Sir Henry Rider Haggard, ( – ), known as H. Rider Haggard, was an English writer of adventure novels set in exotic locations, predominantly Africa. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 68 by H. Rider Haggard. Ayesha, the Return of She by H. Rider Haggard. No cover available. Hard on twenty years have gone by since that night of Leo’s vision — the most awful years, perhaps, which were ever endured by men.

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Ayesha (novel) – Wikipedia

Then I rose, and going to the open window, drew up the blind and stood there staring at the sky, which grew pearl-hued with the first faint tinge of dawn. The Return of She She 2 by H.

Without hope I shall go quite mad. The real story doesn’t start when he is searching for Ayesha for years but when they meet and try to decide what next! There whe also a second letter, from Holly’s doctor, to whom Holly has entrusted his letter and manuscript, along with a wooden box, which contains an ancient sistrum. The locality of Rider, British Columbia, was named in his memory. Also worth noting is that there is not as much violence in this book as in many of Rider Haggard’s others, and the events occur in high mountains somewhere North of Tibet.

End of the book keeps you hoping for more information about mysterious Ayesha than her story. Don’t a bj of the elements sound like deja vu from SHE? Professor Holly and Leo flee on horseback from Rassen. In that house upon the desolate sea-shore of Cumberland, we dwelt a year, mourning the lost, seeking an avenue by which it might be found again returrn discovering none. The dead remained dead to us and no answer came to all our crying.

Then I saw that this peak was loop-shaped like the symbol of Life of the Egyptians — the crux-ansata — and supported by a lava stem hundreds of feet in height. He stood unsuccessfully for Parliament as a Conservative candidate for the Eastern division of Norfolk in Now she is shown to be an able alchemist, as well as a powerful potion maker, and can call down ‘nature forces’ on her enemies. Best scene in story: Holly is led down from the mountain and finds his way back to the lamasery.


It changed its shape, the crest of it grew hollow like a crater. The action is great but its really the mystery and the lies which surround Ayesha which makes this work so well. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. After Leo Vincey and I came back from Africa indesiring solitude, which indeed we needed sorely to recover from the fearful shock we had experienced, and to give us time and opportunity to think, we went to an old house upon the shores of Cumberland that has belonged to my family for many generations.

Leo came also and leant upon the window-sill, and I could feel that his body was trembling as though with cold. I liked his paternal devotion to Leo and how he loyally follows Leo through all his perils, despite his joint pains, exhaustion, and longing for home.

Published July 30th by Boomer Books first published My mind is made up, so talk no more, or, if talk we must, let h.rlder be of other things.

The protagonist Professor Holly has just died, but his lawyer receives his last memoirs, which are set twenty years after the events in She. In accordance with ancient custom, Atene comes to the mountain temple for the funeral of Rassen.

The novel contains many exciting scenes, including a great avalanche, the pursuit of the death hounds, Ayesha’s reincarnation, and the climactic battle with Kal “The Return of She,” although not as exciting or groundbreaking as the classic “She,” is nevertheless a worthy sequel, and one that all admirers of Haggard’s original story should enjoy reading. He warns them not to seek Ayesha out, but instead to seek true enlightenment and release from the cycle of life and death, but Leo is obsessed with finding her again.


Now when is somebody going to release “She and Allan” again???

Ayesha: The Return of She, by H. Rider Haggard

I did enjoy this though found it not quite as good as She. A fitting end to a tale of those who do not end. Hoping the vision is true, Leo and Holly set forth for Tibet where they brave rugged mountain passes, avalanches, murderous tribes, and yet another soul from their forgotten past who has it’s own designs upon their future.

Refurn story was quite slow but it was nice to revisit these characters. My death is very near to me, and of this I am glad, for I desire to pursue the quest in other realms, as it has been promised to me that I shall do.

Fan of this book? After they arrive at the vast temple-palace complex near the summit, they are taken into the presence of the veiled Hesea, who admits that she is the Messenger who guided them up the Mountain.

Haggard dedicated the novel to his friend Andrew Lang. We passed swiftly eastward, over lands and seas, and — I knew the road.

They manage to kill him in the pursuit, but they byy others are after them, so they seek shelter at the only nearby place which will protect them – Hesea’s volcano.

Taking refuge over winter in a remote lamasery, they meet the old Abbot Kou-En, who claims to recall a past-life encounter with a witch queen from the time of Alexander the Great.

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