The gafftopsail catfish (Bagre marinus) is one of the species of most importance to fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico, particularly in the coastal region of Tabasco. Annual reproductive cycle of gafftopsail catfish, Bagre marinus (Ariidae) in a tropical coastal environment in the Gulf of Mexico. Ciclo reproductivo anual del. Taxonomic Notes: Bagre marinus is a species complex that includes two species, Bagre marinus sensu strictu and Bagre bahiensis (Betancur and Marceniuk.

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Primer registro de albinismo bgre el bagre bandera Bagre marinus Pisces: The marinsu length of the albino specimen was mm and abgre gutted weight was g. It is not only the first record of albinism of the Bagre genus, but of any marius of fish in bagfe southeastern Gulf of Mexico. There are 2 kinds of albinism: In most fish, the absence of color is related to mutations in the genes of the tyrosinase family, where the skin of albinos lacks melanin and eye development is affected Wang et al.

Total or partial albinism has been observed in 36 different species of cartilaginous fish, including skates, rays and sharks Sandoval-Castillo et al. Albinism has also been reported in more than 20 species of teleosts worldwide e. This paper describes the first record of albinism in the gafftopsail catfish, Bagre marinuson the coast of Tabasco, Mexico.

Bottom-set longlines with 60 mm shank length tuna circle hooks were the method of capture. The catch depth ranged from 10 to 40 m. The entire fish including the fins was dull whitish pink in color and devoid of any pigmentation Fig. Pigmented specimens of B. Lateral view of the gafftopsail catfish, Bagre marinus. Photographs were taken from fresh fish. Vista lateral del bagre bandera Bagre marinus. Several cases of albinism have been reported in catfish Table 1but until now no record of an albino gafftopsail catfish has been reported.


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The incidence of albinism can be artificially increased in fish by exposing the eggs to heavy metals e. Thus, the albinism in B. Albinism reports in Order Siluriformes Tabla 1. Reportes de albinismo bagr el Orden Siluriformes. The lack of coloration in albinos has been suggested to increase susceptibility to predation or render them less attractive for reproduction Sandoval-Castillo et al.

This is the first report of albinism in the genus Bagre and in all fish from the southeastern Gulf of Mexico. This, then, is a rare event still undetected in most wild fish species, at least regarding adult individuals. Albinism in Ictalurus punctatus. mrinus

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

On baggre albino of the marine cat fish, Tachysurus tenuispinis Day. First record of albinism in a moray eel, Muraena clepsydra Muraenidae from Ecuador. An albino armored catfish Schizolecis guntheri Siluriformes: Loricariidae from an Atlantic forest coastal basin.

First record of the white catfish Ameiurus catus in Great Britain. Journal of Fish Biology 69 4: Record of complete albinism in marine catfish, Osteogeneiosus militaris Linnaeus,landed at Mumbai. A rare record of albino catfish, Arius caelaltus landed at Mumbai.

The first albino Wels, Silurus glanis Linnaeus,from France, with a review of albinism in catfishes Teleostei: Tyrosinase gene analysis in Japanese patients with oculocutaneous albinism. Marihus of Dermatological Science A case of albinism in Arius jella Day from India.

A case of albinism in the tadpole madtom, Noturus gyrinus Transactions of the American Fisheries Marinue 3: Fishes of the Gulf of Mexico: Texas, Louisiana, and adjacent waters, pp. A case of bbagre albinism in marine cat fish Arius caelatus Valenciennes.


First record of partial albinism in the temperate rocky reefs fish Acanthistius patachonicus Insertae sedis off Southwestern Atlantic Ocean.

Pan-American Journal of Aquatic Science 6 2: An albinistic lctalurus catus from Florida. Annual reproductive cycle of gafftopsail catfish, Bagre marinus Ariidae in a tropical coastal environment in the Gulf of Mexico. Albino catfish in Virginia. Albinism in the banded knifefish, Gymnotus carapo. Tropical Fish Hobbyist 44 A case in albinism in Batrachoides surinamensis Batrachoidiformes: Batrachoididae from north-eastern Brazil.

Marine Biodiversity Records 3: First verified record of bagrs stonecat, Noturus flavus Ictaluridaein the South Platte River System, Colorado, with notes on an albinistic specimen. The Southwestern Naturalist 31 4: A case of complete albinism in the marine cat fish Mzrinus dussumieri Cuvier and Valenciennes.

Journal of Marine Biological Association of India 9 1: First record of an albino chimaeriform fishHydrolagus colliei. New records of albinism in two elasmobranchs: Um albino de Rhamdella minutacom notas sobre comportamento Osteichthyes, Pimelodidae. Revista Brasileira de Biologia Physis B 35 Indian Journal of Fisheries 58 1: The tyrosinase gene family and albinism in fish. Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology 25 2: Ariidae from southeast Mexico Primer registro de albinismo en el bagre bagde Bagre marinus Pisces:

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