Battlefield 3 Premium eGuide. $ This guide is not available for purchase. Strategy for every DLC pack (Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Armored Kill. PRO Welcome to the official game guide for Battlefield 3. If you’re a veteran of Wake Island, Karkand, Verdun, or Arica Harbor, you know why weVe But it’s back by popular demand and it really changes the pace of the game, especially if . Check out 6 new screenshots from the BF3 Back to Karkand DLC! . Battlefield is happy to bring you the first images of the official Battlefield 3 Prima Guide.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Prtma Games is an authorized Electronic Arts Licensee. Fire From the Sky PRO Pri,a to the official game guide for Battlefield 3.

While the new single-player oampalgn offers a great story and plenty of memorable moments, it’s only a small part of Bafflefisld 3. The multiplayer experience is the other part. Playing against others and working together as a team with members of your squad adds an entirely new dimension of intensity and fun.

Plus, earning new ranks and unlocks is incredibly addictive, making hours melt away. So before jumping into a multiplayer match, make sure you’ve set aside plenty of free time. After all, who needs sleep? Okay, this really isn’t a new feature. But it’s back by popular demand and it really changes the pace of the game, especially battkefield you’re used to the Bad Company senes. By lying prone you karkanx only make yourself a smaller target, but you also greatly increase the accuracy and stability of your weapon, particularly when using a Bipod.

The ability to go prone also makes it much easier to conceal yourself within high grass and shrubs, making it extremely difficult for opponents to spot you. To better conceal your position, consider equipping a Suppressor or Flash Suppressor to minimize mjzz s Make a habit of dropping prone, especfaWy if you find yourself in an area with no caver.

But before rushing into action, here’s a quick summary of the some of the new features and gameplay mechanics. While veteran Battlefield players are accustomed to being rewarded with new weapons and gear as they progress through their multiplayer career, there bcak never before been so many customization options available.

Each class, weapon, and vehicle has its own unlock progression, allowing you to unlock a variety of upgrades, accessories, gadgets, and specializations. When choosing your soldier’s loadout, you can choose a primary weapon, a sidearm, up to two gadgets, and a specialization.

Taking customization even deeper, each primary weapon can be outfitted with a scope, as well as primary and secondary attachments.

You can karkanc choose loadouts for vehicfes, selecfing from karkans mix of unlocked upgrades, gadgets, and weapons. The nritere you play, the more unlocks you acquire.

So don’t forget to visit euide loadout screen to make adjustments that best fit your offical of play and the current needs of your team. The new suppression system will definitely make prrima think twice before exposing yourself to incoming fire.

If incoming rounds hit you or strike anywhere close by, you become suppressed.

When you’re suppressed, your vision is blurred and your weapon accuracy is greatly diminished. However, the effects of suppression pass quickly if you gef out of the line of fire and seek cover. The new suppression mechanic can work in your favor, too. Even if you don’t have a clear shot af an opponent open fire in an affempf fo suppress them. Any class or weapon is capable of suppressing, but the support kit’s light machine guns are the most effective.

The large magazine capacities of these weapons allow you to lay down sustained heavy fire, which is bttlefield for keeping an opponent’s head down. Each player has an invisible suppression radius around them. Simply landing rounds within this small radius suppresses the target The new Suppression Assist score [50 points] is awarded if a feammate kills an opponenf you’ve suppressed. In Battlefield 3, vehicle damage has been complefely overhauled. Now if vehicles take light damage, they slowly regenerate health on their own, assuming the vehicle stays out of danger and avoids taking damage for several seconds.


However, if a vehicle takes heavy damage, it catches fire and becomes disabled. A disabled ground vehicle can be repaired only by engineers. Jets and helicopters in flight have the benefit of deploying the Fire Extinguisher upgrade to put out the flames and restore control. As a result of these changes, destroying vehicles outright is much m’ore difficult; you must officizl a vehicle before it can be destroyed.

Battlefield 3 Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide [Prima]

Meanwhile, the crew of a disabled vehicle have a critical choice to make: Do they stay with the burning vehicle and try fo score more kills? Dr do they bail out and attempt to find cover before their ride explodes?

The ever-popular defibrillator returns, this time as part of the assault kit. Reviving fallen teammates with the defibrillator remains a great way to keep your squad and teammates alive while scoring some big points for yourself.

Planet Battlefield – Maps, News, Battlefield 3, Videos, Downloads

But this time, the soldier you revive has a choice. They can either rejoin the action or return to the spawn screen and deploy from a new location. This allows fallen troops to avoid being revived in a hot spot only to get killed as soon as they come back to life.

Regardless of the decision made, the soldier who performed the revive still gets the standard Revive [ points] or Squad Revive [ points] score. But if a revive is declined, the team loses a ticket instead of being refunded one. Spawn directly into the pilot’s seat of a waiting jet Like the ability to drop prone, jets aren’t new to the Battlefield series.

But they’re back, adding a new layer of intensity to the conflict. Initially, jets oficial equipped with only a cannon that useful for performing strafing runs and shooting down enemy aircraft. Like all the vehicles, jets have their own reward progression; you unlock more powerful air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons including heat-seeking missiles, Rocket Pods, and Guided Missiles.

So choose your weapons carefully based on your team’s needs. It they need help knocking out tanks, choose Rocket Pods or Guided Missiles. Veterans will be happy to know that all aircraft [jets and bbattlefield have their own spawn points.

So instead of lingering on a runway waiting for a jet to spawn, simply hold in the spawn screen and spawn directly into the pilot’s seat when a jet or helicopter is available. V Each squad now has one squad leader who is tasked with issuing attack and defend orders. Squad leaders are assigned at random dguide are the only squad members who battlegield issue orders.

When you’ve been seleeted as the squad leader, a message appears on the screen informing you of your new job. Your nack also appears at the top of the squad list on the battelfield side of the HUD and is marked with a star icon.

Eguiee squad leader, you can better direct your squad by placing attack or defend orders on control points and M-COM stations. Once an order has been placed at a location, any kills that occur within a wide radius of the given order offiical in points for both you and your squad. It’s a simple mechanic, but it’s a great way to keep your squad focused on one location. If so, lumping into a weli-established online community can be a bit intimidating.

But there’s really nothing to fear. Regardless of your experience or skiii level, there is a roie for everyone in Battlefield.

In fact, this is one of the only online shooters where you can post a big score without even firing a single bullet.


In this section we take a look at the basic gameplay mechanics as well as the different multiplayer game modes. The heads up display, or HUB, is the way that vital information is displayed on your screen.

None of the items on your HUD are there for aesthetics. Rather, they are there to help you accomplish your objectives and keep you alive. Here’s a brief explanation of every item on the HUD. When you first join a game, the spawn screen is where it all begins.

Before immediately jumping into the game, take a few seconds to choose your class and gear. It’s possible to switch primary weapons from the spawn screen, but if you want to make more adjustments to your kit, choose the Customize option.

This opens a new screen allowing you to select different sidearms, gadgets, and rpima. You can also customize your primary weapon with accessories you’ve uniocked. Once you’re finished adjusting your loadout, return to the spawn screen and figure out where you want to join the fight. If you’re in a squad, you can spawn on any living squad member.

Or if a recon squad member as deployed a Radio Beacon, you can spawn at its location, Depending on the game mode, there are aiso bases, deployment areas, and control points where you can spawn. New to Battlefield 3, if there are jets or helicopters available, you can spawn directly into the pilot’s seat of officiaal idle aircraft.

As you can see, the spawning options are numerous, in most instances you should spawn on or close to your squad so you can provide support. But if your squad is in a tense f refight, sometimes it’s safest to spawn at a iess dangerous location, otherwise you may get killed as soon as you spawn ogficial the game. Moving your soldier around the battlfield is simple, especially if you’ve played the earlier installments or other first-person shooters.

When standing, your soldier jogs at moderate pace, which is ideal for getting around areas where threats are minimal.

Battlefield 3 Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide [Prima] | eBay

While crouched, you move slower, and while prone, your movement is literally reduced to a crawl. However, since you are lower, you make a smaller target for the enemy to hit and you can more easily duck behind cover. When advancing gack an enemy position, it Is best to move while crouched cr prone, as it is harder tor the enemy to detect you. These lower stances also cause the reticle to tighten up, indicating an increase in your weapon accuracy, So make a habit of dropping to a knee or down on your belly before firing a shot.

At times, it is better to move fast, by sprinting. You can’t use weapons or equipment while sprinting, but you are much more difficult tor the enemy to hit.

Sprint when you have to cross a dangerously open piece of ground as you move from one position of cover to another. But never sprint in tight, confined spaces where you’re likely to encounter enemy troops, if you encounter an enemy at close range while sprinting, chances are you won’t have time to stop and aim your weapon, giving the enemy a huge advantage.

Avoid swimming at all costs. While you’re in the water you can’t access your weapons: I I If you bail out of a plane or helicopter, make sure you do so within the map’s boundary. Whether jumping out of a damaged aircraft of hopping off a tall building, you can avoid cratering into the ground by deploying your parachute. You can slightly steer oarkand parachute with standard movement inputs.

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