Behringer Ultracurve Pro Digital Equalizer Go to your nearest Pro-Audio shop and buy one. NOW! Review By Thorsten Loesch. I find the DSP operating manual to be one of Behringer’s worst; it took me quite a long time to figure out how to turn on the pink noise. For years, I’ve been wanting a dedicated real time analyzer (RTA) in my studio. An RTA is a device that will display the amplitude of frequencies across the.

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Our members also liked: Sort beuringer most recent most useful. Further highlights include a peak limiter, an adjustable delay up to 2. It allows me to boost certain frequencies I have an old sound card. I also connect it to the output of my sound card for monitoring. It makes bejringer monitoring system better. I find it sounds transparent and accurate. Depending on your system you should consider buying it. I’ve used it eight times. I haven’t had a single problem I only had to change the battery.

Did you find this review helpful? For the rest see manufacturer website. USE The use is relatively simple. Possibility to lock changing settings password. The manual is clear, no worries on that. He served in the sound system, home studio, and now in stereo in my living room He does his job, and he has a nice look! In short good machine, alas a little Exceeds I also owns his replacement, the DEQ, which for once is when even more complete and compact!

Functionality in all is said and fro. Please note some functions are type cheese or dessert. Note a 48v Phantom Mic, a microphone etalonage take a linear curve to the measurements, we can measure each channel L and R or Stereo mode. It is for the studio or room monitor, no HiFi! I use it in EQ! My studio is made very neutral thanks to this device so that I still wonder after two years of use behringeer I did it for me without it.

It is neutral, no discoloration, very good converter.

Behringer DSP8024 UltraCurve Pro Digital Processor

It corresponds to what I wanted, ‘the display is off, the menus practices, the correction is very good with retrouche. Device while numrique with the following functions: It consists primarily of behringger devices in one measurement with graphic display and storage, signal processing Simplified equalizer with 31 bands and fixed anti feedback, delay etc.


But not the 2 together! Beuringer had bought the hand. I recommend not to apply too great a positive correction, saturation of a band appearing at least fast enough.

Behringer DSP Ultra-curve Pro Equalizer Rack Effect DSP | eBay

By several measures and weighting MANUALLY this has the advantage of putting his personal touch and limiting the corrections up, it fills my needs hifi. It does not adapt or all connections of all devices in HiFi and behriger some cases produces a breath very important.

The measurements are difficult because no treatment and behriinger. This does not occur on the AVR that detects this and turns off the sound. Breath reduced if proper connection.

There can be interposed anywhere in the chain. At this price, we can only recommend it! It does not allow an automatic correction effective but there are few processors that are merely satisfactory on this point.

I treated myself to a DSP for a birthday suite has a full article in New magazine and as a result of his has an article on it appeared configs characters or home cinema in a config. I chose it because it had a 5 canvases in the test with only compliments NRDS super funky In the era when it beuringer released, he turned overincluding microphone. I prefer tubes and power supplies as big as my fist. The brushed aluminum facade is of good quality solid and well finished. The selection buttons are too.

I do not use. Using silent for use HIFI. FYI, I use a pre amp Denon bought a little too fast Of course, I could find another position by transferring the table eat the sofa and my girlfriend behrinyer, but until proven otherwise, we all live between four walls and we do not put the speakers in the open middle of the room So I bought an equalizer and Hehringer provide continuous live in my living room.

How behribger works self calibration?

Switch on the auto Q DSP. Position the microphone in the center of the cost. First, a speaker, then the other. After a few seconds, the correction curve appears. Good so far, so good. There are variations of measurement and correction of over 16 db on the same frquence!!

But in fact this is explained. If the bumps and hollows are too large, you have two problem. So if the first bshringer, there is a correction of say 15 dB, it is applied. If at the second, it is 17 db, by default, it puts the knob Azro So you end up with starting from 20 Hz a correction of – 12 – – Then you re-correct the correction.! A position of some micro diffrent and you your in a hollow or a bump. But the poor, there is little nothing.


So having several measures APRS several places you can get a curve, average of the mean. Objectively, this means the very low passages and there is no need to test the CD to realize. Take a GOOD cd classsique with trs good recording. In a passage behrihger, the breath takes over and once you have it, you make a fixation So I tinker, test, change I branch between CD and pre amp.

The again, the breath is very attnu still does not amplify as you breath. And I let as a. Because I can turn it on or not the remote control. However, there is always a problem that remains. Changes in corrections are not to be brutal. It takes small diffrence between each pots. There sometimes a kind of saturation effect that appears on some notes very dynamic recordings. The example that kills.

The record is very “numrique” long live vinyl! And sometimes on high notes Rachmaninov, right sameI feel that the speakers spit and saturate. I cut the DSP – this disparrait To conclude with a positive note even when.

Sounds good with a good deal in the Medium and low as I like. So for the sound system in a loop monitoring, must see In gnral I put it with a little delay for spacialisation this. Note that a DSP does not like the youth radio It finally just be my mistake. As discussed above, in stereo, Niet, in sound system, disco I do not know but I think it can boost circulation and lead a night.

Far be it from me to criticize ide PA. APRS all the amps tubes are used by guitarists as audiophiles To note, I e-mailed incendiary NRDS the famous JH to ask if avaut tumors and the ear, or he could release this I do not quote “quiet operation” “transparency” “drop in signal to noise” He did not rpondu. Equalo 2×31 bands numrique bit, anti feedback, delay, limiter, Many memories configuration manual clear but not really useful!

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