PB User Manual – Support. Performance cookies. These cookies help to improve the performance of BenQ. If you want to opt-out of advertising cookies. manual or otherwise, without the prior written permission of BenQ Corporation. Disclaimer. BenQ Corporation makes no representations or warranties, either. Comments: Application Modes enable consumers to manually select between eight custom modes that switch the projector’s settings to fit varying presentation .

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Copyright Copyright by BenQ Corporation. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored pb853 a retrieval system or translated into any language or computer language, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual or otherwise, without the prior written permission of BenQ Corporation.

Table of contents Important safety instructions Important safety instructions Your BenQ projector is designed and tested to meet the latest standards for safety of information technology equipment. However, to ensure safe use of this product, it is important that benqq follow the instructions mentioned in this manual and marked on the product. Safety Instructions Continued The lamp becomes extremely hot during operation.

Allow the projector to cool for approximately 45 minutes prior to removing the lamp assembly for replacement.

Do not operate lamps beyond the rated lamp life. Excessive operation of lamps beyond the rated life could cause them to break on rare occasions. Safety Instructions Continued Do not place this projector in any of the following environments. Allow at least 50 cm clearance from walls and free flow of air around the projector. Liquids spilled into the projector may cause it to fail.

What Hi-Fi?

If the projector does become wet, disconnect it from the power supply’s wall socket and call BenQ to have the projector serviced. This product is capable of displaying inverted images for ceiling mount installation. Introduction Projector features The projector integrates high-performance optical engine projection and a user-friendly design to deliver high reliability and ease of use.

The projector offers the following features: Shipping contents The projector is shipped with the cables required for connection to a PC and to video equipment. Mabual unpack and verify that you have all of the items shown below.

If any of these items are missing, please contact your place of purchase. Standard accessories The supplied accessories will be suitable for your region, and may differ from those illustrated. Controls and functions Projector Focus ring Adjusts the focus of the manhal image. See “Fine-tuning the image size and clarity” on page for details.

Zoom ring Adjusts the size of the image. See the image mankal and clarity” on page 32 Temperature warning light Lights up or flashes if the projector’s temperature becomes too high.

Benq PB8253 User Manual

Remote control Power Toggles the projector between standby mode and on. When the projector is in standby mode, press once to turn the projector on. When the projector is on, press twice to turn the projector to standby.

See Picture In Picture operation” on page 39 for details. Remote control effective range Infra-Red IR remote control sensors are located on the front and the back of the projector with an incline of 45 degrees. The remote control is recommended to be henq at an angle within 30 degrees perpendicular to the projector’s IR remote control sensors to function correctly.

Ceiling front Select this location with the projector suspended upside-down from the ceiling in front of the screen. Safety instructions for ceiling ;b8253 of the projector We want you to have a pleasant experience using your BenQ projector, so we need to bring this safety matter to your attention to prevent damage to person and property.


If you intend to mount your projector on the ceiling, we strongly recommend that you use a proper fitting BenQ projector ceiling mount kit and that you ensure it is securely and safely installed. BenQ has provided a table of 4: There are two dimensions to manuxl, the perpendicular horizontal distance from the center of the screen projection distanceand the vertical offset height of the projector from the horizontal edge of the screen offset.

How to determine the position of the projector for a given screen size Select your screen size. Refer to the table and find the closest match to your screen size in the left columns labelled ‘4: Using this value, look across this row to the right to find the corresponding average distance from screen value in the column labelled ‘Average’.

BenQ recommends that if you intend bennq permanently install the projector, you should physically test the projection size and distance using the actual projector in situ before you permanently install it, so as to make allowance for this projector’s optical characteristics. Connection When connecting a signal source to the projector, be sure to: Turn all equipment off before making any connections.

Use the correct signal cables for each source. Ensure the cables are firmly inserted.

In the connections shown manua, some cables may not be included with the projector see “Shipping contents” The final connection path should be like that shown in the following diagram: Connecting a monitor If you want to view your presentation close-up on a monitor as well as on the screen, you can connect the RGB signal output socket on the projector to an external monitor with a VGA or VGA to DVI-A cable following the instructions below: Connecting Video source devices You can connect your projector to various Video source devices that provide any one of the following output sockets: There are three types of DVI connector: The DVI-I socket is an integrated connector which supports both formats: Connecting a Component Video source device Examine your Video source device to determine if it has a set of unused Component Video output sockets available: To connect the projector to a Component Video source device: Connecting an S-Video source device Examine your Video venq device to determine if it has an unused S-Video output socket available: To connect the projector to an S-Video source device: Take the optional accessory S-Video cable and connect one end to the S-Video output socket of the Video source device.

Connecting a composite Video source device Examine your Video source device to determine if it has a set pb253 unused composite Video output sockets available: To connect the projector to an composite Video source device: The start up procedure takes about 30 seconds after pressing start up, a default BenQ logo is projected.

Switch all of the connected equipment on. The projector will start to search for input signals. Switching input signal The projector can be connected to multiple devices at the same time.

However, it can only display one full screen at a time. The selected source name will display in the lower right corner of the screen for 3 seconds after each button press.

BenQ Installation PB Digital Projector | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

Auto-adjusting the image In some cases, you may need to optimize the picture quality. To do this, press AUTO on the projector or remote control. Within 3 seconds, the built-in Intelligent Auto Adjustment function will re-adjust the values of Frequency, and Clock to provide the best picture quality.


Selecting the aspect ratio The “aspect ratio” is the ratio of the image width to the image height. Most analog TV and computers are in 4: Optimizing the image To optimize the image, use the buttons on the projector or remote control to adjust the image settings directly, or to change the settings on the On-Screen Display OSD menus. For the operation of OSD menus, refer to The following instructions are optional.

Selecting a preset mode The projector is preset with several predefined application modes so that you can choose one to suit your operating environment and input source picture type. To select a operation mode that suits your need, press MODE on the remote control. The picture modes available for different types of signals are shown below. Other adjustments If you are not satisfied with the picture quality made by the preset modes, you can manually adjust some of the settings through the On-Screen Display OSD menus.

Go to adjust the values by pressing The higher the value, the brighter the image. Hiding the image In order to draw the audience’s full attention to the presenter or other media, you can use BLANK to hide the projected image when needed. PIP Picture In Picture operation Your projector is capable of displaying images simultaneously from two input sources, which can be used to enhance your presentation in an interesting way.

Shutting down the projector Press Power and a confirmation message will display prompting you as pictured to the bp8253. If you don’t respond in a few seconds, the message will disappear. Press Power a second time to turn the projector off. The Power indicator light flashes orange, the projection lamp shuts down, and the fans will continue to run for approximately 90 seconds to cool down the projector. Please note that the on-screen display OSD menus vary according to bneq signal type selected.

There are 10 different menu languages of your choice. Display menu Some picture adjustments are available only when certain input sources are in use. Unavailable adjustments are not shown on the screen. See Keystone for details.


Adjusts the brightness of the image. Pb825 Brightness for details. Image menu Some picture adjustments are available only when certain input sources are in use. Contact your dealer for the ceiling mount bracket Mirror optional accessory if you need to install the projector on your ceiling. Floor front “Choosing a location” User Logo Enables the user to select which logo screen will appear during projector start-up.

Three modes are available: Default BenQ logoblack screen or blue screen.

Preset modes are provided pb82553 you can optimize your projector image set- Preset Mode up to suit your program type. A mode for operation in areas like high altitude or high temperature. Maintenance Care of the projector Lb8253 projector needs little maintenance. The only thing you need to do on a regular basis is to keep the lens clean and to clean the dust filters to prevent overheating. Contact your dealer if other parts need replacing. If the dirt is difficult to remove or the filters are broken, replace them.

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