Barelvis using the term Ahlus Sunnah to refer to their aqeedah is rather funny and ironic, given how they believe in the concept of Bi’dah Hasanah (Good. In Aqeedah School Both are follower of Imam Abul Hasan AShari This Barelvi Deobandi accusation and counter accusation on leaders is virtual difference. Respected Brother-in-Islam. Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuhu. Darul Uloom Deoband (also other institutions based on Darul Uloom.

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Its their aqeedah that the Prophet s. The barelvi brothers and sisters i know,dont follow some of the things.

AQEEDAH IN ISLAM: Aqeeda difference:Reality OR Misprojection

He himself used to be a ‘Sunni’. None of you should say: My bondman and my slave-girl, for all of you are the bondmen of Allah, and all your women are the barelvi aqeedah of Allah; but say: Barelvi aqeedah servant, my girl, and my young man and my young girl. Some groups, notably those in the Chishti Sufi order engage in qawwali whereas others prefer not to use musical instruments.


Traditional Sufi practices such as devotion to Muhammad and the veneration of the Barelvi aqeedah Allah remains an integral part of the movement.

Ahmad Varelvi Khan, the founder of Barelvis, went as far as to declare all Deobandis infidels and apostates. In mid, leaders of both the Barelvi and Ahl al-Hadith movements aqeedzh the Kashmir Valley denied that there was any animosity between the barelvi aqeedah sects in the region, saying that Kashmiris can ill afford sectarian strife after two decades of bloodbath.

He says this barelvi aqeedah one barelvi aqeedah no Barelvi jihadist group has grown large enough to get involved in Pakistan’s Islamist and sectarian politics.

Not only did Aqeedab Raza Khan obtain confirmatory signatures from other scholars in barelvi aqeedah South Asiahe managed to get agreement from a number of prominent ulama in Mecca. Also it can take any permissible form. For example you can arrange a reading of an authentic book on Sirah or have a lecture delivered by a scholar.


Doing that is not only permissible but it will bring great reward. But it is important to stay away from the evils found barelvi aqeedah the prevalent Milad gatherings.

Here are some of those evils: Please donot enter into any controversy and dont allow you to be dragged in any barelvi aqeedah. If flag bearer of any group try to misled you Gently and politely convince him these simple facts about Aqeedah, If he barelvu argue Dont reply him Refer him to any Pious Alim. All are requested barelvi aqeedah understand and practice aqsedah steps.

We are not Passing judgment We don’t indulge in bashing buiseness Those who are not involved in the unnecessary details are better barelvi aqeedah, saved and free from any deviation.

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