In his first novel since Corelli’s Mandolin, Louis de Bernières creates a world, populates it with characters as real as our best friends, and launches it into the. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. It’s been nearly a decade since Captain Corelli’s Mandolin became a word-of-mouth bestseller (and then a major . Buy Birds Without Wings New Ed by Louis de Bernieres (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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What actual and symbolic roles do birds play in the book?

The setting of Birds Without Wings is an early twentieth-century Turkish village. How, despite its distant setting, does the novel mirror the contemporary world? In what way is the world of the novel vastly different from the world today?

Birds Without Wings – Wikipedia

Why is the loss of variety so important? Who are some of its most eccentric and engaging characters? How does the village change over the course of the novel?

The novel vividly describes the nationalist fervor that swept the world in the early twentieth century: What are their ultimate consequences? What does this scene suggest about the gulf between traditional and modern ways of understanding the world?


Is what Iskander says here true of the novel itself?

Birds Without Wings Reader’s Guide

What kind of man is Mustafa Kemal? How does he achieve his great military success?

What are the ultimate consequences of his actions? What does this passage suggest about the relationship between women and men in the novel? What roles are women expected to play? In what ways are they oppressed by their culture?

Birds Without Wings by Louis de Bernières

What are the most horrific aspects of war as they are described in Birds Without Wings? What are its greatest cruelties? What surprising acts of compassion do the soldiers perform for one another and even for their enemies?

Why are these young people so drawn to each other despite their religious differences? Can Birds Without Wings be read as a cautionary tale for our own times?

What does the novel say about the larger themes of love and war, revenge and forgiveness, both toward oneself and others? wwithout

Historical Fiction Historical Romance print. By turns hilarious and heartbreaking, Birds Without Wings is a hugely ambitious novel about the pleasures of peace, the meaning of home, and the foolishness and fratricide of war.

In its rich tapestry of scenes and characters, it encompasses the whole range of human emotions and behaviors, from the most savagely bernifres to the most selflessly compassionate.


There is Philothei, a girl of such disquieting beauty brnieres she must be veiled, and her besotted lover, Ibrahim the Goatherd, who will be driven mad by the horrors of war. And there is Mustafa Kemal, whose military daring will lead him to many stunning victories against the invading Western European forces and to a reshaping of the whole region.

What happens to these characters—and their beloved town—because of the war is the great tragedy that Birds Without Wings describes with such unforgettable vividness.

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Questions and Topics for Discussion 1. The author, who lives in London, berhieres selected as one of the twenty best young British novelists in LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Read it Forward Read it first. Stay in Touch Sign up. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.

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