Europack UBFX – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: EURORACK UBFX Technical Specifications Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany No part of this manual may be reproduced or. EURORACK UBFX/UBFX User Manual. Table of Contents . The BEHRINGER EURORACK mixing console offers you premium-quality microphone.

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Behringer Europack UB1202FX Owner’s Manual

Overview Warranties and Docs Reviews. Every crucial development stage of the new UB Series has Behringer’s name on it literally: He has personally selected each and every individual component, all with the goal of squeezing the very most out of every single one of them.

These consoles have been pushed as far as the technology permits to-date. It matches or exceeds the performance of outboard mic preamps. You get extreme bandwidth of 5 Hz to kHz coupled to unusually neutral, noise- and distortion-free circuitry. The result of perfect design. Almost unmeasurable distortion for your signal integrity. They use the finer resolution of 24 bits, which divides the signals’ loudest-to-softest dynamic range into 16, steps, allowing for far more accurate rendering of the quieter parts of the audio.


Audio signals change constantly, so a digital device must capture these changes as faithfully as possible. The higher the sampling rate, the better. The consoles use a sampling rate of 46, times per second. To capture any given frequency, a digital signal’s sampling rate must be roughly twice that frequency.

Behringer UBFX Pro Eurorack 12 Input Mixer with FX | zZounds

The sampling rate of 46 kHz is more than adequate for capturing all signals in the audible range the human ear can not hear the sounds whose frequency is higher than 20 kHz. It is based on extremely low-impedance components that keep thermal inherent noise and crosstalk at an absolute minimum.

One of the great advantages is that compared to conventional circuits a switch-mode power supply adapts to mains voltages between and volts automatically. Furthermore, due to its much greater efficiency, it consumes much less energy than a conventional supply unit.

Even more important is the fact that conventional transformers always induce 50 Hz hum check it out on other mixers when you turn up all volume controls. Their switch-mode supply operates at beyringer high frequency and therefore keeps the mixer “dead” quiet. If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at I was skeptical about this mixer because of its price, but glad I took the chance.

I’m not sure what other reviewers are doing with their systems, but I have found absolutely no noise with this mixer whatsoever, and the effects are fantastic for what is included. I also purchased a Behringer C condenser mike, and it performs well I defy anyone to find an audible difference between the FX Pro, and any other comparable board. Yes, even Mackie and Alesis.

Comes with behringerr rack kit if you still have a rack. My only complaint is the XLR main outputs. A little bit bigger would have been nice overall, but no big deal. Overall it is solid and sturdy. Shame on other companies for selling similar mixers for more than twice the price.

Behringer deserves a round of applause for bu1202fx such affordable quality products. All of my answers were addressed in the manual.

Apparenty the support is decent. It is now my main mixer. I like the led placements and the colour of the unit. I see no reason to buy another mixer, unless I aquire more outboard gear at some point.

The cool part about these mixers is that you can buy another one and chain them together. The EQ is very musical and very precise and effective. The digital effects are gorgeous, rich and full. The reverbs and chorus effects are as good as anyone could hope to hear. I don’t know what’s going on with these reviews see below but they are whacked. This Behringer behriger is incredible.


It is quiet, the build is very high quality, and the manal sound beautiful, without noise of any kind. I bought this mixer last March, and have used it 5x a week or more often since then. It is a workhorse, and a tremendous value. Behringer quality is amazing. If you doubt it, jsut go to a music store, find something made by Behringer anything at all and hold it in your hands.

The fit and finish is obvious. Behringer makes very high quality equipment. The low price is hard to understand, but ub1202vx quality is self-evident.

Seeing and feeling and holding and hearing is believing, unless you are a person who NEEDS to spend a lot. If you do, then you are in luck! There is a company called Mackie Value is a the Behringer strong suit.

They make very sophisticated stuff, of very, very high quality. They prices are weirdly low. I bought my first Behringer item and was skeptical. I now own many things from Behringer and have just come to accept the low prices as one of the oddities of life.

The low prices no longer bother me, I just use the money I save to buy other things or pay bills, or whatever. It hasn’t hurt me. I’ve never had anything break, but I’ve had good info from them when i send email with questions.

Behringer EURORACK UB1202FX User Manual

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