6 juil. copal: terme uniformisé par le Comité du projet de .. deeper cavities, as well as the varnishes used for more shallow cavities or tooth breaks. This Pin was discovered by Olaat Dental Store. Discover Copaliner Sellador y Barniz – Bosworth. Cement. Copaliner Sellador y Barniz – Bosworth. Cavit Material de Relleno Temporal – 3M ESPE Copal Cavity Sellador – Sultan Healtcare. Meaning of barniz in the Spanish dictionary with examples of use. La palabra barniz procede del dialectal berniz, la cual a su vez procede del bajo latín veronix, .. Operatoria dental: integración clínica Barniz copal para maderas,

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A resinous exudation from various tropical coopal that is collected from living trees or dug from the ground as a fossil In varnishes and cements; as substitute for amber; manuf.

Indentistry, for modeling compounds and cavity varnishes. An oxygenated hydrocarbon resembling copal from the blue clay of Highgate, near London, England. A natural resin exuded by buried plants and trees during geologic time, such as amber, copal and retinite.

The term fossil resin is also sometimes used as a synonym for amber. L’ambre en est un bon exemple.


A solution of a resin in a volatile solvent, brushed or sprayed on a surface, dries to a hard, glossy, and usually transparent film The best soft-resin varnish is Damar; The only commercially available hard-resin varnish is Copal.

A group of natural resins, less “hard” than copal but harder than oleoresin, obtained as exudations from trees, strictly of the Dipteroscarpaceae only, in S. Asia-particularly Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Dammar [is] used largely in varnishes and printing inks.

Anestésico Tópico Cetacaine | Equipo para Endodoncia | Pinterest

A clear solution of resinous material or natural gum, such as copal or rosin dissolved in acetone, ether or chloroform, that is capable of hardening without losing its transparency. Used in cavity preparations to seal out dentinal tubules, to reduce micro-leakage, and to insulate the pulp against shock from thermal changes.

Often treated as synonymous with “cavity varnish”. A resinous exudation from various tropical trees That is used chiefly in making varnishes and printing ink.

Material used to line the preparation in a tooth before the tooth is fitted or crowned or has an inlay placed, usually a varnish. An inclusive term for a wide variety of hard, brittle, semitransparent, yellowish to red fossil resins from various tropical trees Copal also occurs as modern resinous exudations.

5% NaF Fluoride Dental Varnish like Copalite, Copaliner 15mL

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Meaning of “barniz” in the Spanish dictionary

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