Free Bencivenga Bullets – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. How to write product description for your customer. Anyway, he publishes a monthly newsletter on the Internet called “Bencivenga Bullets” and everybody in marketing should be reading them (and printing them. And their best bullet copywriter was a guy by the name of Mel Martin, who you And here are some Bencivenga bullets from his retirement seminar DVD sales.

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My second freelance copywriting client ever was Ken McCarthy.

The Gary Halbert Letter

Nearly every internet marketing expert you know of today has a lineage back to The System Seminar, and to Ken. Some are just too dumb to see it. He convinced Boardroom, Inc.

When Gary Bencivenga was retiring, and had NEVER given a public interview in 40 years of copywriting, he came out from behind a veil of hullets for Ken, giving a bencivebga interview.

Not only that, when they were in direct mail they used to cover the envelopes benciventa with these things…. You never got this kind of advice from the phone company….

And their best bullet copywriter was a guy by the bulletx of Mel Martin, who you may have never heard of because he was on an exclusive deal with Boardroom, and was under strict orders to never reveal to anyone who his employer was. They give you a 3-page script from one of their videos.

You have as much time as you need. All you need to do is dig into the script, and come up with all the bullet points and fascinations you can.


Parris Lampropoulos is one of the most successful copywriters in the world today. He frequently emphasizes that the bullets are the most important part of every copy project he does. He spends a substantial amount of his time here for a reason.


John Carlton is well-known for his bullets. Some of his classic sales letters were 8-pagers, with a solid 4 pages in the middle of wall-to-wall bullets.

For one, often customers will report buying a product simply to satisfy their curiosity around a single bullet. A product can cost thousands, and one bullet can be the deciding factor between making the sale and not. Also, bullet-writing is a universal copywriting skill. And if you want to get good at this, one of bencivejga most important things you can do is to study great bullets from other writers. Benciivenga a number, promises specific formula, dramatizes the minimal intelligence and writing ability needed, offers extreme comparison to Madison Avenue advertising.

Size and strength are meaningless when you know this bencivegna And here are some Bencivenga bullets from his retirement seminar DVD sales letter …. Easiest is a big trigger, offers solution that takes bulleets guess work, promises simplicity with an image, creates a pleasing picture of a future positive scenario.

Promises an idea result directly to the reader, presents ideal scenario of increased profits, gives reason why behind promise. Point to problem and unwanted scenario it creates, makes it feel like a very common problem, positions authority based on experience, implicitly promises solution.

One of the things you can do is pay attention bulets which bullets grab YOU. Then when you need inspiration, flip through the cards and read the bullets. Also, do what I did. Get in there and try to pinpoint all the things the copywriter was trying to do both consciously and unconsciously with the bullets.


We actually spent bulletw ton of time digging into this — an entire dedicated session — at my workshop.

Nencivenga copy test I mentioned above — where they just wanted to see how well you can write bullets… Well, one of my attendees used what he learned at my workshop, and got his foot in the door.

This bfncivenga uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. It’s the easiest way to become “untouchable” in your field. In his first decade as a direct marketer, he’s risen to the top of the industry, and helped his clients generate millions of dollars in real sales results. He’s also worked directly with, mentored under, and discovered the secrets of some of the world’s top response-driven marketers.

Now he’s pulling back the curtains to reveal the inner workings of the world’s most successful direct marketers How to write great bullets bncivenga copywriting skill by Roy Furr. This guy could make your copywriting career!

Share on Tumblr Pocket. This point copywriting outline was behind my first million-dollar sales letters! This is how you get prospects on the phone with you, and close bnecivenga sales What Is Breakthrough Marketing Secrets?

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