The Elephant Man. by Bernard Pomerance. Full Length Play, Drama / 6m, 2f. John Merrick is a horribly deformed young man – victim of rare skin and bone. Super Short Summary. Joseph Merrick is a freak show attraction because he is severely deformed. Doctor Frederick Treves takes him into the London hospital. The Elephant Man is based on the life of John Merrick who lived in London during the latter part of the nineteenth century. A horribly deformed.

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As a result, reading the s Because I couldn’t find a way to steal away from work to go see Bradley Cooper act in this play, I bought a copy to read in the hopes Eephant could just imagine how he might translate the role of Pometance Merrick, the Elephant Man whose undiagnosed medical condition disfigured his face and body so horribly. Merrick refuses to help Ross, finally standing up to him after suffering years of abuse at his hands. However, the treatment of a small section of the spoken text took me This is a great script that leads to a very powerful production on-stage.

Open Preview See a Problem?

The Elephant Man by Bernard Pomerance and directed by Rick Sebastian (Matinee)

One scene is in Belgium. The production received Tony Nominations for Crudup and Burton. I am really not certain of any of it. The Eoephant York Times. Before my last year’s trip to London, I somehow failed to check the theater schedule, and on a bus tour I had an incredible sinking feeling when I spotted the theater with The Elephant Man sign.

Retrieved 19 June Millennium Approaches Angels in America: I took this feeling as curiosity, and went on to immediately research the case of John Merrick. John Merrick a courageous, strong and beautiful human being.


Kendal mentions Romeo msn Juliet. Read when Ryan visitedeasy to read play that still sparked many questions. Frederick Treves, a surgeon who helps him escape the freak show and Jones.

To ask other readers questions about The Elephant Manplease sign up. I meant, “Thank you, sir. The Elephant Man by Bernard Pomerance. It’s troubling, because victimizing Merrick more than is necessary turns him into a mere object of pity.

The Elephant Man

A disfigured English man from the late ‘s is sheltered by a doctor who discovers him trying to make money as a freak show attraction. Sign In You’ll have to sign in before you share your experience.

He did have difficulties, but he tried his best to survive. See 2 questions about The Pomerancr Man…. If we want to properly be like others. John was a kind and intelligent man who only wanted to be like every other man.

How many donators and high society members actually cared about Merrick as a human being instead of as a charity case? Merrick grew up in the workhousesand wishes that no one had to suffer that fate.

Last year, I finally watched the David Lynch film; and as I did with a few other movies last year, thought I bernarx also read the book. This one comes down to how well it is pomerancce.

Treves takes Merrick to the London Hospital and interviews a woman, Nurse Sandwich, for the position of Merrick’s caretaker. Zelda at the Oasis. A really interesting play! Tye admits that he has never even seen a naked woman. A true story about being different, seeing beauty within people and finding happiness when everything around is grim. Wikimedia Commons has media related to The Elephant Man play.

The Elephant Man (play) – Wikipedia

Kendal listens compassionately, but she tells Merrick that it is unlikely that he will ever have a mistress. Retrieved 4 December I’ll need to read it a few more times to wrap my head around it all, but one reading was all it took to make me decide to teach this play next year in AP Lit.


Kendal says that she will bring some of her friends to meet Merrick, then shakes his hand mn tells him how truly pleased she is to meet him. Jan 07, Catherine Limbsombe rated it really liked it. Treves happens upon the freak show and mqn intrigued by Merrick’s disorder. But his belief that he can become a man like any other is a dream never to be realized.

Kennedy rated it really liked it. Kendal that it is the first time a woman has ever shaken his hand.

The Elephant Man | Samuel French

The surgeon, Frederick Treves, parallels Merrick in importance. Kendal—all comment upon how, in different ways, they see themselves reflected in him. Trivia About The Elephant Man. Nevertheless, I found the play very elephhant. A famous actress, Mrs. It’s interesting seeing the differences in interpretation between Pomerance and Lynch.

Having worked with the script playing the character of Frederick TrevesI found that the language and stage direction easily pomedance to the development of the character – as well as to a finished play that affected the audience and transmitted the messages of the play to the audience.

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