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Skin Modifier in Blender 2. Written by Gottfried Hofmann Published: The skin modifier, which is new in Blender 2. The skin modifier can be used to easily create base-meshes for sculpting or to create abstract or cartoonish figures.

Introduction to Lighting in Luxrender. Written by Frederik Steinmetz Published: In this interim tutorial for the great mantis series Frederik Steinmetz will show us how to light in Luxrender and Blender. As usual he shows us possible problems and their solutions! Abstract Object using Modifiers. The first guest-tutorial on BlenderDiplom. Dimitris Christou aka gr8! Mantis Series Pt 2 – Cycles Materials. The grand mantis series Part 2: Learn how to set up advanced materials in Cycles, plus even more lighting tips from Fredrik Steinmetz!

This series covers all of Blender’s generate and deform modifiers. Each modifier is explained in a blejder video. Mantis Series Pt 1 – Modeling and Rigging. For that series he will use a praying mantis as an example.

This first installment gives you an overview of the model and tips on modeling and futorials insects in Blender.

Tutoirals how to create an animated pin toy in Blender using maps, dupliverts and the displace modifier and render it in Cycles! Cycles Lighting, Materials and Texturing. Ladies and Gentlemen – introducing: He has prepared an intermediate tutorial on Cycles. Not the usual “How to start Cycles and set up a simple scene” kind of tutorial but a guided tour around current pitfalls and lots of tips and tricks!


Get started using Blender for IMVU : KatsBits TUTORIALS

Fireworks with Particles in Blender 2. Frederik Steinmetz shows you a wonderful trick how to force particles to emit other particles in Blender 2.


This is a double-tutorial! A grunge title animation and a sleek god ray logo reveal. Learn how to create two different intros in just one tutorial! And find out how to keep your noodles clean using node groups.

Installing Blender

In this tutorial Frederik Steinmetz demonstrates two elegant ways to stylize renderings using the new double edge mask node. Additionally he shows how to use node groups in order to keep your compositing nice and organised.

God-Ray Logo Reveal in Blender. A simple yet very powerful approach to reveal a logo is using the all-majestic god-rays. Of couse you can achieve that all in Blender – this tutorial shows how! Dissolve your Logo in Blender 2.

Dissolving text in Blender has always been a lot of work, but not anymore! Its power combined with a particle system makes this awesome effect. This tutorial shows how to add movies, image sequences, still images and sound plus basic keyframe animation. Mantis Series Pt 5 – Octane Renderer. The praying mantis is going Octane! In the fifth part of 2.6 tutorial series Futorials Steinmetz explains how to mix materials in Octane using nodes and maps.

If you have not seen the other parts, we recommend that you watch the scene setup and if you are fairly new to Octane, please watch the Octane Pitfalls tutorial as well. A 2D Hologram in Blender. There are many ways to create a hologram effect in Blender. Blender to Octane – Avoiding the Pitfalls. In this tutorial you will learn how to install the Blender to Octane exporter by yoyos. Frederik Steinmetz will guide you through the process and help you to avoid the most common pitfalls that still exist, due to the beta status of both the exporter and Octane.


An Animated Turbulent Ring. In this third part of the series covering the turbulence force field you will learn how to create a mesmerizing animated background using point densities and millions of particles.

Another one of Nion’s cool effects! Cycles Winter Special on BlenderDiplom. This is Blenderdiplom’s way of saying: In this tutorial Frederik Steinmetz tutoriials demonstrate how to set up a beautiful macro tutoeials consisting of a few frost-covered plants with a nice backlighting effect.

It’s rendered in Cycles with a little compositing. Suzanne Smushed and Smudged. It’s fairly easy to dissolve objects in Blenderbut you can go even further. Learn how to use particles, a point density texture for volume rendering and a moving force field to blendet a ghost-like effect. Mantis Series Pt 4 – Internal Materials. The grand mantis series Part 4: Material setup for Blender Internal! Learn how to use Subsurface Scattering to create a stunning organic material in Blender Internal renderer.

Introduction to Fluid Particles in Blender. This tutorial will show you the basics.

Doc/Tutorials/Resources/External links – BlenderWiki

Mantis Series Pt 3 – Luxrender Materials. The grand mantis series Part 3: Material setup for Luxrender! Organic materials in physically-based renderers like Luxrender tend blebder be difficult. Unless Frederik Steinmetz is your tutor! Light Streaks in Blender. Cool looking light streaks are not exclusive to commercial products like AE. In fact, you can create those in Blender as well.

With full control over speed and timing thanks to the motion trail addon.

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