see trumpwhining on Twitter about how factsdontmatter to other people is like listeningtoahyena complain about the badmanners of aschipperke. Now that amychua has been outed for telling kavanaughclerkapplicants to dressfeminineit becomes cringingly apparent that he is someone incapable of grasping thelivesofwomensomeone who cannot consider women as equals.

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