Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians, by Barbara Marciniak, is a channeled material that Cassiopaeans had suggested for. Written by Barbara Marciniak, Audiobook narrated by Barbara Marciniak. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible?.

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I offer thanks to my friends, relatives, and ancestors whose strength of purpose led me to my own. A special thanks to my sister Karen, for her deep love and dedication to me and the “P’s. A spectrum of the Pleiadian work has involved travel to many sacred sites and teaching at them as well as about them. Early mqrciniak I was led to Toby and Teri Weiss, both of whom have provided adept assistance in supporting the Pleiadian experience during our myriad of power-site tours.

Barrie and Susie Konicov first recognized the energy and brought the P’s to print in Connecting Link magazine as a result of our being in Athens, Greece, on the same trip. They also introduced me to Tera Thomas, friend, coauthor, and editor of Bringers of the Dawn. She has had her life rearranged by working maciniak this book; I have great respect for her dasn to commit and transform.

Tera, Karen, and the P’s somehow schemed this book into being. Barbara Hand Clow eventually came along and recognized the vibration, and her impulses and encouragement are directly responsible for bringing this work to publication.

Marsha Andreola generously provided her encyclopedic knowledge of the tapes, and Richard Rodgers offered his brinhers support. I felt overwhelming awe for the infusion experience of Gerry Clow, as he shared his journey of the material and offered me thanks for the opportunity to midwife this baby into existence! Marilyn Hager added the finishing creative touch with her exquisite cover and book design. Cover artist Peter Everly worked through inspiration and suggestion to create an image of dawn in space, light coded to trigger the viewer with a deeper message.

I honor the courageous, those who are willing to redefine the very essence of existence and to carry that renegade spark into a new version of the game. My deep love and thanks I give to the Pleiadian consciousness, my teachers and friends, for their loyalty and their undaunted sense of duty and love, which galvanizes within mean energetic formula of galactic elegance, the ideal made real.

Peace, prosperity, and thanks to all.

Bringers of the Dawn (Audiobook) by Barbara Marciniak |

When Barbara Marciniak and I met inwe had both just begun an exciting new phase of our lives: I had moved to Michigan to birth a new magazine, Connecting Link, with publishers Barrie and Susie Konicov, and Barbara was birthing the Pleiadian channelings.

After years of working many and varied jobs while traveling, searching, and studying consciousnessexpanding material, we had created for ourselves work that encompassed who we were and what we believed, and we were excited about it.

During the next two years, Barbara and I traveled to many expos, played a lot with the Pleiadian teachings, and generally had a great time with all of it. We talked about doing a book of the Pleiadian teachings but never really pushed it; the book would come when it was time. The yearthe beginning of the “unnamed decade,” came. Connecting Link was getting well established, and Barbara had made some three hundred tapes with the Pleiadians. I felt it was time for me to move back to New York, where I could continue to do the magazine on my computer as well as do more networking.

I also felt it was time to do the book. When I thought of “the book,” I imagined that the Pleiadians would dictate it to me and that I would simply transcribe the tapes, edit the material, and there it would be. It would take no particular effort and very little time out of my pressing magazine schedule.


So, in May, when Barbara and I sat down to do a “book channeling,” I was quite surprised to hear the Pleiadians’ idea of how to do the book. The Pleiadians assured me that they would not dictate the book to me and that I would have to pull it together through my own process.

They said to me, “If this book was just given to you, you would be an employee. What effort would it be of yours? It is going to be a birthing of something for you, a birthing of process in yourself that is a whole new way of utilizing creativity.

They answered, “You are going to piece this together using your intuition only. This is not at all to be a logical-mind project. By using your intuition, you will be guided and tested to see if you can perform and complete a project without your logical mind knowing the steps that are coming next.

It will be a tremendous exercise for you. It will lift you into a much higher place of consciousness, a higher place of order, and a higher place of trust. When it is completed and is very successful, you will say, ‘I don’t know how I did it. I have no idea. The process that you will be going through during the next few moons will be very intense for you.

You will go through the process of an initiation yourself as you write it. You have some mastering to achieve in a few areas during the next six moons, and all of this is tied together.

Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians

They said that I was to listen to the tapes and transcribe only the pieces that I felt would go into the book. Barbara’s sister, Karen, would intuit what tapes had good information on them and send them to me. Also, my friend Marsha would get impulses on which tapes needed to be included. Then it would be up to me to pick out the parts to use.

I was instructed to use no order and not to even think how they would fit together. I could use a one- to five-word code and a bit of color on each page to categorize the information, and that was it.

I began to grasp the idea. My logical mind had one more question. I asked the Pleaidians, “Should we attempt to find a publisher before the book is completed, or at least announce that we are doing the book?

The Pleiadians replied, “Ideally, yes, you will send out the announcement that you are beginning the book. The first time that you sit down to work on it, clear your desk top and have no clutter or disorganization around you.

Have a clean space, with your crystal stones that will assist you.

Then you can make a prayer of intention by saying, ‘I am now announcing that I am beginning a book, and I am sending this announcement out to anyone who is a publisher and to anyone who is involved in bringing this data into publication for those whom it will serve best.

It is my intention that the person to publish this book discover me and be brought to me, and I promise that I will be available for that recognition.

I understand that I have very little to do with this. That part is not mine. I understand that I am to broadcast the announcement like I am sending out the birth announcement and that a response will be sent to me. In this I trust. You will understand the importance of the book because you will have had an experience as you create for others a pathway into reality based upon juggling your reality and allowing different sentences and contexts to be juggled through you and made into a bringdrs order.

Someone who did not trust would find this very difficult. Trusting is the absolute key. There is nothing else that you can turn to in this process. This is about commitment, and you are going to learn that you can commit to who you are, that you will not screw up, that you will always be provided for and that never will you be left without. It will always all work out according to your or. The book will make its own order as you learn about yourself during the process and as you code certain information.


It will be mind blowing what you experience. As I now read the daan they said to me then, I get a whole different picture than I did at the time.

I realize now that they mentioned several times that doing this book was going to be an initiation for me, that I would be tested, and that people would need to clear their personal information in order to go cosmic. Now I know – what mardiniak words mean; at the time, I had no idea. My personal issues started coming up big time. I didn’t trust amrciniak, I didn’t love myself, and, in fact, I didn’t really know who I was – I couldn’t separate the real me from the facade.

I began a series of deep-tissue bodywork sessions that brought up more stuff-memories from childhood that I’d blocked out, trauma and pain stored in my body.

I was a mess. I was in no shape to work on the book, for I was barely managing to get the magazine out every two months as it was. In October, I went to Marcinaik with the Pleiadians.

I knew this trip was going to be an important turning point in my life, and I thought it would kick me into high gear so I could get to work and pump out the book. It was a wonderful trip, a powerful trip, and it flattened me like a board. It blew open my circuits and awakened areas in myself that I had no idea were there, many of them dark and ugly. When I got back to New York, I was definitely not capable of beginning the book and, in fact, I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to do marcuniak.

The only thing I knew for sure at that time was that I had to move out of New York. I couldn’t get centered or clear there and I felt bombarded with energy. I felt naked and exposed walking on the streets, and I couldn’t use the subway anymore. It was time to get out. That December, I moved to North Carolina. When something is right, it works out beautifully.

Libby, one of the friends I met in Egypt, lived in a rural area south of Raleigh, and I knew Brigers wanted to live there.

Barbara Marciniak: BRINGERS OF THE DAWN – Teachings of the Pleiadians

I made an intention that I would have a house to move into before Brringers came down there. I pictured what it would be like and what the land would look like, and Libby said she would keep her eyes and ears open. About a week before my move, my current landlord walked into Libby’s shop and started complaining because her tenant was moving out with no notice. Libby said, “That’s because it’s Tera’s house! I drove down from New York the following week with all my belongings and moved in.

The dxwn was just what I wanted-roomy, with lots of light, and on acres of land. The minute I got there, I began healing. I lay on the ground or sat with my back to a tree and just let nature heal me. Healing myself was all I focused on. In January, when I went to Michigan to typeset the thirteenth issue of Connecting Link, I realized that my time with the magazine eras finished. I had grown a lot doing it, and now it was time for me to move on to something else- what something else I didn’t know, but when I get these knowings I have to go with them.

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